Juniors Ages 11-13

Did You Know That This Could Be Your Last Opportunity To Give Your Child The Confidence, Self Esteem, Discipline, and Respect That He Will Need For The Fast Approaching Teens Years… Save Yourself From A Rebellious Teen!

Dear Parent,

All ages bring their difficulties and challenges and it is really hard work to be able to adjust and sometimes your son or daughter has changed and grown in front of you eyes and things that were fun, now are embarrassing (i.e or kiss mom or dad goodbye as your drop them at school). With all these changes, a different kind of peer pressure arises, outside influences now seem to be a bigger factor in their discipline and behavior at school and/or home.

You may even start to notice your kids slip a profanity word every now and then…why? Because they are using them with their friends and bad habits begins to develop. You may notice their new favorite songs may have more profanity that the ones they used to listen to before. These and more signs of change is what you may see, but here is what is around the corner and you may not see:

  • yellow-triangle Drugs
  • yellow-triangle Sex
  • yellow-triangle Dropping Out of High School
  • yellow-triangle Low Grades
  • yellow-triangle Dislike for School
  • yellow-triangle Following of the Crowd Instead of Developing Leadership Ability
  • yellow-triangle And much more

Sometimes parents fear all this things and do not want to accept that their little ones are no longer little! They may have shelter them and allow the to do activities that do not correspond to their age level like playing video games excessively, playing with kids in the neighborhood that are younger, etc.. Parents sometimes do not demand more of their child’s new, more developed brain when in fact their child can handle more:





Another interesting thing occurs in the ”Junior Phase.” Obesity may start to catch up, lack of athletic ability may also follow with a natural decrease in flexibility due to growth spurts (but all this can be avoided if involved in an activity as athletic as Martial Arts like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai Kickboxing, and Wrestling). Your kids are hungry because they are growing, but most of the food in the United States is so over produced, high fructose corn syrup is everywhere…. And if you add video games or just hanging out at home…it is very likely that your son/daughter may enter his teens years out of shape, which will affect their confidence for sure!

Then parents try to compensate for this challenges by having conversations, and developing new way to challenge their kids and even develop new disciplinary methods, but sometimes that doesn’t not work as well as before? Why?

Your Kids, as they grow, become more rebellious and immune to your advice. Is the natural process of how we grow…so don’t worry about this …but what we have to worry that we do whatever we can to keep them in the path.

In A Nutshell: You Need Aa Many Allies To Fight The Outside Pressures Aa You Can!

We can be your biggest one. I always educate all of our parents about the following saying I have:

“At one point we will find it impossible to control their new friends, and who they hang out with, they may even lie to us, but what you can control is their environment, and kids will make friends no matter where, is a natural process”- Master Roberto Torralbas

Attention: If you feel your child is not subject o any above challenges give us a call and express what challenges he might be subject to. Our program truly challenges kids to be better everyday. We have had many kids who already seemed very confident, we have encouraged Juniors to take higher honor classes and in high school AP classes (Advanced Placement or College Credit). If they are good young athletes we take them to the next level. We believe by challenging them to become better in every aspect of their lives we can keep them in the path to success.

Worry No More!

Our Martial Arts program will keep your child in the right path and encourage the road less traveled, the road to success ! Here is why it works so well:

1-) Your kids will respect us and are not immune to our message – they have never heard it before

2-) Our instructors are young and cool in their eyes – from their point of view we can kick some major butt, are super strong , friendly at times, and scary disciplinarians when needed ;)!

3-) We will leverage our influence to encourage your child to accomplish and overaccomplish new goals and skills

4-) Our program has helped many kids suffering from obesity develop athletic ability and get in shape, which has also resulted in huge increase in confidence by offering a realistic from of self defense in which there is safe live action that can burn over 500 calories per 30 minutes!

5-) We expect them to become more responsible, crying is not tolerated for nonsense, and to behave like young adults. We want them to be prepare for high school and our Teens program.

Third Law Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Naples, FL Juniors COmpeting at NAGA Torunament

We Use Competition As A Tool to Teach Our Students Hard Work, Sportsmanship, And How To Deal And Overcome Challeneges.

The Junior Phase is great way top prepare your child for the difficult high school years ahead. And we truly understand this and have created programs aside to help them be super prepared.

  • yellow-triangle 25 Manners Every Child should Know.
  • yellow-triangle 25 Conversations Before the Age of 16
  • yellow-triangle And 12 Monthly Assignments teachers don’t teach anymore
  • yellow-triangle Bully Prevention Programs For Juniors and Teens

Each of this program plays an important part in their development. Our teens that graduate from our Juniors Program are super strong mentally and physically. The changes in maturity level, and responsibility can be astonishing at times. And as far as their physical and athletic ability, it is very common to have 14 year olds at our school that can defeat 18-23-33 year old adults with pure skill. They are humble but they can take care of themselves!

Attention: If you feel your child is not subject to any above challenges give us a call and express what challenges he might be subject to.


A lot of parents these days decide to go with a home school education due to their disappointment in our current educational system. If your son or daughter is home schooled then you will really see an incredible additional benefit of our program that could really supercharge your child with confidence and social skills:

  • yellow-triangle Interaction with Positive Peers His Same Age in A Safe, Challenging Environment

We have had many kids that come from a home school education and our program is a great compliment to it for the reason stated above. Many of our previous home school kids were shy, quiet, and kept very much to themselves. Sometimes they struggle even understanding slight jokes.

I have had the pleasure to see many of them transform into confident kids that have learned how to carry conversations and interact with adults and kids their own age that at one point they couldn’t!

Hi my name is Roberto Torralbas and I am the Head Instructor of Team third law Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts and I want to tell you that our program can take your son or daughter to the next level.

Our Junior Programs is part of our 14+ year Martial Arts program for kids and teens that spans from ages 3-5 (Tiny Ninjas), 6-9 (Little Ninjas),and 10-13 (Juniors), and 14-17 (Teens) programs. I am very proud of the fact we can take any kid and give the opportunity to:

  • yellow-triangle Develop Motor Skills and Incredible Athletic Ability
  • yellow-triangle Develop Focus and Discipline
  • yellow-triangle Great Self Defense Skills and Life Skill Lessons (Character and Confidence: Honesty and Integrity)
  • yellow-triangle Develop Positive Habits
  • yellow-triangle Mastery of Brazilian Jiu Jitusu, Wrestling, and Muay Thai Kickboxing

Many kids stay with us all the way into adulthood, with some going on to our adult classes and becoming some of our best competitors and teacher assistants.


Roberto Torralbas

This is how the Juniors program works

The Juniors program is carefully designed program that challenges and develop important life skills of pre-teens/ middle schoolers – high schoolers through Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Jiu-Jitsu is our medium to challenge your children and teach them how to be strong. How does it work?


Jiu-Jitsu is by far considered the ultimate self-defense martial art. It’s a sport that requires very high physical ability (cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, accuracy, and mental toughness).

As we mold your child for our adults program you will see him or her become more coordinated and more physically fit, as well as stronger and faster. A child that can run faster, and is stronger and more agile than their peers tends to develop an invaluable life tool: CONFIDENCE.

Once you have instilled confidence, sit back and watch your child achieve anything they desire to. Confidence is a benefit that children get out of our programs that most parents do not realize.


While confidence is a major tool, sometimes it is not enough to get kids through emotional challenges.

On top of being a demanding sport that will make your child physically competent, Jiu-Jitsu at the Third Law Academy emphasizes a friendly, family environment. How do we do it? We simply don’t let everyone train. At our academy, your child will be surrounded by great mentors (professionals, school teachers, coaches) who, above all, are GOOD HUMAN BEINGS.

At Third Law BJJ, we are all connected by our passion for Jiu-Jitsu. We talk about jiu-jitsu. When your kid becomes good at Jiu-jitsu, adults will be talking about his skills, and even asking questions on how to do a certain technique. Do you know how important it makes a child feel when an adult respects his opinion and listens to what he has to say? A LOT. Now guess what this does for him.

It builds self-esteem. Self-Esteem is the characteristic a person possesses that makes them feel of great value, and, usually, is the key ingredient we will help your child develop to better cope with emotional challenges.

Because your child will get the chance to train with adults on certain adult day classes, this will give him/her the ability to interact and feel his/her input appreciated by older peers. This will increase self-esteem.

Because your child will be among the older kids in the children’s classes this will put him/her automatically in a leadership position as well, once again, increasing both confidence and self-esteem.


So far we have told you how we will increase your child’s confidence, self-esteem and physically competency, and also presented some scenarios in which he/she will be dealing with older and younger training partners where he/she will be expected to respect, follow orders and also be a leader.

One thing that we have left out is the ability for your child to learn self-defense. Funny thing is that Jiu-Jitsu is a martial art – but at this point we see that major benefits include more than just simply learning self defense. Self esteem and confidence are two major benefits.

Nevertheless, knowing how to deal will bullies and how to defend oneself is very important. When I say dealing with bullies, I refer to how to be smarter than them and how to avoid confrontations by being wiser.

But sometimes, being wise is not enough. The website KidsHealth.com is an amazing resource for kids and parents. They did a small survey in which they asked 1,229 boys and girls to answer some questions about bullying. Nearly half of them said they had been bullied before. Some said it was happening every day. Others said it only happened once in a while. Here’s how the group answered:

How often have you been bullied?

  • yellow-triangle Every day (8%)
  • yellow-triangle Every week, but not every day (7%)
  • yellow-triangle Once in a while, but not every week (33%)
  • yellow-triangle Never (52%)

They also asked how many of these kids were bullies themselves. Most of them (58%) said they never bullied others, but the rest said that they did.

  • yellow-triangle 22% said they bullied others once in a while
  • yellow-triangle 5% said they bullied others every week
  • yellow-triangle 15% said they bullied others every day

As you have probably guessed, some kids said they were both bullies and the victims of bullies. Why is that? Kids learn to bully because they have been subjected to mean and unfair treatment themselves, by other kids or by adults. That’s sad, but it’s no excuse. Everyone can choose to act in new and better ways. It’s never too late.

One of our main rules is to never use anything we teach outside our academy unless they need to defend themselves. And we stress this rule every day just to make sure that the power we give your children to defend themselves is never used in the wrong way.

Nevertheless, lets study Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as a form of self-defense. Most Martial Arts programs teach your kid to punch and to kick into air, pads and mirrors – but this is not enough.

Martial Arts program are great for kids self-esteem and confidence, but not all are created equal. For as good as a martial arts program can be at helping a kid through younger years, it can’t mean anything later if the kid realizes that what he learned in class won’t help him in a real confrontation against a stronger child. I have heard some adults look back at their martial arts experience and refer to them as a false feeling of confidence.

Unfortunately, when the teen or kid realizes they have been lied about one thing they assume everything else that they were taught might have been wrong, even if this is not the case.

Kicking and punching bags or air and breaking boards is not enough because most fights end on the ground. So we teach your kid to defend against takedowns, to take opponents down and to defend himself/herself on the ground with an opponent on top. We also teach how to control an opponent without hurting them. That’s why Jiu-Jitsu is the ultimate program for your kid.

It will:

  • yellow-triangle Build confidence
  • yellow-triangle Increase self-esteem
  • yellow-triangle Teach Them Leadership Skills
  • yellow-triangle Increased Physical Aptitude and Fitness
  • yellow-triangle Accelerate Mental Development
  • yellow-triangle Teach Them Realistic Self-Defense Skills

The best proof will be when your child starts applying techniques efficiently against much bigger adults.


Finally, there is a reason why people refer to Jiu-Jitsu as chess on the mat. It is a sport that requires its students to constantly think, concentrate and analyze positions, techniques, variations, and strategy.

The best Jiu-Jitsu athletes are not only physically gifted. They also learn to look at the art as a system of biomechanics and have a great understanding of human anatomy.

By studying Jiu-Jitsu, your child’s mind will be challenged everyday. He or she will find solve puzzles on the mat in every class. How do I do this move more efficiently? Why didn’t this work? How do I make sure that kid doesn’t take me down? Etc…

But there’s so much more. The above explanation is just the tip of the iceberg of the foundation we will give your child to help him or her grow into a strong adult.

Third Law BJJ Kids : Jiu-Jitsu and Martial Arts for Kids in Naples, Florida

Juniors (ages 13-17)

Third Law BJJ Kids : Jiu-Jitsu and Martial Arts for Kids in Naples, Florida

The years between 13 and 17 are very important for children. Any idea why? With high school around the corner, there are many challenges on the way. Here are some to name a few:

Physical: physical illness, acne, physical check-ups, weight worries, eating disorders, infections, height worries

Emotional: relationships, family problems, depression, violence issues

Social: bullying, tobacco and smoking, drugs, saying “no,”peer pressure, friend

Intellectual: nerd vs. popular dilemma, grades, college

It is very important that your child’s transition at this time is smooth because the choices they make during the high school years will have a lot of influence on what kind of adult they turn out to be. With right development, positive reinforcement, and good mentors, your child will be ready to be able to handle the difficult challenges of life ahead.

Picture your child:

He/she is above their peers at an intellectual level. They are not only getting goods grades, but guiding the crowd by being a strong leader that makes positive decisions. He or she perseveres through the most difficult challenges by knowing when to say “no,” by picking and choosing the crowds they hang out with and by knowing how to make and keep friends who will have a positive influence in their lives.

Imagine him/her confident and competent physically and capable of overcoming any physical challenge, but even better picture him/her able to overcome emotional challenges positively.

Sounds good right? This is why we call our program “A Head Start in Life” (www.headstartinlife.com). By enrolling your son or daughter in our Third Law Jiu-Jitsu Kids Program you will be preparing your child and teaching your child how to respond to all of the above scenarios.

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