Teens Ages 13-17

Discover How You Can Influence Your Teens Life… Before It Is Too Late…

Attention Parents: This is your last chance to give your child the opportunity to get an education that is not thoughts in our school system. Lets face it, teens are difficult to deal with and the main reason is because they are going through a really difficult transition in their lives. The harsh truth is that most parents have their hands full with bills and jobs, and that most teachers in middle schools and high schools are underpaid, burned out, unmotivated, and lack the freedom to put effort into your son or daughter and make sure they stay on the right path throughout this difficult stage. Here are some things your son or daughter will face throughout these years (this is the harsh truth, so I apologized if this is hard to hear for some parents).

  • yellow-triangle Puberty, Obesity, Inadequacy of their changing bodies
  • yellow-triangle Relationships and Heart Breaks
  • yellow-triangle Sex
  • yellow-triangle Internet and Social Media Influences
  • yellow-triangle Media Influences
  • yellow-triangle Bad Influences from Peers
  • yellow-triangle Bullying ( Please read below)
  • yellow-triangle Applying to College
  • yellow-triangle Drugs
  • yellow-triangle Self Confidence and Insecurities
  • yellow-triangle Skipping School
  • yellow-triangle Grades Drop
  • yellow-triangle Disobedience and Rebellion
  • yellow-triangle Aggressive Behaviors and/or Frustration of not yet being an adult but wanting to have adult freedoms
  • yellow-triangle Opportunity to get college credit
  • yellow-triangle First jobs
  • yellow-triangle And so much more…

it is truly a difficult age, and your worst enemy thought out this time is their free time to get in all sorts of trouble.

The problem is that by this time in their lives 99% of teens have become immune to the advise of their parents( Discipline, Good Grades, Hard Work). Don’t worry is not your fault, the reason is very simple, they have been hearing the same advice for over 10 years and it has lost its effect. Unfortunately for youthis might be the last opportunity to make sure they get on track, or if they are on track this is the home stretch and you need to make sure they do not deviate from the path. Read closely:

“One bad decision can completely affect the chances of your child getting into college, or pursuing ambitious goals with all the time they currently have in their lives”

I see it all the time, great kids falling victims to the bad influences of their peers. Troubled teens disrespecting their parents, girls getting pregnant, not applying to colleges in time and losing out on scholarships. Using drugs, drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes… it is truly a mess. The bad things that used to happen in college are now happening in middle schools!

FACT: Whatever you think your child is doing that’s bad, the reality is probably a lot worse!Why is this true…look, rock and roll wasn’t that bad compared to what is on the radio now but to the parents of the teens listening to rock and roll the world was coming to an end. You have heard what’s on the radio … it has all the right beats, but the songs are full of hate, violence and profanity, nasty profanity.

Forgive me for being so blunt but this is the sad reality we are fighting against. You will struggle controlling their friends, and what they do on their free time, what they see in the internet, they look at themselves as adults and want to act freely even though they don’t quite yet understand the re-precautions of playing with fire. I have made the following line famous at my school with all the parents:

“You can’t control their friends, but you sure can control their environment”- Roberto Torralbas

Teens will make friends no matter were we put them, they will make choices, but if we introduce them to positive environments the number of bad choices they can make diminish and the worst friends they could make in a great environment will be a lot better than the average friend of a bad environment, this I can guarantee as I personally experienced this. Read my story below.

Fortunately for you we are very aware of this fact at Team Third Law , and that’s why everyday we work to make all of our program better, and able to help more people’s life.

Our Teens Program works in two ways:

  • yellow-triangle It encourages teens that are doing awesome in school to raise their standards and go onto top level universities,get high SAT’s scores and AP classes, and so much more
  • yellow-triangle If your teen is in need of discipline, and needs to be taught respect,and be put in the right track…we are very good at THOUGH LOVE as well

Our program does not play around with teens. It runs on strict discipline. We have learned over the years that sometimes all these rebellious teens need is a different voice from their parent to guide them and tell them what they need to do to get ahead in life in a realistic, down-to-earth manner. We will teach them three amazing martial arts Brazilialian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai Kickboxing, and Wrestling, which will catch their attention and focus them for three simple reasons:

This Is Why Your Teen Will Listen To Us!

You may be wondering how will get you teen to follow our advice when he currently may listen to no one. Great Question!

1. The truth is what we do is really cool and I am talking about the activity itself!

They will be amazed of how easily they will be able to defeat larger opponents with technique and gain confidence in their own ability to stand on their own (addressing that insecurity that we included as one of the challenges they face that we listed above). They will lose weight, gain muscle, develop the always-wanted six pack and athletic bodies they see in the movies, giving them even more confidence (and physical health).

2. We have been working with teens and children for over 4 years and after hundreds of kids we have the equation down!

Team Third Law is an always changing and adapting environment. Every students we get teaches us something about our teaching methodology and we adapt and improve every system we have with all the feedback we get. After having taught kids for over 4 years of all ages we and analyzing all the feedback have developed a very good system for teaching them.

3. The environment is Exciting, Classes are Never Dull or Boring, Always Learning new concepts and Ideas.

4. Our staff is young.

5. Real Talk – no beating around the bush

6. I personally had difficult teen years so I can relate to their challenges and struggle. Please read my story below!

Let Me Introduce Myself and Tell You My About My Teenage Years

…and how they served me to now be able to help your teen


Roberto Torralbas Competing at the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) World Championships 2011

Instructor Roberto Torralbas Competing at the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Championships 2011

Dear Parent,

My name is Roberto Torralbas and I’d like to thank you for visiting my website. I’m glad you came, because I’m on an unstoppable mission to help as many people in teens in Collier and Lee County experience the benefits of our programs.

I’m passionate when it comes to teens. I really can relate to them. It is a very challenging age for all of them and one bad step can completely set them back in life.

I was born in Cuba and came to the United States when I was 10 with my mother, leaving all my family behind seeking a better future. Life in Cuba as I remember was very much different than in the United States ,I learned a lot from the streets,no video games, no ipads, no electricity ;). The discipline taught at school was super strict, and my mother never cared fro B’s if I didn’t bring home A’s I was in big trouble.

When I came to the United States at the age of ten as a political refugee, life still had it challenges. My mother work 2 and 1/2 jobs and donated blood every other day to help us get by. We moved from tiny studios/efficiencies around 10 times in the first 4 years.No one wanted to rent to a mother and child because it was more costly electricity wise than a single occupant.

I am keeping the story super short, because I want you to learn a bit about the person who will change your teens life forever.

In the United States as soon as I turned 13 I got a construction Job on the side to help my mother. I used to get payed 5 dollars an hour, the work was super rough, but it was illegal to hire 13 year old and that was my only opportunity to contribute to our house hold. My mother never remarried so it was always me and her against the struggle.

I attended Miami Senior High School, which at the time was a GRADED A “D” Level school. Some of my Cuban friends from Middles School starting going off to the wrong path, drugs, fights, skipping school, and other illegal activities. I had and have so much respect for my mother than I found ways to CAREFULLY disassociate from this group.

I really like math at the time and sports so I started concentrating on a dream of going to MIT ( Massachusetts Institute of Technology) the #1 school in engineering in the world!

The Bachelor Diplomas of Roberto Torralbas and his wife Katy Torralbas who also graduated from Cornell University and also teaches and competes in BJJ at blue belt. Your teen would have access to their academic influence.

I took every single AP (Advanced Placement) class my school offered, and when i had taken all of them I went to Miami Dade College and Florida International University and by the time I finished with high schools had also finished every single Math and Physics class these two campuses offer to college students going for their bachelors.

It was a sad day when I got declined by MIT! It really broke my heart. Nevertheless I said to myself I will attend the best school I get accepted to. That was Cornell University ranked #6 at the times by the U.S News Magazine Ranking System. Cornell was rough and challenging even though I was one of the best students in Florida at Cornell I was at best average.

I was also broke Cornell is expensive and obviously I was on my own, my mother with two security officer jobs could not afford a school that was about $50,000 dollars a year.

I ended up being homeless TWICE at Cornell, suffering huge pains from not having any money to remove my wisdom teeth, and starving . Really a crazy story , but I most move on. I graduated with a 3.3 GPA with a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

At Cornell I was introduced to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and I felt in love with this beautiful art. I trained through out my 4 college years and after college when I took my first engineering job I knew my heart was with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I followed my now wife to Naples, FL and I started team Third Law and the rest is history. The best decision of my life as I am now happy as a pig in the mud ;).

Life has blessed me with a difficult path, and now the ability to influence the life of children and specially teens. I look at them and I know:

  • yellow-triangle Their counselors won’t tell them all they need to know to get into their dream school.
  • yellow-triangle They wont know how to get into AP classes or study and take the SATS
  • yellow-triangle They will be put in social situations where drugs are involved
  • yellow-triangle They will think being a “player” ( womanizer) is a good thing due to the influences of the media
  • yellow-triangle The girls will feel pressure when it comes to relationships and see other girls having sex and dressing scandalous.
  • yellow-triangle They could end up in violent confrontations, by bullies or gangs

I see all of this and I know I can LOGICALLY understand why they need to take the road less traveled. At team Third Law I will make their minds strong by the Martial Arts training we offer. They will become discipline about their bodies and about their minds. Every day I am on a mission to constantly make Team Third Law the best environment you could get your teen involved in. Martial Arts when aught and done right have nothing in comparison. The way our program works is simple:

  • yellow-triangle First they will learn how to defend themselves, train hard, control their bodies, they will experience hard work as athletes, exhaustion. It is very important for teens to discover what hard work is and how far they can push themselves.
  • yellow-triangle Second they will develop and be taught mental toughness that will allow them to exert themselves more every day pass a new point. It is very important for them to understand that when the going gets though” When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”
  • yellow-triangle Third they will develop discipline in their training all the way from etiquette and attendance all the way through patience and serenity during live training. It is very important for them to understand that without discipline success will be limited in every area of life.
  • yellow-triangle Fourth they will learn to transfer thus discipline and respect for their training to the valuabel things in life: family, academic work, responsibility, etc.. They will learn not to respect the bad things media pushes on them everyday. It is important fro their success in the martial arts to transfer to their success in the world.

I look forward to having you teen in my class and guiding him for his/her future success!

Roberto Torralbas Head Instructor, and Owner of Team Third Law

What are you Waiting for Give Us a Call Right Now...Don't Procastinate.

Team Third Law Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA and Children Martial Arts – 2033 Pine Ridge Rd Unit 4 Naples, FL 34109

Better Than Sports, and any other Activty Our Program is Designed Give All The Tools Your Teen Will Need To Be Successful

When was the last time you heard that your local middle school or high school had a class where they taught respect, discipline, honesty and integrity… We follow two pillars when teaching anyone at our school:

  • yellow-triangle Build the individual the citizen then the athlete.
  • yellow-triangle Honor, Respect, Discipline, then martial arts.

You will catch me saying this many times through a year…I build this two phrases two remind me of what our goals are as an academy. The truth is we don’t consider our selves a martial arts school, but an Institute of Personal Development through the Martial arts. You always hear that its the responsibility the parents to teach such things, but personally I know that some parents work around the clock, and there is very little time left in the day. Before you know it kids are all grown up in the blink of an eye. I much rather have a class at our high schools that focused on respect, discipline, honesty and integrity that focused on this at school rather than some garbage your son or daughter will never used. Luckily for you I am very passionate about our youth and I tell you why in the message below: I promise you this: Our school will:

Teens Doing Muay Thai Kickboxing Sparring with Instructors , Naples, FL

Teens Hitting the Thai Padis in Muay Thai Class!

  • yellow-triangle teach your child discipline
  • yellow-triangle teach your child the value ad meaning of hard work
  • yellow-triangle teach your child manners
  • yellow-triangle teach your child to value the efforts of his parents
  • yellow-triangle teach your child to be a strong adult before hi peers
  • yellow-triangle inform you child about the college , advance placement classes, and the application process
  • yellow-triangle set high standards for your child in their academics and their behavior
  • yellow-triangle give your child Monthly Assignments designed by Ivy League Graduates (these assignments are eye-opening assignments that teach very important lessons. I guarantee you, your son or daughter is not getting this education at their school.)
Monthly Homework Assigments

Monthly Homework Assigments

  • yellow-triangle teach your child realistic self defense skills that will help them from any form of attack..
  • yellow-triangle get your child in superior athletic shape
  • yellow-triangle raise your child self esteem and confidence
  • yellow-triangle have your child showing you the highest level of respect.
  • yellow-triangle teach your child how to handle competition and stress
  • yellow-triangle teach Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • yellow-triangle teach Muay Thai
  • yellow-triangle teach Boxing
  • yellow-triangle teach Wrestling
  • yellow-triangle teach Judo
  • yellow-triangle So many more important lessons that can get them through this period while achieving high grades and getting them ready for adult life.
Traits of Three Percenters - Team Third Law

Traits of Character we will teach your teen in our martial arts classes in Naples, FL

Our school will demand

  • yellow-triangle Strict Discipline
  • yellow-triangle Hard Work
  • yellow-triangle No Excuses
  • yellow-triangle Respect
  • yellow-triangle Taking Responsibility for their own Actions
  • yellow-triangle Humility
  • yellow-triangle The Problems of Egos

Don’t Let Your Teen Become Another Case Of Bullying Violence

WARNING …harsh footage below: this is hard to watch, but if you have kids that go to elementary school, middle school, or high school – I recommend you take a look and stomach your way through this video… because how would you feel if you saw this video and it was YOUR child getting their head caved in, along with their teeth swallowed? THIS is real life. Even worse, God forbid… imagine if your child was murdered in school by another kid… and imagine if all of this could have been avoided with martial arts training… notice the position the kids were in is the “guard” position – a normal position of mixed martial arts. A couple of days ago I saw a pretty disgusting video of a gang of hooded teens beating on one defenseless teen and posted it on the website. It was disgusting and revolting. I received a lot of feedback from concerned people wondering if the kids were caught. To ease your minds, yes, the police caught ALL the kids. I got some feedback from people noticing how all the kids, despite all their sucker punches and kicks, were not able to knock out the boy. A few people made the correct observation, which is if that boy knew martial arts, he probably could have fought off those attackers, although they outnumbered, because despite their numbers, none of those kids were able to generate enough power to knock him out. However, one person replied, “Well, that didn’t seem so bad, all he got was a bloody nose…” Not everyone in high school throws pity pat punches… here is a more disgusting and SERIOUS video… I have to warn you, I’m not sure this boy survived this beating, whenever someone gets stomped on their head while unconscious over concrete, I imagine death is a serious possibility – and YES, this happened IN SCHOOL, in front of everyone.

How would you feel if you saw this video and it was YOUR child getting their head caved in, along with their teeth swallowed? THIS is real life. Even worse, God forbid… imagine if your child was murdered in school by another kid… and imagine if all of this could have been avoided with martial arts training… notice the position the kids were in is the “guard” position – a normal position of mixed martial arts. I cannot emphasize the importance of teaching your kids and teens martial arts so that they can first avoid conflict all together by having the right mental skills and confidence to do so -and then not getting into a position to potentially be killed. As a parent, if you don’t watch this video, you might as well stick your head in the sand and pretend nothing like this could happen to your child. This is another reason why I think that in today’s world that parents should consider martial arts a mandatory activity for their kids. Furthermore, the discipline, ethics, and culture of a martial arts school will outwork the average sport team (soccer, baseball, cheer leading, etc.) and the martial arts has an AMAZING documented safety record compared the the majority of high school sports (Cheer leading is actually considered the most dangerous statistically according to many experts). I was the victim of a beating similar to this when I was 15 and seeing this video brings back those original feelings and I’m glad with my decision. Don’t just get angry about the video… create action with the emotion and get your children enrolled into a martial arts school today. If you are from the Collier and Lee County Area, fill out your information above and we’ll call you with more information about our 30 Day Free Trial. Here is the video of teen getting jumped

Finally a Legitimate Martial Arts and Self-Defense Program That Produces Results CONSTANTLY

ALejandro winning his first Bjj tournament

Here is one of our studenst winning his first BJJ tournament after 6 months of training an getting silver in the intermediate division . We have an amazing BJJ curriculum your teen will love!

The Best BJJ Team In Naples, FL

Nick Bringing Back Medals In His First Tournament

Christian Brings Back Gold In His First BJJ Tournament

Jared Second Place in First BJJ Tournament

Tony and Scottie cleaning out their divisions.

Crystal Wins Double Gold at Intermediate and Blue Belt Adult Division

Try Us Risk FREE: We are the ONLY School to offer a 30-Day Free Trial!

One thing all Lloyd Irvin schools have in common is that we all are extremely confident about the program we run and the quality of our instruction. For this reason we literally will do everything in our power to have you try our program. No matter how experience you are, no matter how new you are to the sport, WE GUARANTEE YOU that you will revolutionize your ground game in ways you never thought possible.

Welcome to Third Law Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Naples / Fort Myers / Bonita Springs FLorida 30 DAY FREE TRIAL

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There is nothing that should keep you from giving our program a shot. I Guarantee You that you will love our program from the moment you walk into our facility. If you’re a beginner to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) I must warn you about a few things. Most importantly you should know that schools are not created equally, and it is very important that you make an educated decision before picking a school. That is why am giving you 30 days to compare and decide the right place for you. Our goal is to have a friendly atmosphere, a great team. We don’t like egos, as a matter of fact one of our goals is to have produced elite black belts and that’s where our Combat Club comes in. Hopefully in a near future you will be there surrounded by other Third Law Black Belts. If you don’t think you enjoy a friendly atmosphere, a team spirit, and people that will go out of their way to make you the best grappler you can be, then this may not be the place for you, but if you are serious about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu so are we and there nothing that should keep you from giving our program a try in sunny Naples / Fort Myers / Bonita Springs, Florida.


Take Action Today!

Teens Tired After A Hard Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Class in Naples, FL

Well, enough said … now the ball is on your court. Fill the form below and get our free gifts … we will give you a call…but if you are a person who prefers fast action, then pick up the phone right now and give us a call….It will take a huge weight off your shoulders!


Roberto Torralbas Head Instructor, and Owner of Team Third Law

P.S Check my challenge to you below:

Can I mentor your Teen? My 50 Dollar Bet!

My program is much much more than just a Martial Arts program, I’m 100% dedicated to helping the teens of my community succeed in life and I have decided to get you through our doors and see what we can do for your teen! Not to be cocky, but I’m addicted to winning and I see this as a competition to help every teen that I come in contact with to not only help them get in great shape, learn how to defend themselves but also learn how to start businesses, how to network and so many things that they will have no chance on learning in traditional schools. I’m so dedicated to it that I want you to see it for yourself and I’m willing to BRIBE YOU. Here’s what I want you to do.

  1. Call the school right now and set an appointment to come in with you teen.
  2. Come in and take a tour of our facility.
  3. Enroll in my 30 day free trial program for teens, there is nothing to sign or buy other than a waiver form.


See Your Teen Transform In Front Of Your Eyes in Naples, FL

Please Please Please take me up on this,I have so many teens that have been with me for well over a decade that you just have to see my program for yourself. So Call right now lets have a huge positive impact on the life of your teen!

What are you Waiting for Give Us a Call Right Now...Don't Procastinate.

Team Third Law Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA and Children Martial Arts – 5707 Shirley Street Naples, FL 34109

Still Not Convinced? Checkout This Positive Feedback From Our Students!




I did two-a-days for a week and it was the best martial arts experience I've ever had. Master Roberto and Coach Joe are excellent, balancing theory and practice with a high attention to detail. Very attentive to all students regardless of skill level. I fully expect to travel across the country many more times just to train here.read more
Taylor Shields
Taylor Shields
14:30 25 Apr 21
This school is fantastic. So welcoming and kind. I only saw a week's worth of curriculum but that was excellent. The coaches are all very skilled and great instructors. If you're looking to grapple in Naples, you've found the place.read more
Patrick Price
Patrick Price
22:29 05 Apr 21
World class instruction. I travel from Portland Oregon to Naples to train under Roberto Torralbas and Joe Formica. The community is extremely inviting and very ready to train hard. The school is always incredibly clean as well. Could not recommend more.read more
Jordan Stanton
Jordan Stanton
22:46 04 Apr 21
I dropped in while visiting Naples and absolutely loved this gym. Roberto teaches sequences based on what your opponent is giving you, not just static moves. I felt like I learned a ton in the two hours I got to train there. Gym was clean and everyone was super welcoming, can’t wait to go back next time I’m in town.read more
Ben Shachter
Ben Shachter
17:49 29 Mar 21
Had a wonderful time training at Team Third Law Academy while visiting Naples. The coaches and other students were warm, friendly and welcoming. The teaching was excellent and showed a high depth of knowledge. I recommend the school highly!read more
Kritis Dasgupta
Kritis Dasgupta
21:31 15 Mar 21
Third Law is a wonderful small family business and a great part of the larger jiu-jitsu family. They have formed a very welcoming and highly competent community of coaches and students.read more
Kellyn Ryan-Eyde
Kellyn Ryan-Eyde
16:08 18 Jan 21
Team Third law is the best martial arts academy around. They do it all Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling, kickboxing etc. The kids after school program is excellent as well. Highly recommend.read more
Andy Martinez
Andy Martinez
19:23 09 Jan 21
Team Third Law has been nothing but a great experience for myself and my son. My son started when he was 4, and I am his 38 year old mom. We both love that we are able to learn and experience the sport of BJJ together!!read more
Tanya P
Tanya P
19:31 05 Dec 20
I am a mother of 3 kids and I have been using their services for the past 3 years. All I have to say is that they have been phenomenal, they have treated my kids as their own and have been extremely responsible with everything that they do and offer. The facility is extremely well kept and it’s honestly such a joy to see my kids burn off some energy and most importantly have the time of their life with so many of their friends that they have made because of the teams. I recommend them to everyone because I truly stand by what they are for and i wouldn’t be writing this review if I didn’t. Y lo mejor de todo es que hablan español 10/10!!read more
My husband and I signed up our very energetic but shy 6 year old sons. We needed aftercare for them but with constructive guidance and discipline while learning a sport. We were pleasantly surprised when we went in for orientation to note that they do pickup from school and help with homework. The added perk is that they are available and open to you on early release days and days when schools are closed. As very busy working parents this Academy is a life saver. My younger son was extremely shy and would not initially participate in activities. Coach Joe was very encouraging and patient with him and now he loves his Martial Arts. Not only are our children safe but they are very happy and disciplined while learning lessons that will aid them not only with academics but with life in general. My very introverted sons are now more extroverted chatterboxes. I highly recommend Third Law Academy, Master Roberto, Coach Katy, Coach Joe and Ms. Mila are a Godsend for those of us without family support.Gillian and Miguelread more
01:55 26 Nov 20
Hands down the best BJJ & martial arts academy around. Master & Coaches r great with the students & children’s after school & summer camps. They r 110% devoted & so passionate for everyone’s success in their class & in life. Love the life lessons that r taught, as well as the martial arts. Our child has been attending almost 5 years now! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!read more
Amy Tull-Pronovost
Amy Tull-Pronovost
21:43 25 Nov 20
just took my first ever BJJ class, excellent coaching and very welcoming environment. Be prepared for the work out of your life .will defiantly come back.read more
Josh Mcfalls
Josh Mcfalls
11:28 28 Sep 20
Super Friendly and Super Accommodating! Third Law is great about giving folks a chance to check it out and really get acquainted without pressure or hefty fees. They even have a free 30 day trial! Big, spacious facility and great equipment, main work is BJJ and Muay Thai for adults, and they do a lot of great work for kids and with junior programs. You guys rock!read more
04:12 12 Jun 20
I started going to Team Third Law for martial arts training, and was welcomed by the students and staff. They have expansive facilities and are thoroughly equipped to teach adults as much as they are willing to learn. As soon as my wife and I felt our son was ready, he too was enrolled, and if I thought the adult program was great, the kids programs are over the top. The level at which the instructors are able to engage the children is staggering. My wife and I are very impressed. Since then, I have also started to do strength training and my wife intends to enroll in martial arts as well. Couldn't recommend Team Third Law enough!read more
Adrian Martinez
Adrian Martinez
19:50 20 Apr 20
I can’t express enough how great team third law is. I have my son is the Academic program and Martial Arts program. The academic program has help my son improved in school and my son love marital program. He always looks forwards coming here. I highly recommend this place.read more
Destiny Perez
Destiny Perez
21:55 28 Oct 19
love this place! instructors really want you to learn techniques and why the moves are effective. great way to stay in shape and meet people with similar interests as opposed to just going to a gymread more
Kimberly Coplon
Kimberly Coplon
20:46 27 Aug 19
I've been a member for about seven months now; and this is by and far the best 'gym' experience I have ever had. Master Roberto's method of teaching and emphasis on technique and learning is an excellent basis to easily learn the basics of BJJ, Boxing, Muy Thai or any of the other sports that are trained. Coaches Katy and Joe truly do an excellent job of Customer Service. Assisting and supporting you through your journey in the Art of Combat Sports. Finally, the people are just as fantastic. This IS NOT an all out, stereotypical, gym. The environment is family-friendly, inviting, open, and everyone is focused on helping each other master the concepts being drilled. I happily and highly recommend this gym to anyone looking to train.read more
12:24 21 May 19
Best jiu jitsu school I have trained at.
Santiago Bojanic
Santiago Bojanic
19:20 01 May 19
I visited for the first time last night, everyone was extremely nice and welcoming. The technique was very good and detail oriented. I'll definitely be back and would recommend it to anyone who is thinking about trying Jiu-Jitsu or visiting an academy that welcomes visitors without ego.read more
Devin Jones
Devin Jones
12:13 11 Jan 19
I was in town for a couple of days and absolutely needed a place to train. Team Third Law opened their doors and as soon as warm ups started Coach Joey made me feel like part of the family. I have trained all over the country and I can say that the techniques thought at Third Law is some of the best. I was very impressed by how well the coaches can break down the moves so that everyone at all levels of the sport can pick them up no problem. Next time i'm back in area i'll definitely be stopping by.read more
Brandon Friedman
Brandon Friedman
21:41 17 Dec 18
Our children have been with Master Roberto, Coach Katy and Team Third Law for over 5 years now. Team Third Law is a great partner who reinforces what we strive to teach at home. They not only help our kids stay strong physically but also mentally. I appreciate these professionals and completely trust them with our children.read more
Mai Huynh-Le
Mai Huynh-Le
15:07 01 Oct 18
My experience at Team third Law has been life changing. My son has been training at Third Law for many years now and school has always seems to be improving, even when you think it has it all Master Roberto always find something to add to make the school better. They have top class instructors that make you feel welcome and really know how to explain things so their students keep improving. Team Third Law is not just a team we are a family.read more
Mabel Munguia
Mabel Munguia
22:41 30 Sep 18
My son Cory has attended Third Law for 6 years now. Starting as a little ninja and is now on the kids competition team. He was in the after school program. He went to summer camp many times. He has made many great friends and has been mentored by all of the awesome instructors! They are great people! Every facet of training in Jiu Jitsu and mentoring in life lessons has made a huge and positive impact on him. As a single mother I can’t stress how grateful i am for their presence and genuine interest in how my son grows and develops into manhood. Team Third Law absolutely rocks!!!!! M Cannanread more
Flappy The Frog
Flappy The Frog
19:15 30 Sep 18
Third Law should become your Jiu Jitsu home. The instruction is top-notch, the atmosphere is family (with everyone helping each other succeed.) You will get in the best shape of your life and you will learn to do things that you never thought you could.read more
Scott Kinney
Scott Kinney
18:29 28 Sep 18
A fantastic judo dojo! All of the instructors are high level, and very friendly. Great place for all ages to learn Martial arts and make friends in a safe atmosphere.read more
shinjiro sasaki
shinjiro sasaki
04:33 28 Sep 18
Such a great program for our kids and family. Would recommend to any parent interested in having their child maintain a healthy physical lifestyle.
William Ivan
William Ivan
23:45 27 Sep 18
Great place for beginners and advanced students. Instruction is simplified, but still includes great in depth details which is key in BJJ. Highly suggest for anybody in the Naples, FL area to check it out when looking for a place to train, learn self-defense, or simply get into shape!read more
09:34 22 Aug 18
As I'm from another country I really felt welcome. I was helped by Cathy and I got everything I needed to know so I could properly start. Didn't even bring a Gi with me but it was no hassle whatsoever.The class was a good combination of well rounded people and some new guys. As I'm a white belt myself I didn't feel uncomfortable at any point. Lot of mutual respect between the students. Our coaches and professor demonstrated a lot of knowledge and were able to make us combine a lot of techniques. At the end we mastered a couple of new moves and practiced some varieties on them. Very nice group, amazing atmosphere and super nice facilities. Would definitely recommend it!read more
Martin Hoving
Martin Hoving
21:03 27 May 18
Coach Katy, Coach Joey, and Coach Noah all made the tiny ninjas program fun, and kept our son Eli excited for each and every class. They always kept the classes engaging, fresh, and positive for the kids. Our son loved the new theme of the month (like teamwork, family, or manners to name a few) to work on and strive for new stripes on his belt and he made lots of new friends in the process.read more
Eli Max
Eli Max
19:35 26 May 18
We are 4 months in and our son loves this place. They don't just teach Jiu Jitsu - the classes incorporate life lessons about respect, discipline, family, etc. The staff and teachers are EXCELLENT - we highly recommend.read more
Jason Hodge
Jason Hodge
16:41 17 May 18
Joining Team Third Law was the best decision I have made since moving to Naples. It is exactly what I was looking for in a martial arts school. On top of having a great adults program, the kids programming is exceptional as well. If I had kids they would be in this program as soon as they were old enough. I refer friends to the kids program for their children. I would refer Team Third Law to anyone who's looking to compete, to someone just looking to learn some self defense skills. It has an element for everyone, without the intimidation factor that you find at other facilities. This is a warm, but hardworking environment .read more
Carly DuCharme
Carly DuCharme
13:16 09 Mar 18
Thanks so much for the awesome class and for letting me drop in while I’m in town. I had a great time here today. Very friendly and welcoming. I greatly appreciate that. Looking forward to coming back soon!!read more
Alexander Straus
Alexander Straus
19:34 07 Mar 18
Love this place. They are great with kids, teach the basics of jujitsu while also instilling great values and life lessons.
Oscar Nieves
Oscar Nieves
21:53 06 Mar 18
I visited the gym while visiting Naples to book some private lessons with coach Joey. I was not only impressed with my training with coach Joey but also with their group classes. I was welcomed as soon as I walked in the gym, the atmosphere was outstanding, felt like I have been training there for years; the way Master Roberto lays out the lesson plan and teaches is amazing. This is a family oriented gym and that I was why I also decided to bring my kids for privates which they loved! Well done Team Third Law, will be back as soon as I return to Naples!read more
fernando tito
fernando tito
18:31 04 Jan 18
My son and I were visiting from out of town over the holidays and needed a place for him to train since he's a varsity high school wrestler in California. Katy and Joey were super friendly and very accommodating, letting us work out for a few days. The facilities were great - exactly what we needed as wrestlers to help us get in a good work out. Perfect temperature in the room where we trained, making for a nice soft mat, and they had plenty of other great amenities. Thanks guys!!read more
Max Winkler
Max Winkler
19:08 02 Jan 18
Very impressed by facility and coaching staff! Respectful and professional from staff to participants. No attitudes just a sincere focus on fun and training.read more
Jim Graham
Jim Graham
14:10 31 Dec 17
This academy is amazing! I have trained all over the US and not only is this facility very professional and well kept, The Third Law academy exceeded my expectations for hospitality and most importantly instruction. Prof. Roberto treated me like his own student even though I was a guest and showed some really cool techniques. Can't wait to come back next time I'm in town!read more
22:30 22 Nov 17
It's been an amazing experience training at Team Third Law. It's a very clean, friendly, welcoming atmosphere. The coaches are all great at breaking down techniques in an understandable way. I'm proud to call this my BJJ home.read more
Mario Melucci
Mario Melucci
23:01 08 Nov 17
11/3/17 Visiting Naples on vacation. I received recommendation to try Third Law BJJ. I found Friendly and inviting staff with detailed instruction. Got some excellent rolls in. I would highly recommend this school for training. Larry B/ Purple beltread more
Lawrence B
Lawrence B
21:42 03 Nov 17
When you first walk in to Third Law Academy the atmosphere is amazing. The staff is very humble and go out of their way to insure you understand everything that is taught. If you are looking for a gym in this area I would recomend this place. I hope to one day be in this area again so that I can train here again.read more
Eric Willyerd
Eric Willyerd
13:38 01 Nov 17
I visited the gym when I was in town for work. I had an absolute blast! The instructor showed some great techniques and his method of instruction was well received by the class. From the second we walked through the door, we were greeted and accepted as if we had been training there for years. I’m definitely hoping more trips to FL are in my future! I highly recommend this club!!!read more
john hodges
john hodges
21:10 31 Oct 17
While visiting family in Ft. Myers Beach I contacted Third Law Academy to continue my BJJ journey. I was welcomed by Coach Joey and attended two of his 12 o'clock classes. Great experience! Coach Joey was very knowledgeable and taught the classes in a very structured manner that even an old man white belt like myself could follow. Also had the privilege of meeting Master Roberto and Coach Katy. Awesome program run by awesome folks!!read more
Robert Sanborn
Robert Sanborn
10:46 30 Sep 17
I was in town for a few days and was able to drop in for a night. The school was large and well lit, with a lot of mat space. The instructor was extremely welcoming as was the team, and I felt included in everything. I was having some trouble with the finer details of some of the technique, as my home gym uses a much different guard-passing system, and a brown belt helping with the class took the time come over and point out where I was going wrong. At the end of class I got to roll with a blue belt (same as me) and he was extremely tough with an awesome bottom half guard, which I could not pass to save my life. The instructors invited me back the next day, but I could not due to time constraints. Overall, I was very impressed, and had a great time training at third law.read more
Devin Ringwald
Devin Ringwald
14:09 17 Aug 17
Third Law is a great place to train in Naples. I had the pleasure of visiting while on vacation. Coach Kathy started with the grand tour of this sprawling facility with three separate mat areas. Roberto Torralbas teaches a very detailed beginners class followed by rolling and advanced (which could have gone to 1am and most often does). I had a blast rolling with both Coaches Joey and Joe. They pushed the pace to make sure I stayed on track for my upcoming Fight to Win match. I'll be back soon.read more
Chad Fields
Chad Fields
20:12 06 Jul 17
So jealous of guys and gals that get to call this place home. I stopped in with my girlfriend while traveling to train BJJ and they couldn't possibly have been more hospitable. The facility itself is very clean with tons of mat space but the most impressive part was the level of instruction from both Roberto and Joe. I have trained at a lot of different gyms while on the road and this is one I will make an effort to return to. Rolling with Roberto and Joe made me feel like a white belt again, in the best possible way. There is no better training this side of Florida, and so close to the beach too!read more
Luke Franchock
Luke Franchock
09:40 12 Apr 17
I was visiting from out of town and stopped in for a roll. Let me tell you that this was one of the best run schools that I've ever attended. The instructors were exceptional and the students were welcoming. I highly recommend Team Third Law Academy!!!read more
Matt Short
Matt Short
19:54 08 Apr 17
Was visiting the area from Minnesota and wanted to get some training in. I called and Katie invited me to stop in. No charge, just come by. I walked in and literally every single person greeted me with a handshake or a pound. Joe the instructor was super friendly and was kind enough to grapple with me at the end of class. Really great experience and I hope to swing through next time I'm in the area. Great place. read more
Dan Galvin
Dan Galvin
21:00 24 Mar 17
I will never forget the day that Mario and I found out about team third law and we had our first orientation. I thought we were just going to watch a video and just fill some papers . boy was I wrong ! From the very first day we were introduced to the mats and some starter techniques and of course I was freaking out. We always went to the gym and worked out before but this sport just seemed scary but we gave it a try . Let me tell you these are the friendliest down to earth people I have ever met and they made us feel just at home . If you have never done any sports before don't worry they will have patience with you because I know coach Katy and Master Roberto have had more than enough patience with me and you will never feel pressured or embarrassed . I can honestly say team third law blessed us and opened the door to many opportunities and great friends.read more
Diana Cruz
Diana Cruz
02:10 12 Mar 17