Get In the Best Shape of Your Life While Learning One of the Highest Energized Butt-Kicking Martial Arts in the World!

Discover How Muay Thai Training at Third Law Muay Thai Kickboxing will teach you super important self defense while giving you the body of Professional Boxers or Olympic Athletes

Dear Future Student,

I have a couple of questions for you. Are you interested in learning Muay Thai Kickboxing from a qualified source? Are you looking to develop real standup skills as seen in Bangkok ,Thailand or Mixed Martial Arts Events such as the UFC? Are you simply interested in having lots of fun in the most professional family friendly environment you have ever experienced while developing a body that will be the envy of Your Friends, and Co-workers? If so, then welcome to Team Third Law Muay Thai Program! This Letter will answer three very important things that you may or may not have consider but it is super important that you understand:

(1) I want you to understand that BIG BOX GYMS are liars. This is a HUGE PROBLEM and I want you to be aware! Muay Thai Kickboxing is a martial art that allows you to be in the best shape ever imagined….Big Box gyms and cardio kickboxing classes as TAEBO are a scam , another fitness gimmick, just like Zumba, Jazzercize, or like some of those crazy equipments you see late at night. Please if you participated in any of this scams or bought any of these gimmicky fitness equipment don’t be offended. Many happily involved students now at our school have had this rough awakening an now are experiencing the real truth. The bottom line is that they lied to you. You are not learning realistic martial arts but doing a workout that looks as if you were kicking or punching with some purpose.

(2) Muay Thai is not Taekwondo, is not Boxing with Kicking, it is not is simply the most advance Martial Arts Standup system ever developed but now due to the popularity of the UFC and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) a lot of crappy schools are offering karate classes renamed as Muay Thai or Kickboxing. Muay Thai to be well learned has to be properly taught by qualified instructors who are not looking to change the name of the style just to make quick bucks. Not all martial arts schools are created equal.

There is a Huge Problem with the word Kickboxing/Muay Thai out there – Everyone wants to do it but few are qualified

How Big Box Gyms Repacked Muay Thai for the MASSES

I hate to be so abrupt, but what can I say. It is the truth. This is not your big box gym kickboxing program – Here we will teach you how to defend yourself. We are not teaching Tae Bo. We are not teaching Karate Kid stuff. If you are looking for Aerobics repackaged as Muay Thai – this is not the right program for you.

Taebo Cardio Kickboxing vs. Naples Muay Thai

Aerobics renamed and redistributed as legitimate Muay Thai Kickboxing is still just Aerobics!

Not All Martial Arts Schools Are Created Equal!


Martial Arts Schools Naples ,FL McDojos now turn to MMA

Cartoon explaing how so many karate and martial arts schools change their style after the UFC with out shame!


Most people learn bad standup because their instructors have no fight experience – they don’t know what works and what doesn’t. This is actually a HUGE PROBLEM because of the reactive nature of standup fighting – you have to do lots of practice to get your punches, kicks, knees, and elbows good but what happens if you are taught these movements incorrectly from the beginning? Not only are you in danger if you need to use your skills but you will also have to spend valuable time “unlearning” these bad habits.

People kicking poorly at a big box gym kickboxing class. Just because you are kicking doesn’t mean you know how to kick. Unfortunately many people will never discover real Muay Thai because the lack of information big box gym sell.

This is all solved here because all the Muay Thai Kickboxing instructors have experience IN THE RING or IN THE CAGE. They are going to teach you the standup that is most effective and not the fancy techniques that don’t work.

What most MARTIAL ARTS SCHOOLS Won’t Tell You!

Most martial arts schools won’t share with you the fact that to be the best Mixed Martial Artist you can be, you have to learn the standup AND the ground, NOT just one or the other. Teaching just one would be like learning how to read but not to write; they have to coexist together so that you have no fear when it comes to defending yourself intelligently and that is what your going to be able to do.

Team Third Law is the Real Deal

From True Novice to Professional We have A Class Waiting For You

Even though Team Third Law is recognized in Naples , FL and Lee and Collier County as the #1 producer of Martial Arts competitors, our secret is the fact that most of our students are looking for simple goals like; getting in the best shape of their life and learning effective self defense in a professional environment.

Coach Katy Torralbas (of Team Third Law) Winning Silver at the European Championships

It is the fact that we treat our beginners so professional and with the highest level of patience that from that group some decide to compete. It is simple previous success breeds success …. our competition pedigree is a result of how well we tailor our classes for all ages and levels. We love what we do!

Anyone Regardless of Age, Gender, Athletic Experience, or Martial Arts Experience can start benefiting from :

  • yellow-triangle Exciting Workouts Tailored to your Athletic Experience and Current Level
  • yellow-triangle Development of real Muay Thai Kickboxing skills that will protect you for the rest of your life
  • yellow-triangle When you look good, you feel GOOD… You can experience a real hard rock body of a real athlete
  • yellow-triangle Confidence of Feeling Good, Looking Good, and Knowing you can Protect Yourself
  • yellow-triangle Develop Dynamic Flexibility that will enrich your day to day activities.
  • yellow-triangle Discover a professional family friendly social environment with students just like yourself
  • yellow-triangle The opportunity to grow as far as you would like in the sport … No Limitations
  • yellow-triangle Seminars with some of the most respected names in the Muay Thai World!
  • yellow-triangle A School that is concentrated in your safety – spar in a professional controlled environment
  • yellow-triangle Learn the Secrets of how to deliver Devastating Punches and Kicks!
  • yellow-triangle Learn the Secrets on how BOB and Weave and Slip Punches like Pro Boxers!
  • yellow-triangle Our School will Become your #1 place to hang out and train your home away from home!

Who Else Wants to Knock-Out Power In Their Hands and Feet?

Learn EFFECTIVE Standup, Techniques that WORK at the Highest level

Honestly, if your interested in Martial arts and you want to learn self-defense then what better way to end an attacker from hurting you by delivering that K.O. Power! In your kicks and punches your gonna have deadly accuracy and the power to back it making your a complete Muay Thai, KickBoxing Fighter.

Ladies practicing “Bob and Weave” at Team Third Law

Learn the proper form to kick, and how to kick with true power!

If you were forced into a fight situation where you have to defend yourself to survive you would want to be prepared, right?

Prepared as in not only knowing how to throw punches and kicks but physically prepared to not get tired right off the bat. So the workouts we do in the kickboxing class are the best of both worlds – they will get you in outstanding shape so conditioning will never be a factor in a fight AND train you in the same techniques that the professional fighters are using in the ring.

Naples Muay Thai Kickboxing students working the dangerous clinch and escapes from the clinch

Team Third Law Muay Thai Students Working “The Clinch” and “Escapes from The Clinch”

Are You Worried About Not Being Able To Defend Yourself From Kicks And Punches?

Well don’t be because learning how to defend punches and kicks will allow you to set up your combinations and counter attacks. So learning how to defend is a huge aspect of the Muay Thai and Kickboxing. If we didn’t teach you how to defend yourself then we wouldn’t be making you a complete stand up fighter. So have no fear defending yourself from punches and kicks is gonna allow you to delver that knockout power.

Heavybag Work Naples Muay Thai

Our school currently has 9 top quality heavy and specialized punching bags. In this photo a student is working of 6 feet tall Muay Thai Banana Bag

The Kickboxing program at Team Third Law is just one of the programs that we offer. We also have Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, No Gi Grappling, Mixed Martial Arts and Children’s Martial Arts programs as well. So if your interested in Kickboxing and you live in the Naples area, come give Team Third Law a try – it’s going to change your life!

“Discover How our Kickboxing Program Will Re-Energize Your Life”

LOST 60 LBS! Like Many Women, Even Coach Katy Believed that Her Genes Doomed Her Into Always Being Overweight… When All She Needed was Proper Athletic Exercise. It Worked for Her and it will Work for YOU Too!

Since our program is getting you in the best shape of your life our going to have so much more energy to do the things you’ve always wanted to but have never been in good enough shape too. Everyday activities are going to become that much easier because you don’t have to worry about getting tired throughout your day like you did before you started kickboxing since your stamina and cardio has increased so much.

Are you Struggling with Anxiety Or Lack of Motivation to get Yourself in Shape?

Its scientifically proven that exercise releases chemical endorphins in your brain that makes you feel better, helping you cope with anxiety and stress.

Unfortunately, most people stop going to the gym after the first few weeks! WHY?

Its almost impossible to stay motivated when you are going to the gym ALONE – it’s too boring and it’s too easy to lose motivation without people around you. The alternative is not much better. Lots of people sign up to go to the gym with their friend or spouse and what happens? One of the pair loses motivation first and BOTH of them end up not working out.

Naples Muay Thai Conditioning

Our systematized curriculum and training regimen can turn a true beginner with nor previous athletic experience into a strong solid athlete thanks to the conditioning aspect of Muay Thai!

Our Muay Thai Kickboxing program is going to get you in incredible shape, lower your stress levels, and its going to teach you how to be extremely dangerous on the feet. These benefits alone are going to increase your self-confidence by making you feel better about yourself! All this in a team-oriented, friendly atmosphere where you will be surrounded by other individuals with the same goals and motivations as yourself who will be pushing you to do your best! Sounds a lot better than a big box gym kickboxing program doesn’t it?

Learning How To Properly Throw Hooks and Uppercuts While Keeping Hands Up

You will be learning a martial art that teaches you how to defend yourself, getting you in the best shape of your life, and being part of a school that works to help you achieve your goals in life … So what’s stopping you from joining our program?


“Why I use to hate Kickboxing but Now I am a Huge Fan. My Coaches Never Thought I Would Learn Stand Up BUT NOW I Don’t Miss A Class!”

Roberto-Torralbas-BJJ-Champion talks muay thai in naples

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, Muay Thai Instructor and Team Third Law Founder – Master Roberto Torralbas

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The Answer: HELLLLL YEAHHHHH….Come on in

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Our Ladies Team With Coach Formica After Another Awesome Muay Thai Kickboxing Class

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