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Dear Parent,

There are many summer camps options for kids these days, making the decision on how to invest you child’s time really cumbersome and complicated and it should because NOT ALL SUMMER CAMPS ARE CREATED EQUAL and the difference in quality and the value that your child receive can be astronomically and price is not always indicative of how good of an investment you are making for your child. I hope that by reading my message you can understand our mission and how our summer camp program is the best choice available for your family.

First I would like to mention what We Are Not:

  • yellow-triangle We are not a Day-Care for your child ( this is a hands on activity after activity program)
  • yellow-triangle We are not a keep your kids all day indoor summer camp ( we pride ourselves in how many field trips we do per week)

We are:

  • yellow-triangle The most qualified Martial Arts School Teaching Realistic Self Defense Skills In Naples, FL
  • yellow-triangle A Group of Young Martial Arts Instructors That Love to Teach Kids and Help Them Grow Healthy and Strong
  • yellow-triangle A Martial Arts school with a teaching track record of 5+ years in the Naples Community helping kids get A+, Go to Top Level University, and Discovering The Athletic Skill Within Them
  • yellow-triangle Two of our Instructors Are Ivy League Graduates

What Parents Say…

Third Law Martial Arts is the best summer camp in Southwest Florida! Our son wakes up excited to go to camp, and comes home happy and tired! The coaches work to ensure that there is a nice balance of appropriate level academics and summertime fun. The camp is based on respect for yourself and respect for others. I have seen my child work through problems on his own and doesn’t come home with any negative influences. Kids are allowed to be kids but are still required to keep the atmosphere of respect. We feel so lucky to be a part of this camp!

Tricia Helenbolt

Team Third Law is the absolute best summer camp!!! This is our 2nd year with our two boys (ages 7 and 5). We highly recommend it! They have so much fun everyday. They work on academics to keep their brain sharp over the summer, go all over Naples on fun field trips, and have a wide variety of activities at the center that keep them having fun and never bored!! My kids are excited to go to camp everyday! Thank you Third Law!

Katie Burns

I have 3 children enrolled in summer camp and they have had an amazing summer! I am extremely comfortable with all of the staff and have no worries that my kids are in great hands while having so many fun experiences!

Tara Ticknor

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Fun Mixed With Productivity

2 or more field trips per week

Your Child in Our program will learn 10 Important Life Skills, 25 Must Know Manners, 25 Important Mat Chats For Success In Life, Train In Multiple Style of Martial Arts Daily and go on 2 or more field trips per week.

Martial Arts Taught Daily Include:

  • yellow-triangle Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • yellow-triangle Kickboxing / Muay Thai
  • yellow-triangle Boxing
  • yellow-triangle Wrestling
  • yellow-triangle Judo

Life Skills

  • yellow-triangle Focus
  • yellow-triangle Discipline
  • yellow-triangle Respect
  • yellow-triangle Goals
  • yellow-triangle Academics
  • yellow-triangle Family Values
  • yellow-triangle Choices
  • yellow-triangle Manners
  • yellow-triangle Fitness
Aside from the fun and the awesome martial arts training our program will teachyour child hwo to be confident, assertive leader with great discipline and respect towards family teachers and others.

Aside from the fun and the awesome martial arts training our program will teachyour child hwo to be confident, assertive leader with great discipline and respect towards family teachers and others


  • yellow-triangle Beach Exploring
  • yellow-triangle Movies
  • yellow-triangle Indoor Games
  • yellow-triangle Outdoor Games
  • yellow-triangle Sports
  • yellow-triangle Beach Training
  • yellow-triangle Crafts
  • yellow-triangle Projects
  • yellow-triangle Science Projects
  • yellow-triangle Bounce Houses
  • yellow-triangle Mini Golf
  • yellow-triangle Trail Day
  • yellow-triangle Pool Day
  • yellow-triangle Lego Tournament
  • yellow-triangle Board Games Tournament
  • yellow-triangle Laser Tag
  • yellow-triangle Rock Climbing
  • yellow-triangle and Much More!


  • yellow-triangle Leadership Talks
  • yellow-triangle Character Course
  • yellow-triangle 25 Important Manners
  • yellow-triangle 25 Important Chats for Life Success

Do I Have to Be a Member of the School to Join Absolutely No! Everyone is Welcome to Enjoy Our Summer Camp Plus We Give You A FREE Uniform!


Our options are very flexible and include the following blocks of time

  • yellow-triangle 10 Weeks ( Entire Summer)
  • yellow-triangle 9 Weeks
  • yellow-triangle 8 Weeks
  • yellow-triangle 7 Weeks
  • yellow-triangle 6 Weeks
  • yellow-triangle 5 Weeks
  • yellow-triangle 4 Weeks
  • yellow-triangle 3 Weeks

These blocks of time allow us to make the entire program customizable for any parent.

What Are the Ages For Your Summer Camp

Our program takes students as young as four years of age and as old as 12 years of age.

What Parents Say…

Master Roberto, and all the coaches at Team Third Law have created an environment for my daughter where she can learn confidence, responsibility, self-defense and dramatically improve in math. I cannot believe the incredible improvement in her behavior, fitness and attention could been accomplished in just 8 weeks. My daughter is 5 and this was her first year, but she will be back every year from now on! I cannot recommend Team Third Law enough.

Cole Zimmermann

This is the best summer camp in Naples. My boys attended two years in a row (planning on a third year) and they loved it. It is so difficult to find a full day program that includes academic and fun, engaging activities for kids but Third Law has done just that. I love that the kids are spending their day in a safe environment learning jujitsu, doing grade level work and taking trips to the beach, zoo, mini golf, etc. The coaches are fantastic and its very much a family feel at Third Law. We are so happy to have found this gem.

Dena Liston

Literally the best summer camp ever. Daughter LOVES it as do mom & dad. Great structure all day long that includes education, personal defense, discipline, life lessons, tons of fun, games & field trips. ALL the staff r amazing with the kids. Not only the summer camp program, but the Jiu Jitsu & Muay Thai programs too. One of the best investment for your child!!!

Amy Tull-Pronovost

What If My Child is a Teenager

Great News! We have an amazing Mentoring Camp for Young Adults in the ages of 13 -17. It involves great martial arts training and learning great trades like:

  • yellow-triangle building websites
  • yellow-triangle videography
  • yellow-triangle photography
  • yellow-triangle video editing
  • yellow-triangle photo editing
  • yellow-triangle business
  • yellow-triangle marketing
  • yellow-triangle learning about the web
  • yellow-triangle and so much more
They wont stop talking about all the fun they had in our summer camp program!

They wont stop talking about all the fun they had in our summer camp. We take our kids in field trips to many outdoor exciting attractions in our summer camp

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