Team Third Law Kids take Newbreed Orlando by storm and bring home Kids & Teens Team Trophy

By December 11, 2015 December 19th, 2016 Blog, News
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It was a great weekend for the Third Law Kids & Teens Competition Team at Newbreed Orlando on November 21 — they had a blast, fought tons of matches and brought home the team trophy at the end of the day.

Travel team competitors Devon, Tyler, Eli, Robert, Corey, Tony and Nicholas left Friday night with Master Roberto, Coach Kay and Coach Joe in a 15 passenger van. They checked into their hotel and then helped their crazy coaches film from outside their hotel room window with a remote-controlled camera drone before getting a good night’s sleep.

At the tournament, the kids had 47 matches total among all of them and won 25 medals. They brought home 11 golds, nine silvers and five bronzes. Special congratulations are in order for Renzo, who did his first tournament ever, and Eli, who came out of retirement (he did his last tournament in 2012).

Devon won silver in his no gi intermediate division and gold in his gi intermediate division. In no gi he won one match points, in gi he won one match points.

Tyler won one match in his gi intermediate division and closed it out with his teammate Devon, taking the silver medal.

Eli won two matches in his no gi beginner division, the first by americana and the second by points, for silver. In his gi beginner division he won two matches for bronze.

Robert won two matches for silver in his no gi and gi beginner division, closing out both with his teammates. He also won two matches by points in the gi.

Corey won gold in his gi beginner division, closing it out with teammates Tony and Robert. Corey won 2 matches gi by points and also an extra match in a no gi beginner division by points.

Tony won gold and bronze in his no gi and gi beginner divisions, closing them out with his teammates Robert and Corey. He won 2 matches points in no gi and one match points in the gi.

Nicholas won two matches points for gold in his no gi intermediate division. In his gi intermediate division he won two matches by submission for gold, the first by bow and arrow choke and the second by americana.

Pedro won two matches by points for bronze in his no gi beginner division. He also won two matches for silver in his gi beginner division, one by points and one by submission.

Dominic won one match by points in both his no gi and gi beginner divisions, winning a gold medal in each one.

Renzo won gold in his no gi novice division, winning two matches points. He also won gold in his gi novice division, winning one match points. In a gi beginner division he earned a bronze medal.

Andy, who fought in both the teens and adults divisions that day, won two golds and a silver in his teens expert divisions and a silver and a bronze in the adult divisions.

In the adult blue belt division he won one match by wrist lock for silver and in the adult intermediate no gi division he won two matches by points, 4-0 and 9-0, for bronze. In teens expert gi and no gi he won one match for gold.

After accepting their team trophy and taking some photos, the kids and coaches headed to Old Town Family Fun Spot in Orlando for some late night pizza and go-kart racing, before heading back to Naples as a team.

Results on the go-kart team trophy were disputed, with Master Roberto and Corey claiming total domination for their go-kart and some of the kids disputing their victory. Either way, it was a blast!