Are You Interested in Private Classes for Yourself or for Your Child?

We offer a variety of private classes to our clients who may have a busy schedule, or for one reason or another may not be able to attend our group kids and adults classes.

Private classes are also a great addition to compliment your current training in our group classes. One way to use private classes as a supplement is to work with one of our coaches one-on-one on an area of our curriculum that you would like to master, expand upon or that you feel you are having difficulty with.

For more information on private classes please select one of the programs that we offer below.

Private Classes for Kids

There are many reasons why you might be considering private classes for your child instead of our group classes.

They might be:

  • You want to give your child an early start at age 2 or 3 in motor skill development, focus and discipline.
  • Your child might have a disability and a personalized one-on-one environment might be the best fit for them.
  • You have gotten tired of programs that turn their back on a child who they may consider difficult to teach, whether for focus, discipline or any other reason.
  • You have a busy schedule and you understand the value of martial arts training but can’t fit our group classes into your child’s current schedule.

These are all good reasons to enroll your child in our private classes.

What are not good reasons for private classes?

  • Trying to give your child an edge over other kids in their current group class.

Why not?

Our group class system is designed so that everybody comes up together as a team.

We emphasize team effort and all of our group classes are designed to help a child improve as fast as possible without burning out.

Since opening in 2007, our school has developed kids who are in love with martial arts training after 6+ years and continue to compete still at the highest level in the martial arts we practice.

This is because we create a clean, competitive environment that is fun and stress free. Any child who follows our system step by step will end up being an amazing athlete into their teen years at a world-class level.

A huge part of our system is that we are a merit-based school. This means more doors get opened for students with good attendance, good focus and good grades. These kids benefit from the personalized, one-on-one instruction of our coaches in more advanced classes — a privilege they have earned through their own hard work, good manners and dedication.

We like to teach kids from a very young age that there are some things in this world that their parents cannot buy, things that they can only earn through hard work.

If you’re interested in getting private classes for your child please start enrollment process below.

Private Classes for Kids with Disabilities

Attention Parents: There is something in our society nowadays where we believe a lot of kids are getting diagnosed incorrectly with ADD, ADHD, OCD, ODD and even put on the Autism Spectrum unnecessarily.

Since we opened our doors to the community in 2007, we have only had three kids who could not integrate into our group martial arts classes and instead took advantage of our private lessons and saw huge benefits for their kids.

As of this writing in 2017, we have seen thousands of kids diagnosed with ADHD, but only one for us was a real case where the child truly was unable to concentrate despite all of our techniques.

Our philosophy is very different than the one you will find at the psychologist, neurologist or psychiatrist office. Your typical psychologist, psychiatrist, neurologist or behavior analyst will talk to you and your child for 30 minutes, go through a checklist and do some tests and then make their diagnosis — which can often be incorrect and unfortunately become a self fulfilling prophecy for your child.

Because of the diagnosis, the family will feel sorry for the child and struggle applying discipline based on the doctor’s diagnosis. This is a recipe for disaster for the child.

Our philosophy is that we try every single technique and trick in our books to get the child to focus and modify their behaviors and not their personality. For us, behaviors are things that will effect the child in a negative manner in their lives and personality is something that does not have an effect on the child’s future.

We understand that often adults are the ones with the problems: For example school teachers, society who like to blame difficulties on the child for their inefficient methods of education.

We believe that children are supposed to:

  • Break things
  • Test authority
  • Lie
  • Steal
  • Have high energy and want to run, jump, yell when sometimes not appropriate
  • Not listen immediately

It is our job as educators to turn these little wildlings into great citizens and productive members of society.

If you decide to take a private class for your child believing that they have a disability and we believe that, in fact, the group classes would help them become more social with their peers we will let you know. It might be clear the first time you come in that group classes would be best, or it might be after working in the private environment for awhile. It all depends on what is best for your child.

Nevertheless, there are many kids on the Autistic Spectrum or who have some form of physical disability and parents who are heartbroken watching everybody else’s kids participate in activities while society turns their back on them as it may be a lot of work to work with their child and not the easiest way to make a profit. .

We know that kids with disabilities can benefit tremendously from martial arts, both physically and mentally. This includes kids with birth defects, diagnoses of downs syndrome, mental handicaps, muscular dystrophy, autism, ADHD, ADD, Asberger’s syndrome, sensory processing disorders and so many more it’s hard to even make a complete list.

If this message resonates with your situation please click below and enroll your child in a one-on-one private class with one of our instructors. It would be our pleasure to work with your family.

Private Classes for Adults

Is your schedule too busy to make one of our regular classes?

Do you feel that you benefit more from one-on-one instruction?

Then our adult private classes might be just what you are looking for.

Here are some of the benefits to taking our private classes:

  • You can have access to the same curriculum we teach in our regular group classes.
  • You can have access to our Members Only Video Website.
  • One-on-one coaching by one of our experienced coaches.
  • As a mixed martial arts school, you can decide whether you want to have private classes in striking and/or grappling arts.

The striking arts we focus on are:

  • Boxing
  • Dutch Kickboxing
  • Muay Thai

The grappling arts we focus on are:

  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  • No Gi Grappling / No Gi BJJ / Submission wrestling
  • Judo
  • Folk and Collegiate Wrestling

Please give us a call or click below to get started today.