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Learn the Amazing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Style with THE ONLY Southwest Florida Team Producing International Champions, in a Team Atmosphere that will help you achieve all you Health and Fitness Goals

Attention: Even though we are the most reputable, most competition accomplished team in Southwest Florida, most of our students do not compete and this message is for the students looking to enjoy and master this beautiful art, looking to gain confidence and discipline and get in amazing athletic shape


Roberto Torralbas Competing at the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) World Championships 2011

Instructor Roberto Torralbas Competing at the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Championships 2011

My name is Roberto Torralbas and I’d like to thank you for visiting our team’s website. I’m glad you came, because this is the first step to start experiencing the benefits of our programs.

Hopefully you have already joined our newsletter. If you haven’t done so please do. Picking a Martial Arts School is a HUGE DECISION, it should be researched properly.

For example these are some questions you should ask yourself:

  • yellow-triangle Do I Want Personal One-on-One Professional Assistance from a Qualified Instructor?
  • yellow-triangle Do I Want to Belong To One of the Best Teams in the Country?
  • yellow-triangle Do I Want My School to be Like a Second Home?
  • yellow-triangle Do I Want My School to carry the highest level of professionalism,quality, and student care in the industry?
  • yellow-triangle Do I Want My School to be cleaned twice a day, have multiple first aid kit cabinets, and multiple mat disinfectants at sight ?
  • yellow-triangle Do I Want My School to constantly produce champions at the highest level of the sport?
  • yellow-triangle Do I Want my instructors to be patient and professional and tailor my training depending on skill and fitness level?
  • yellow-triangle Do I Want my school to have a nice infrastructure with the newest equipment?
  • yellow-triangle Do I Want to belong to an ego free environment?
  • yellow-triangle Do I Want My School to have a super,super detailed and organized curriculum for each program so that I can follow my progress?
  • yellow-triangle Do I Want My School to have sponsorship packages so that I ca none day compete and become a champion.
  • yellow-triangle Do I want my school to have a family,friendly, ecstatic, crowd moving, music pumping, relax and exciting environment
  • yellow-triangle Do I want to receive World Class Instruction Everyday and Every Class


If you answered YES to any of the above then welcome home.

Quick Tour of our School

If you just want to belong to a school where you will be just another number or be able to hide in the crowd…

Then I have to say my school is not the school for you.

Here’s the simple deal:

Call us now and reserve your 30 Day Free Trial and come to your first class. If after your first class for some reason, you aren’t 100 percent satisfied with your experience at Team Third Law and do not believe that we are the most friendly, most professional, most dedicated, most technical, most exciting, and most unique martial arts school you have ever witness you have to do is walk up to me, I’ll give you a check for 100 dollars.

No questions asked. No hard feelings.

In addition to this, I’m making you three more promises…

Promise #1

– When you come to our school and participate in our classes you’re guaranteed to receive ALL my secrets that we can fit in one class, that I’ve only disclosed with current Team Third Law students that will help you take your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to the next level, or I’ll give you a check for 100 Dollars.

Promise #2

– When you come to our school, you’ll be given all the tools, all the skill, and all the knowledge you need to accomplish all of your bjj goals. And I’ll do my absolute dead-level best to blow you away with the amount of value you get from me.

Promise #3

– If you do decide to ask for the $100 dollar check before the end of the first class – which is highly unlikely once you see how much knowledge be able to learn and what a great time you’re going to have be able– you still get to keep all the knowledge you discovered in your first class and you get all your money back.

That’s how CONFIDENT I am that what I have to show you will be the opportunity of a lifetime that I’ll do everything to get you to try one of our classes. I am not stupid, trust me when you come in you will be WOWed from beginning to end with our professionalism, and our world class methods of teaching and developing students AND that’s how COMMITTED I am to making sure you GET this…

(Trust me, my goal is to have 0% of my prospective students to ask for a $100 dollar check)

I am going to make you one Final Promise

My promise to you and all my students is :

“At my school You will improve in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and/or Submission Grappling at a faster rate than any other school in Southwest Florida”

This is why I offer Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes every day, multiple times a day (mornings, afternoon, and evenings). We have the most amount of classes in our schedule than any other school in Southwest Florida. I love what I do with an incredible passion.

This final promise has been my promise since DAY ONE and I will hold it for ever.

To make your visit to our website more pleasant and easier just click on one of the links below:

Roberto Torralbas Head Instructor, and Owner of Team Third Law

P.S.REMEMBER THIS THROUGHOUT THIS LETTER! Our team is built on a strong foundation, a team without a strong foundation will surely fail.

We have created the Ultimate Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program for the Pure Beginner!

Most Brazilian Jiu Jitsu schools just throw beginner students to the wolves the first week they have started training. Your orientation to Jiu Jitsu is getting your butt kicked by the more advanced students. You better be in shape before you attend most schools or else you’re going to be in for a rough night!

Fortunately for you, I have the solution and it’s one of the reasons our students are so happy.

We have developed a Core Curriculum for our White Belt Basics classes. These sessions are taught in a friendly, social, and laid-back atmosphere that is 100% geared to teaching our new students our core basic requirements at our school.

Watch A Typical Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Class at Our School

I’ve set up The White Belt Basics Classes like this for a couple of reasons.

I know for a fact that there are students that just want to learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as an art form and don’t want to get involved in any sparring of any sort.

Many people begin training out-of-shape and they wouldn’t be able to complete a full blown competitive Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class .

In the very beginning, I personally believe that students need to focus heavily on learning their technique instead of trying to learn how to survive in heated sparring matches when they don’t know any technique yet.

Many people think because we have the #1 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Submission Wrestling team that everything that we do is geared towards competition.

That’s completely wrong.

We offer 6 White Belt Basic Classes Per Week – HALF of all our classes are geared towards the pure beginner! That’s 16 classes per month 100% geared to the pure beginner.

…and the best part about it is that the students taking the White Belt Basic Classes are learning the exact same techniques and our exclusive training systems that our Champions are learning.

Anyone Can Begin Training at THIRD LAW BJJ!

Mike proud of his medals

A lot of people assume that grappling is WAY TOO HARD and are hesitant to give it a try. This is the furthest thing from the truth. Actually it’s pretty funny. It’s a misconception. I guess some people think that if they come to learn that someone is going to throw them into the Ultimate Fighting Championship. WRONG!

Grappling is FUN first and foremost and doesn’t require any previous experience. Anyone can do it, big people, small people, young people, older people, flexible people, non flexible people, experienced people, non experienced people, ANYONE. Currently, we have everyone from 14 year-old high school students to 51 year-old men practicing Jiu Jitsu.

Men and women have excelled in our style of martial arts. You can be short, tall, thin, big, in-shape, out-of-shape – it doesn’t matter. We are willing to do whatever it takes to help motivate you to accomplish your goal! Absolutely no experience is required to begin your training. You do not need a martial arts background in order to begin our program! Most of our members are at the Beginner Level and are seeing fast results from their dedication, consistency in training, and positive attitude.

I would hate for you to miss out on the many benefits that our students are experiencing RIGHT NOW just because you are a little hesitant to give it a try. If that’s the case you don’t have to come in to try it, just come in to watch. Isn’t that fair? But if you want to try it you should take advantage of my generous 30 DAY OFFER TODAY.

Our system works for ANYONE – in-shape, out-of-shape, overweight, tall, thin, old, young…

Men, women, and kids have excelled in our style of martial arts. Our instructors will teach you and develop a style that works best for you.

Too old to start training? Our adult program has everyone from high-school students to a bunch of students over age 50. Absolutely no experience is required to begin your training. In fact, most of our students join our program with ZERO experience!

You have never done a day of exercise in your life? No problem! You do not have to be in shape to begin training at our academy – most people who begin are not. At Third Law BJJ, our instructors have years of specialized training in physical fitness, along with their martial arts expertise, and will develop a conditioning program specifically designed for you.

We are the ONLY School to offer a 30-Day Free Trial!

We all are extremely confident about the program we run and the quality of our instruction. For this reason we literally will do everything in our power to have you try our program. No matter how experience you are, no matter how new you are to the sport, WE GUARANTEE YOU that you will revolutionize your ground game in ways you never thought possible.

Welcome to Third Law Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Naples / Fort Myers / Bonita Springs FLorida 30 DAY FREE TRIAL

Call Us Today To Start Your 30 Day FREE Trial!


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There is nothing that should keep you from giving our program a shot. I Guarantee You that you will love our program from the moment you walk into our facility. If you’re a beginner to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) I must warn you about a few things. Most importantly you should know that schools are not created equally, and it is very important that you make an educated decision before picking a school. That is why am giving you 30 days to compare and decide the right place for you.

Our goal is to have a friendly atmosphere, a great team. We don’t like egos, as a matter of fact one of our goals is to have produced elite black belts and that’s where our Combat Club comes in. Hopefully in a near future you will be there surrounded by other Third Law Black Belts. If you don’t think you enjoy a friendly atmosphere, a team spirit, and people that will go out of their way to make you the best grappler you can be, then this may not be the place for you, but if you are serious about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu so are we and there nothing that should keep you from giving our program a try in sunny Naples / Fort Myers / Bonita Springs, Florida.

Discover Why Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Is Considered The Ultimate Martial Art

Experience the workout of your life while learning the BEST way to defend yourself effectively. We invite you to our Naples / Fort Myers / Bonita Springs, FL location to test drive our training system for THIRTY DAYS…FREE! Join our team today and learn about the hottest and most talked about self-defense training system in the world. Patience, commitment, willpower, and a positive attitude are all that you need to come prepared to class. Here’s Your Opportunity to Increase Self-Confidence And Feel Better About YOU!

We will gradually guide you on the journey to success whether your goal is to LOSE WEIGHT, compete, gain PERSONAL SECURITY, achieve a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), or ALL THE ABOVE. Whatever your personal goals are, our instructors will bend over backwards to help you accomplish them. Read on and learn more about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or sign up for an Introductory Class right now!

95% of all self-defense situations end up on the ground or in the grappling range YET Grappling remains the most neglected range of self-defense in most martial art systems.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a complete fighting system that will teach you how to control and subdue your opponent. You will learn not only how to immobilize attackers effectively so they can’t attack you but also how to defeat them humanely. It’s the only PROVEN style where a smaller person can immobilize and defeat a stronger larger attacker. There is a reason that all Professional Mixed Martial Artists have trained in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu – IT IS FUNDAMENTAL FOR SELF-DEFENSE AND FIGHTING! Take advantage of our 30 DAYS FREE PROMOTION and see what you’ve been missing.

There IS a reason that all Professional Mixed Martial Artists have trained in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu!


THIRD LAW BJJ vs. Other Martial Arts Schools

McDojos are Everywhere - BUYER BEWARE

McDojos are Everywhere – BUYER BEWARE

A Word of Advice

If you’re a beginner to Jiu Jitsu I must warn you about a few things – You should know that not all schools are created equal and it is very important that you make an educated decision before picking a school.

Due to the overwhelming popularity of the UFC and other Mixed Martial Arts events, everyone and their brother is re-labeling their schools as “MMA” or “Grappling” schools. As an experiment, go into last year’s phone book and see how many Karate schools have become “Mixed Martial Arts” schools. My point is: You have to be selective when choosing a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu school.

In fact, you should NEVER join a school or BJJ program unless it meets ALL the following FIVE criteria:

1. Their instructors are qualified. What are the instructors’ credentials? Have they competed? What is the reputation of the organization that they represent i.e. do they “sell” belts? Remember, if you want to be the best you have to learn from the best.

2. The school MUST have a written curriculum. Is there a method to the madness? You’ll be shocked to know how many schools don’t follow a step-by-step program so neither the teacher nor the student knows where they are going and how far along they are. Surprising but true.

3. The school must produce winners. Ask yourself, has this school produced any national champs or winning teams? No matter the credentials of the instructor, it does you no good if he can’t pass on that expertise.

4. The school should adapt itself to the client’s needs. Whether you want to be physically fit, learn self defense, or train for the World Championships, the school should allow you to set your own goals and help you achieve them. You don’t want to be forced into any sparring if you don’t want to.

5. The prices are NOT unbelievably low. Remember that you usually get what you pay for. Would you trust a jeweler who offers you a Rolex at Timex prices? These “bargain” schools usually have dirty facilities, unqualified instructors or instructors who cannot speak English, and don’t offer an advanced program.

Of course, it’s a given that the school should be clean and well-maintained, and the staff, courteous and professional.

“First and foremost I want to commend you on the great program you have in Third Law. I went to your gym not knowing what to expect. Wow! It by far exceeded my expectations.”

Abram Valdez Customer Service Representative, Naples, FL

OHHH and don’t forget that we are:

Only School in South West Florida Offering 7 Days a Week of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training!

Only School in South West Florida Offering 7 Days a Week of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training!


Head Instructor ROberto Torralbas is among the best American Competitors in the sport of Brazilian Jiu- Jitsu

Head Instructor Roberto Torralbas Abslute Division Champion – IBBJF Chicago International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Tournament

I’m very, very, very, passionate when it comes to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I started training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu while I was at Cornell University starting my Electrical and Computer Engineering degree. Back then I was homeless, I was hungry, and very broke, but I stilled trained every night in one form or another. I felt in love with this art I guarantee you will fall in love with too.

I was introduced to the Lloyd Irvin System through Danny Ives and Julius Parks two of Lloyd’s most dedicated students. Danny Ives,Julius Park, and with Lloyd Irvin worked and still work intensively on my development, so much that within 7 months of me receiving my blue belt I became a Pan-American Champion!

After graduating with a GPA over 3.0 I was offered many nice jobs with very high $$$, but I realized whether homeless, hungry, or broke, my life journey was to focus on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Since then I have been on an unstoppable mission to introduce Southwest Florida to the benefits of our programs.

That’s why I’m offering you a FREE 30-Day Trial Program so you can see for yourself what we’re all about. You’ll get a Free Tour, a Free Consultation (to make sure we can serve your needs), and you’ll get to try our classes for a Full 30 days FREE… Plus other Free Valuable Gifts (like uniforms, t-shirts, etc.) are available just for giving my program a try. I’m even so confident in my program here that I’m willing to give you my “Iron-Clad 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee” just so you can rest assured you’re in the right place.

This opportunity may seem crazy, but I don’t care. It is all based on how much trust I have in our systems. We believe in our results

We’ve got a lot of great success stories to share with you… just come to my school, talk to the students and see for yourself…

Now MMA is cool and popular and a lot of MMA schools are opening their doors investing on brand new UFC Cages, punching bags, and all sort of eye candy for the curious beginner. A lot of these schools used to be Karate Dojos that now have turned to MMA. Don’t be fooled! While it is very important you feel comfortable at your school, and train in a clean environment its not brand new mats and wall mats and punching bags what will make you great one day.

It’s your perseverance, your hard work and the people that you surround yourself with. Some of these schools will go as far as to hiring World Champions of all types and sorts in an attempt to justify that they don’t have any home grown Champions. Before picking a school one thing you should definitely make sure is that:

The school must produce winners. Ask yourself, has this school produced any national champs or winning teams? No matter the credentials of the instructor, it does you no good if he can’t pass on that expertise.

I guarantee you there is no single person out here that spends more time with their students. I am in the quest to win the World Championships and I know how hard it is now in 2008 to accomplish that, therefore I know how hard my most dedicated students need to work to accomplish similar goals one day.

That’s why you will see me training them sometimes even if I have to stay until 12:00 am or 3:00am. If it was up to me I’ll sleep on the mats wake up and help them train even more. A dedicated student with the will power to persevere deserves that type of passion in a coach/instructor. My schedule goes out the window almost every practice, meaning I get so engaged in my classes that I lose track of time and spent much more time than the schedule says.


For BJJ I have sacrificed my academic career, and many fun activities but I would do it all over again in the blink of an eye because the family I have on those mats is a very important aspect of my life.

No one is paying me to work extra hours. I do it out of blind and unconditional passion for our team and the sport/art.

Our system has been to provide our students with a method for gaining a competitive edge – both on the mats and off the mats (yes, these skills carry over into life as well – that’s why so many people, even ones who don’t want to compete, take advantage of this program). And gaining edges – large or small – is how we’ve made ours one of those few programs that is doing a better job than the rest in providing that for their athletes.

Jiu-Jitsu is my passion. I absolutely love my school, and I love teaching classes, training on the mats. I want the best for my school and I want the best for my athletes, and I’m willing to invest whatever I can to make sure EVERYONE who comes into my academy, no matter what their specific personal goals are, will have a life-changing experience and come away with something valuable each and every time they come train. I like knowing that my students belong to the best team in the area… and that’s why I’m happy you’re reading this, because hopefully, I’ll be working with YOU very soon.

But don’t take my word for it. One of the reasons I offer my 30-Day Free Trial Program is so you can come and see for yourself, talk with our staff, meet our students, participate in our classes… this way, you’ll be able to make a well-informed decision and see if everything makes sense for you.

I encourage you to sign up to my email list for more free information and to call the school RIGHT NOW to set up a free tour and consultation so we can get your started with your free 30 days of classes.

I hope to see you soon, and I look forward to working with you!

Roberto Torralbas Head Coach, Team Third Law Third Law Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Naples, Florida

Let Me Give You Third Law Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Is The Complete Fitness Program You Have Been Searching For!

I knew Jiu-Jitsu was able to change my life for the better, but never in my wildest dreams did I ever expect that someone could join our program and lose 20 pounds in a matter of weeks. I am very proud of this.

~ Roberto Torralbas

Third Law BJJ Head Instructor

If you are struggling with your fitness needs, then make sure you read the following section thoroughly. You will find out “OUR SECRET” to fitness. The reason behind why our students lose an average of 15-20 pounds in 2-3 weeks and continue to improve until their fitness levels are in the 99% percentile of the population.

You will also find out why in 30 minutes of work our most committed students accomplish higher fitness goals than most people do in Gyms or with their Personal Trainer in a week.

Rave Reviews

Andre “Whiteshaq” Arata

John Kutz

Jeff “Torero” Pogan

Gyms & Personal Trainers vs. Third Law Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu


I’m going to tell you a secret that the fitness industry doesn’t want you to know. Did you know that over 80% people sign up at a “big-box” gym and never go in? There is no motivation to go back unless you have a physical trainer and that’s mad expensive. But at Third Law BJJ you’ll make friends, and you’ll want to come back. There is personal accountability but in a friendly way.

What do you think would happen if everyone showed up at one time at one of those big gyms? Easy, they don’t have the facilities for it. Their business depends on your laziness, but not at Third Law BJJ.

I WANT my school filled up.

I WANT you to reach your goals.

This is my passion!

Personal Trainers

I am always laughing when I hear personal trainers advertise themselves as fitness experts. Fitness is not just about lifting heavy weights or doing a specific routine that will give you the “perfect body.”

The “perfect body” advertised in weight lifting magazines, TV, radio, ads, etc… does not include a healthy heart or flexible joints, for example.

Have you ever seen a bodybuilding contest? The contestants have to be given oxygen mask after the competition because their body mass is so great that their bodies can’t produce enough oxygen to keep up with the flexing. Healthy?

Tell me, what good is a 500 pound bench press or 1,000 pound squat if you can’t run 2 miles under 25 minutes?

Tell me, what good are 18 inch biceps and 50 inch chest if you can’t get remotely close to bringing your elbows together?

Now, I am not saying that strength is not important; it is a good asset to have, but a BALANCED FITNESS PROGRAM is much more that just strength development, or a “perfect body”.

Now let’s think about the products you might get exposed to in the search of the perfect body: Eat Healthy

1-) Steroids (usually cooked in someone’s bathtub, which is very dangerous if you take them as they are not produced in sterile conditions)

2-) Protein Mixes or Creatine (these are white powder solutions not approved by the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration))

3-) Ephedrine or some other fat burning solution (these are not very good for your heart as you probably already know)

What happen to the good old days of a nice, lean, tasty meal?

Nutrtion at its best

Here are some questions for you to ask your personal trainer:

1. How often and for how long do you run, or do some type of cardiovascular activity?

At Third Law BJJ students meet every Saturday at 8:30 am to go for a 2.25 mile run at the beach!

A typical 2.25 Mile Beach Run on Saturdays

Welcome to Third Law Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Collier County

A typical Helen Circuit @ The Beach:

2. How flexible are you? (ask them to demonstrate)

Stretching at the beach after a Helen Circuit,/

Welcome to Third Law Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Collier County

Welcome to Third Law Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Collier County

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is an art that demands flexibility so if you are not flexible, by training alone you will experience gain in flexibility.

3. Can you give me nutritional advice? ( If this advice includes any of the substances above…(RUN FOR YOUR LIFE)

One-Directional Strength vs Multi-Driectional Strength and Workout Regimens

I want to conclude this section by showing you the differerence between the workout you would get at a gym vs our jiu jitsu classes.

Gym excercises ususally work one or two muscle groups at most. BJJ the entire body ALL THE TIME!

Welcome to Third Law Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Collier County

Finally we have classes that focus on circuit training instead of set of reps that look like this:

10 reps of one exercise that works the specific muscle group you are working on that day… 2 minute brake …repeat 3 – 4 times then go on top another exercise, etc…

2 Minute rests after 10 reps! No wonder the “perfect body” does not include a great heart.

The sad truth is that example above is actually the best case scenario. Go to a gym and observe … Usually everyone is talking to their friend and their neighbor in between sets, socializing, etc… What could have taken 15 minutes took 1 hour and 30 minutes!

At Third Law there is a lot of socializing too…

We joke all the time before and after class.

We train at the beach and hang out afterwards.

IT’S A FUN ENVIROMENT that hands down beats any GYM ENVIROMENT you may come across.

But we know that once training starts WE ARE ALL BUSINESS. Our main goal is maximum efficiency. We measured our times for almost everything we do because we are very big on:


Our Invitation To YOU

What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and CALL US NOW. An exciting world awaits you!

What are you waiting for. Pick up the phone and CALL US NOW. An exciting world awaits you!

There are many different factors that play into choosing the right school. We feel that the most important factor should be getting what you pay for. What you are paying for should be first-rate instruction and a friendly environment in which to learn. When you train at Third Law Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, now located in Naples / Fort Myers / Bonita Springs / Bonita Springs, Florida, you will be training under highly trained instructors who actually care about your progression and will try to personalize the techniques to your body type and style.

One thing that distinguishes our school from all of the others is our specialized system that we teach. This curriculum is one of the secrets to our team’s success. At most schools, the instructors teach whatever may pop into their heads each night for class. At Third Law Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, we have a roadmap to get you good as fast as possible. We are always developing new systems and streamlining existing ones to maximize effectiveness.

Rave Review

“Now that he has opened his own school I have no doubt in my mind that it is going to turn it into the best BJJ gym around.”

Danny Ives commnents on Third Law BJJ- Naples / Fort Myers / Bonita Springs / Bonita Springs, FL

First, I have to say congrats on the new school Roberto! Second, I wanted to tell everyone a little bit about Roberto and my experiences with him. I met Roberto a few years back at Cornell University when I was there for a seminar. After the seminar, I trained with everyone in the room including Roberto and when I left to go back home I remember thinking that one guy was super tough and was going be really good. Well, that guy turned out to be Roberto. When I get back home people asked me what I thought about the Cornell BJJ program and I told them to keep an eye out for this guy named Roberto Torralbas. Sure enough, Roberto started entering tournaments all over the nation. Many gold medals followed, and they haven’t stopped coming since then. I have known many great fighters and Roberto ranks right up there with the best of the best. His never-give-up attitude and his unbelievable technique separates him from the pack. Now that he has opened his own school I have no doubt in my mind that it is going to turn it into the best BJJ gym around. I know this is a bold statement, but that’s how great I think Roberto is. He is not just a great Jiu-Jitsu competitor but also a great coach and teacher. So just as I told people years ago to look out for Roberto Torralbas the fighter, now I tell them to look out for Roberto Torralbas the fighter….and the teacher!

Danny Ives Ivey League MMA Head Instructor Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt 15 x NAGA champion 3 x Copa Atlantica champion Grapplers Quest champion Victory at Valley Forge superfight champion 3 x NAGA super fight champion Grapplemania Champion Undefeated in MMA

Unlike other martial arts schools or fitness centers, the Third Law Brazilian Jiu Jitsu coaching staff is completely comprised of current competitors who have experience and the “know how” to ensure that you will benefit and reach your goals from working with the best in the area . Since we want to continue winning, we are always trying to keep up with the latest training methodologies and technique flows which we pass onto our students. We believe in setting short, intermediate, and long-term goals, and then putting a plan in place to reach each of these goals.

As we have developed our students’ abilities, we would like to do the same for you. We believe that martial arts presents a holistic approach to the development and building of moral character, grounded ethics, sportsmanship, and fair play. These intangibles, along with the ability to defend oneself, are immeasurable and beneficial to all individuals.

No matter if your interest is in fitness, self-defense, or just to have a great time, you’ll love our program. We’ve made it very easy for you to come in and try it out with our 30 DAYS FREE introductory offer. It’s NO-OBLIGATION and will give you a chance to see what a difference Third Law Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can make in your life.

To register for an introductory program do the following:

Pick up the phone and call us. If you’re a more tech-savvy person, just shoot us an e-mail at info[at] or use our Contact Us section. We’ll answer any additional questions that you may have and schedule a special time with our head instructor to work with you. You’ll be glad you did.

Thank you and we’ll see you soon.


Roberto Torralbas

Call Us Today To Start Your 30 Day FREE Trial!


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Still Not Convinced? Checkout This Positive Feedback From Our Students!

Ingrid Bartucciocommnents on Third Law BJJ- Naples / Fort Myers / Bonita Springs, FL

“My name is Ingrid I was looking to get in shape.I got so much more than that.”

My name is Ingrid I was looking to get in shape.I got so much more than that. In just 2 weeks I could tell a difference in my endurance as well as strength just from Roberto’s conditioning routine. Also,I am learning incredible self defence. BJJ teaches you how to fight on the ground it only makes sense that a female would want to learn this. Also I have met a lot of nice people, and I am part of a awesome team. I cant say enough good things about Roberto, and how comfortable and welcomed He has made me feel.”

Ingrid Bartuccio Nurse Practitioner, Naples, FL

“First and foremost I want to commend you on the great program you have in Third Law. I went to your gym not knowing what to expect. Wow! It by far exceeded my expectations.”

Abram Valdez Customer Service Representative, Naples, FL

“Fantastic school, constantly evolving,constantly growing… setting the pace here for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Southwest Florida by FAR!.”

Gary Waskovich Regional Sales and Marketing Manager, Naples, FL

“I can’t even to begin to explain the results I have experienced with this man’s incredible class…”

Hey everyone, my name is Jullian Rives. As of today, May 31 of 2007, I am 16 years old and I have been taking Roberto’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class for about a month and a half, closing in on two. I can’t even to begin to explain the results I have experienced with this man’s incredible class. The results I have reaped from this class are not only physical, but mental as well. I believe any form of the arts are mentally enlightening and teach you many life lessons and respect for others.

Through Roberto Torralbas’ class, I feel like I have become a better person, and a better martial artist as well. Roberto has been an amazing instructor and a wise figure for me to look up to during rough times in my life. He has made me and countless others feel like family when we come together to train. This man’s flawless technique, flow, and teaching ability has helped me grow so fast in BJJ and through his vigorous training alone, I have gained weight in muscle, starting the class at 155 pounds and right now currently being at 162 pounds.

From the moment I met him and took his class, I knew I couldn’t go wrong, or find anyone better to learn from than Roberto Torralbas. Thank you for giving me hope.

Jullian Rives commnents on Third Law BJJ- Naples / Fort Myers / Bonita Springs, FL

Jullian Rives High School Student Brazilian Jiu Jitsu White Belt NAGA White Belt Champion NAGA No-Gi Beginner Champion

Cheyenne Fraser High School Student Brazilian Jiu Jitsu White Belt

“It gives you a really good sense of a healthy lifestyle; you find your self making better decisions…”

Jeb Barrows High School Student Brazilian Jiu Jitsu White Belt

“I can’t believe the improvements I’ve made with muscle tone, endurance, and overall energy gained.”

Brooke Passmore commnents on Third Law BJJ- Naples / Fort Myers / Bonita Springs, FL

I have been training with Roberto at Third Law Jiu Jitsu for over a month now. In this short time, I can’t believe the improvements I’ve made with muscle tone, endurance, and overall energy gained. I first started taking Roberto’s class to get in shape and learn a few self-defense techniques… I’m gaining all of that and more! Roberto is an amazing motivator, extremely dedicated, and very knowledgeable about Jiu Jitsu. It is so much more fun than just going to the gym. Thank you for all of your support and welcoming me into your family Roberto!

Brooke Passmore commnents on Third Law BJJ- Naples / Fort Myers / Bonita Springs, FL

Brooke Passmore Brazilian Jiu Jitsu White Belt

“I have lost already almost 20 pounds!”

Rick A. Robison O.D. Optometric Physician Brazilian Jiu Jitsu White Belt

“Now at 52, I am in the best condition of my life since I was 21. Without a doubt BJJ saved my life!”

Mike Atkins commnents on Third Law BJJ- Naples / Fort Myers / Bonita Springs, FL

I started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu five years ago after a friend convinced me that I should try it. I was weighting about 250 pounds and was drinking too much. But shortly after starting BJJ, I broke my neck in a car accident and was told I would never be able to do BJJ again. Defying the odds, I was back on the mats, within four months after the accident. I used BJJ to get my weight down to 178 pounds and to rehab my neck. Now at 52, I am in the best condition of my life since I was 21. Without a doubt BJJ saved my life!

BJJ has also given me the opportunity to meet some very nice people. Roberto Torralbas is right at the top of the list! Training with him is a joy because of his contagious enthusiasm and the technical ability he brings to the mats. He is a reservoir of knowledge, and I love tapping into his technical know how. Obviously I cannot wait to go to Naples / Fort Myers / Bonita Springs, Florida to train with him.

I recommend BJJ with Roberto to anyone of any age who is interested in physical conditioning, meeting new and friendly people, and increasing his/her self esteem.

Michael Atkin Mechanical Engineer Technician 2006 World Champion 2006 Panamerican Champion

“I have always wanted to train in BJJ, but I never felt comfortable with some of the “ego-driven” instructors and their ways of training. That all changed when I walked into Roberto’s class…”

Third Law BJJ of Collier and Lee County Student Justen Nelsen

Hello, my name is Justen Nelsen and I began training with Roberto on May 1, 2007. I have always wanted to train in BJJ, but I never felt comfortable with some of the “ego-driven” instructors and their ways of training. That all changed when I walked into Roberto’s class. With Roberto you are not just another face you are in fact part of a family. All he asks is that you train hard, show respect, and take care of one another on the mats. This is honestly the hardest thing I have ever done in my life, but the rewards are incredible.

Through Roberto’s vigorous workouts I have developed flexibility, strength, and stamina that have all contributed to shedding weight (currently 10lbs.), and my confidence is at a level that I have never experienced before. I have become addicted to BJJ and I owe it all to Roberto and his passion for the sport. Each training session I am inspired to train harder and stronger then the previous in attempts at one day being able to hang with Roberto, but for now I will just continue to do my best and set aside the rest.

If you are thinking about joining the world of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, stop wasting time and call Roberto…your life will never be the same. Thanks Roberto.

Justen Nelsen Executive Chef Brazilian Jiu Jitsu White Belt

(Our Naples Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gym is located in South West Florida, distance to everyone in Collier County and Lee County that is Naples, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, Cape Coral, Estero, Marco Island, Naples Park,Fort Myers Beach,Immokalee, and the Everglades areas)

My family’s experience at Team Third Law was really great! It’s ran so well, very organized and structured. Everyone is always so friendly and ready to get down to business on the mats. For our first time at a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gym, Team Third Law has set the bar incredibly high!read more
Chelsea Saunders
Chelsea Saunders
01:00 11 Sep 21
My entire family has a membership to this gym. From 4 years old to 30 years old. The facility is top tier, the coaching staff are always friendly and professional, the community and curriculum they’ve built inside those 4 walls is complete and competitive. From your first day to your last you will always receive the highest level of instruction and advice. This gym is single-handedly creating intelligent, responsible and capable athletes. The lessons you learn will affect you positively both inside and outside of the gym. I cannot say enough great things about this gym and how much it will be missed when I move. If you’re in the area and looking to learn train and grow as an athlete and an individual you’re doing yourself a disservice by not going to Third Law.Two thumbs up.10/105 more
Kasey Saunders
Kasey Saunders
18:08 07 Sep 21
Great facility and amazing staff. It’s a small family business and that’s how they treat my son just like family. Not only do they have an amazing martials program but they also include imporance of life skills and habits. So happy we chose more
Angela Ruiz
Angela Ruiz
22:21 12 Jul 21
I was visiting Naples on a business trip. I considered a few other schools to visit, but I didn't receive a welcoming vibe from the other schools. I called Team Third Law Academy and was invited to attend the class for that evening. I had a long day of meetings, and was running late so I called and let them know I wouldn't make it, I didn't want to disrupt their class, but they insisted that I was still welcome and that I come. Once I arrived, I was greeted at the door by coach Formica who immediately invited me onto the mat, and introduced me to an awesome training partner. The coach was thorough, my partner was considerate, I had a great time. After class, I had an opportunity to roll with coach Formica and Professor Roberto Torralbas. They were both tough skilled BJJ practitioners. Everyone at the school was welcoming. They told me continually, that they were my home away from home.If you live in the Naples are make this your home! Visit this school before you commit to any other school in your region. Professor Torralbas and his wife are graduates of Cornell University, and have an after school program geared providing a value added academically enriching opportunity for youth.Make sure you visit them before you decide on a BJJ school in the Naples area. You will love it!!!read more
Joshua Stroud
Joshua Stroud
14:24 30 Apr 21
I did two-a-days for a week and it was the best martial arts experience I've ever had. Master Roberto and Coach Joe are excellent, balancing theory and practice with a high attention to detail. Very attentive to all students regardless of skill level. I fully expect to travel across the country many more times just to train more
Taylor Shields
Taylor Shields
14:30 25 Apr 21
This school is fantastic. So welcoming and kind. I only saw a week's worth of curriculum but that was excellent. The coaches are all very skilled and great instructors. If you're looking to grapple in Naples, you've found the more
Patrick Price
Patrick Price
22:29 05 Apr 21
World class instruction. I travel from Portland Oregon to Naples to train under Roberto Torralbas and Joe Formica. The community is extremely inviting and very ready to train hard. The school is always incredibly clean as well. Could not recommend more
Jordan Stanton
Jordan Stanton
22:46 04 Apr 21
I dropped in while visiting Naples and absolutely loved this gym. Roberto teaches sequences based on what your opponent is giving you, not just static moves. I felt like I learned a ton in the two hours I got to train there. Gym was clean and everyone was super welcoming, can’t wait to go back next time I’m in more
Ben Shachter
Ben Shachter
17:49 29 Mar 21
Had a wonderful time training at Team Third Law Academy while visiting Naples. The coaches and other students were warm, friendly and welcoming. The teaching was excellent and showed a high depth of knowledge. I recommend the school highly!read more
Kritis Dasgupta
Kritis Dasgupta
21:31 15 Mar 21
Third Law is a wonderful small family business and a great part of the larger jiu-jitsu family. They have formed a very welcoming and highly competent community of coaches and more
Kellyn Ryan-Eyde
Kellyn Ryan-Eyde
16:08 18 Jan 21
Team Third law is the best martial arts academy around. They do it all Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling, kickboxing etc. The kids after school program is excellent as well. Highly more
Andy Martinez
Andy Martinez
19:23 09 Jan 21
Team Third Law has been nothing but a great experience for myself and my son. My son started when he was 4, and I am his 38 year old mom. We both love that we are able to learn and experience the sport of BJJ together!!read more
Tanya P
Tanya P
19:31 05 Dec 20
I am a mother of 3 kids and I have been using their services for the past 3 years. All I have to say is that they have been phenomenal, they have treated my kids as their own and have been extremely responsible with everything that they do and offer. The facility is extremely well kept and it’s honestly such a joy to see my kids burn off some energy and most importantly have the time of their life with so many of their friends that they have made because of the teams. I recommend them to everyone because I truly stand by what they are for and i wouldn’t be writing this review if I didn’t. Y lo mejor de todo es que hablan español 10/10!!read more
My husband and I signed up our very energetic but shy 6 year old sons. We needed aftercare for them but with constructive guidance and discipline while learning a sport. We were pleasantly surprised when we went in for orientation to note that they do pickup from school and help with homework. The added perk is that they are available and open to you on early release days and days when schools are closed. As very busy working parents this Academy is a life saver. My younger son was extremely shy and would not initially participate in activities. Coach Joe was very encouraging and patient with him and now he loves his Martial Arts. Not only are our children safe but they are very happy and disciplined while learning lessons that will aid them not only with academics but with life in general. My very introverted sons are now more extroverted chatterboxes. I highly recommend Third Law Academy, Master Roberto, Coach Katy, Coach Joe and Ms. Mila are a Godsend for those of us without family support.Gillian and Miguelread more
01:55 26 Nov 20
Hands down the best BJJ & martial arts academy around. Master & Coaches r great with the students & children’s after school & summer camps. They r 110% devoted & so passionate for everyone’s success in their class & in life. Love the life lessons that r taught, as well as the martial arts. Our child has been attending almost 5 years now! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!read more
Amy Tull-Pronovost
Amy Tull-Pronovost
21:43 25 Nov 20
just took my first ever BJJ class, excellent coaching and very welcoming environment. Be prepared for the work out of your life .will defiantly come more
Josh Mcfalls
Josh Mcfalls
11:28 28 Sep 20
Super Friendly and Super Accommodating! Third Law is great about giving folks a chance to check it out and really get acquainted without pressure or hefty fees. They even have a free 30 day trial! Big, spacious facility and great equipment, main work is BJJ and Muay Thai for adults, and they do a lot of great work for kids and with junior programs. You guys rock!read more
04:12 12 Jun 20
I started going to Team Third Law for martial arts training, and was welcomed by the students and staff. They have expansive facilities and are thoroughly equipped to teach adults as much as they are willing to learn. As soon as my wife and I felt our son was ready, he too was enrolled, and if I thought the adult program was great, the kids programs are over the top. The level at which the instructors are able to engage the children is staggering. My wife and I are very impressed. Since then, I have also started to do strength training and my wife intends to enroll in martial arts as well. Couldn't recommend Team Third Law enough!read more
Adrian Martinez
Adrian Martinez
19:50 20 Apr 20
I can’t express enough how great team third law is. I have my son is the Academic program and Martial Arts program. The academic program has help my son improved in school and my son love marital program. He always looks forwards coming here. I highly recommend this more
Destiny Perez
Destiny Perez
21:55 28 Oct 19
love this place! instructors really want you to learn techniques and why the moves are effective. great way to stay in shape and meet people with similar interests as opposed to just going to a gymread more
Kimberly Coplon
Kimberly Coplon
20:46 27 Aug 19
I've been a member for about seven months now; and this is by and far the best 'gym' experience I have ever had. Master Roberto's method of teaching and emphasis on technique and learning is an excellent basis to easily learn the basics of BJJ, Boxing, Muy Thai or any of the other sports that are trained. Coaches Katy and Joe truly do an excellent job of Customer Service. Assisting and supporting you through your journey in the Art of Combat Sports. Finally, the people are just as fantastic. This IS NOT an all out, stereotypical, gym. The environment is family-friendly, inviting, open, and everyone is focused on helping each other master the concepts being drilled. I happily and highly recommend this gym to anyone looking to more
12:24 21 May 19
Best jiu jitsu school I have trained at.
Santiago Bojanic
Santiago Bojanic
19:20 01 May 19
I visited for the first time last night, everyone was extremely nice and welcoming. The technique was very good and detail oriented. I'll definitely be back and would recommend it to anyone who is thinking about trying Jiu-Jitsu or visiting an academy that welcomes visitors without more
Devin Jones
Devin Jones
12:13 11 Jan 19
I was in town for a couple of days and absolutely needed a place to train. Team Third Law opened their doors and as soon as warm ups started Coach Joey made me feel like part of the family. I have trained all over the country and I can say that the techniques thought at Third Law is some of the best. I was very impressed by how well the coaches can break down the moves so that everyone at all levels of the sport can pick them up no problem. Next time i'm back in area i'll definitely be stopping more
Brandon Friedman
Brandon Friedman
21:41 17 Dec 18
Our children have been with Master Roberto, Coach Katy and Team Third Law for over 5 years now. Team Third Law is a great partner who reinforces what we strive to teach at home. They not only help our kids stay strong physically but also mentally. I appreciate these professionals and completely trust them with our more
Mai Huynh-Le
Mai Huynh-Le
15:07 01 Oct 18
My experience at Team third Law has been life changing. My son has been training at Third Law for many years now and school has always seems to be improving, even when you think it has it all Master Roberto always find something to add to make the school better. They have top class instructors that make you feel welcome and really know how to explain things so their students keep improving. Team Third Law is not just a team we are a more
Mabel Munguia
Mabel Munguia
22:41 30 Sep 18
My son Cory has attended Third Law for 6 years now. Starting as a little ninja and is now on the kids competition team. He was in the after school program. He went to summer camp many times. He has made many great friends and has been mentored by all of the awesome instructors! They are great people! Every facet of training in Jiu Jitsu and mentoring in life lessons has made a huge and positive impact on him. As a single mother I can’t stress how grateful i am for their presence and genuine interest in how my son grows and develops into manhood. Team Third Law absolutely rocks!!!!! M Cannanread more
Flappy The Frog
Flappy The Frog
19:15 30 Sep 18
Third Law should become your Jiu Jitsu home. The instruction is top-notch, the atmosphere is family (with everyone helping each other succeed.) You will get in the best shape of your life and you will learn to do things that you never thought you more
Scott Kinney
Scott Kinney
18:29 28 Sep 18
A fantastic judo dojo! All of the instructors are high level, and very friendly. Great place for all ages to learn Martial arts and make friends in a safe more
shinjiro sasaki
shinjiro sasaki
04:33 28 Sep 18
Such a great program for our kids and family. Would recommend to any parent interested in having their child maintain a healthy physical lifestyle.
William Ivan
William Ivan
23:45 27 Sep 18
Great place for beginners and advanced students. Instruction is simplified, but still includes great in depth details which is key in BJJ. Highly suggest for anybody in the Naples, FL area to check it out when looking for a place to train, learn self-defense, or simply get into shape!read more
09:34 22 Aug 18
As I'm from another country I really felt welcome. I was helped by Cathy and I got everything I needed to know so I could properly start. Didn't even bring a Gi with me but it was no hassle whatsoever.The class was a good combination of well rounded people and some new guys. As I'm a white belt myself I didn't feel uncomfortable at any point. Lot of mutual respect between the students. Our coaches and professor demonstrated a lot of knowledge and were able to make us combine a lot of techniques. At the end we mastered a couple of new moves and practiced some varieties on them. Very nice group, amazing atmosphere and super nice facilities. Would definitely recommend it!read more
Martin Hoving
Martin Hoving
21:03 27 May 18
Coach Katy, Coach Joey, and Coach Noah all made the tiny ninjas program fun, and kept our son Eli excited for each and every class. They always kept the classes engaging, fresh, and positive for the kids. Our son loved the new theme of the month (like teamwork, family, or manners to name a few) to work on and strive for new stripes on his belt and he made lots of new friends in the more
Eli Max
Eli Max
19:35 26 May 18
We are 4 months in and our son loves this place. They don't just teach Jiu Jitsu - the classes incorporate life lessons about respect, discipline, family, etc. The staff and teachers are EXCELLENT - we highly more
Jason Hodge
Jason Hodge
16:41 17 May 18
Joining Team Third Law was the best decision I have made since moving to Naples. It is exactly what I was looking for in a martial arts school. On top of having a great adults program, the kids programming is exceptional as well. If I had kids they would be in this program as soon as they were old enough. I refer friends to the kids program for their children. I would refer Team Third Law to anyone who's looking to compete, to someone just looking to learn some self defense skills. It has an element for everyone, without the intimidation factor that you find at other facilities. This is a warm, but hardworking environment .read more
Carly DuCharme
Carly DuCharme
13:16 09 Mar 18
Thanks so much for the awesome class and for letting me drop in while I’m in town. I had a great time here today. Very friendly and welcoming. I greatly appreciate that. Looking forward to coming back soon!!read more
Alexander Straus
Alexander Straus
19:34 07 Mar 18
Love this place. They are great with kids, teach the basics of jujitsu while also instilling great values and life lessons.
Oscar Nieves
Oscar Nieves
21:53 06 Mar 18
I visited the gym while visiting Naples to book some private lessons with coach Joey. I was not only impressed with my training with coach Joey but also with their group classes. I was welcomed as soon as I walked in the gym, the atmosphere was outstanding, felt like I have been training there for years; the way Master Roberto lays out the lesson plan and teaches is amazing. This is a family oriented gym and that I was why I also decided to bring my kids for privates which they loved! Well done Team Third Law, will be back as soon as I return to Naples!read more
fernando tito
fernando tito
18:31 04 Jan 18
My son and I were visiting from out of town over the holidays and needed a place for him to train since he's a varsity high school wrestler in California. Katy and Joey were super friendly and very accommodating, letting us work out for a few days. The facilities were great - exactly what we needed as wrestlers to help us get in a good work out. Perfect temperature in the room where we trained, making for a nice soft mat, and they had plenty of other great amenities. Thanks guys!!read more
Max Winkler
Max Winkler
19:08 02 Jan 18
Very impressed by facility and coaching staff! Respectful and professional from staff to participants. No attitudes just a sincere focus on fun and more
Jim Graham
Jim Graham
14:10 31 Dec 17
This academy is amazing! I have trained all over the US and not only is this facility very professional and well kept, The Third Law academy exceeded my expectations for hospitality and most importantly instruction. Prof. Roberto treated me like his own student even though I was a guest and showed some really cool techniques. Can't wait to come back next time I'm in town!read more
22:30 22 Nov 17
It's been an amazing experience training at Team Third Law. It's a very clean, friendly, welcoming atmosphere. The coaches are all great at breaking down techniques in an understandable way. I'm proud to call this my BJJ more
Mario Melucci
Mario Melucci
23:01 08 Nov 17
11/3/17 Visiting Naples on vacation. I received recommendation to try Third Law BJJ. I found Friendly and inviting staff with detailed instruction. Got some excellent rolls in. I would highly recommend this school for training. Larry B/ Purple beltread more
Lawrence B
Lawrence B
21:42 03 Nov 17
When you first walk in to Third Law Academy the atmosphere is amazing. The staff is very humble and go out of their way to insure you understand everything that is taught. If you are looking for a gym in this area I would recomend this place. I hope to one day be in this area again so that I can train here more
Eric Willyerd
Eric Willyerd
13:38 01 Nov 17
I visited the gym when I was in town for work. I had an absolute blast! The instructor showed some great techniques and his method of instruction was well received by the class. From the second we walked through the door, we were greeted and accepted as if we had been training there for years. I’m definitely hoping more trips to FL are in my future! I highly recommend this club!!!read more
john hodges
john hodges
21:10 31 Oct 17
While visiting family in Ft. Myers Beach I contacted Third Law Academy to continue my BJJ journey. I was welcomed by Coach Joey and attended two of his 12 o'clock classes. Great experience! Coach Joey was very knowledgeable and taught the classes in a very structured manner that even an old man white belt like myself could follow. Also had the privilege of meeting Master Roberto and Coach Katy. Awesome program run by awesome folks!!read more
Robert Sanborn
Robert Sanborn
10:46 30 Sep 17
I was in town for a few days and was able to drop in for a night. The school was large and well lit, with a lot of mat space. The instructor was extremely welcoming as was the team, and I felt included in everything. I was having some trouble with the finer details of some of the technique, as my home gym uses a much different guard-passing system, and a brown belt helping with the class took the time come over and point out where I was going wrong. At the end of class I got to roll with a blue belt (same as me) and he was extremely tough with an awesome bottom half guard, which I could not pass to save my life. The instructors invited me back the next day, but I could not due to time constraints. Overall, I was very impressed, and had a great time training at third more
Devin Ringwald
Devin Ringwald
14:09 17 Aug 17
Third Law is a great place to train in Naples. I had the pleasure of visiting while on vacation. Coach Kathy started with the grand tour of this sprawling facility with three separate mat areas. Roberto Torralbas teaches a very detailed beginners class followed by rolling and advanced (which could have gone to 1am and most often does). I had a blast rolling with both Coaches Joey and Joe. They pushed the pace to make sure I stayed on track for my upcoming Fight to Win match. I'll be back more
Chad Fields
Chad Fields
20:12 06 Jul 17
So jealous of guys and gals that get to call this place home. I stopped in with my girlfriend while traveling to train BJJ and they couldn't possibly have been more hospitable. The facility itself is very clean with tons of mat space but the most impressive part was the level of instruction from both Roberto and Joe. I have trained at a lot of different gyms while on the road and this is one I will make an effort to return to. Rolling with Roberto and Joe made me feel like a white belt again, in the best possible way. There is no better training this side of Florida, and so close to the beach too!read more
Luke Franchock
Luke Franchock
09:40 12 Apr 17
I was visiting from out of town and stopped in for a roll. Let me tell you that this was one of the best run schools that I've ever attended. The instructors were exceptional and the students were welcoming. I highly recommend Team Third Law Academy!!!read more
Matt Short
Matt Short
19:54 08 Apr 17
Was visiting the area from Minnesota and wanted to get some training in. I called and Katie invited me to stop in. No charge, just come by. I walked in and literally every single person greeted me with a handshake or a pound. Joe the instructor was super friendly and was kind enough to grapple with me at the end of class. Really great experience and I hope to swing through next time I'm in the area. Great place. read more
Dan Galvin
Dan Galvin
21:00 24 Mar 17
I will never forget the day that Mario and I found out about team third law and we had our first orientation. I thought we were just going to watch a video and just fill some papers . boy was I wrong ! From the very first day we were introduced to the mats and some starter techniques and of course I was freaking out. We always went to the gym and worked out before but this sport just seemed scary but we gave it a try . Let me tell you these are the friendliest down to earth people I have ever met and they made us feel just at home . If you have never done any sports before don't worry they will have patience with you because I know coach Katy and Master Roberto have had more than enough patience with me and you will never feel pressured or embarrassed . I can honestly say team third law blessed us and opened the door to many opportunities and great more
Diana Cruz
Diana Cruz
02:10 12 Mar 17