Little Ninjas Ages 6-11

Your Child Is Destined For Greatness, and You Hold The Key

Dear parent,

Some kids will be good athletes, others will struggle at sports, some will get good grades others will get C, some will be able to concentrate like geniuses, others may struggle keeping their focus for more than a couple of minutes. Some will be considered brilliant. Others will be considered average.

When looking at these differences, some people will claim it is in the genes, and others will say it’s about the environment in which they were raised.

But what if what if…

We could help a child destined to be C student become an A+ student, a child destined to struggle with sports to become an All American.

I have never met a so-called Genius and much of my research has led me to believe that this might be a myth (read “Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell). Yes, genes help, but environment can make a huge difference and super-compensate for any difficulties we may have from our genetic background.

At Team Third Law we have been teaching Martial Arts to kids of all ages since 2008 and we have impacted so many children’s lives that I truly believe the earlier you get your child in our program the sooner you can help him or her overcome any difficulty they may be destined to face ….and if they were going to be a good athlete or an A+ student then you will help them unlock an incredible potential.

No age is too late to start leveraging the benefits of our Martial Arts program but the ages of 6 to 10 are a great time to get them started. Here is why.

Your child has not set their mind yet on what they are good at and what they are not good at. At 11 to 13, the age for our Juniors Program, kids have already started to develop a limited mindset which is far from reality. They might think they are not good at Math and go on to believe this for the rest of their lives when simply the reason was they never had a passionate math teacher.

Parents sometimes assume that because they themselves were never athletic their kids will suffer the same fate. My wife was a victim of this mindset from her father. Now she is an International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Champion and has lost 40 pounds doing it in the process. She was afraid to play sports all her life!

The worse thing we can do for our children is to let them establish a limited mindset. A Limited Mindset is a horrible thing because once it has been established it takes a while to undo it. We all have beliefs about the things we can and cannot accomplish, but the reality is that all humans can unlock their potential if they overcome their limited mindset.

Here are some of the things your child will learn:

  1. Effortless Motor Skills and Incredible Athletic Ability
  2. Focus and Discipline
  3. Great Self Defense Skills and Life Skill Lessons (Character and Confidence: Honesty and Integrity)
  4. Positive Habits they will carry with them into your home, their school and throughout their life
  5. Mastery of Brazilian Jiu Jitusu, Wrestling, and Muay Thai Kickboxing

Here are some of the benefits:

  1. Self Confidence: Your child will learn to believe in their ability to meet challenge both mentally and physically, setting them up for success no matter what tests they face.
  2. Discipline, Respect and Focus: In every class your child will work on these three important qualities, and they will come to understand that they must always act accordingly at home, in school and wherever else they are.
  3. Balance, agility, coordination, muscle tone and overall physical health: These health benefits from martial arts will set your child up for success and health throughout their lives.
  4. Self Esteem and Problem Solving: Your child will learn to stand up for themselves against bullies, as well as how to avoid and diffuse difficult situations with peers, keeping them safe in an ever more dangerous world.
  5. Realistic and Practical Self Defense: We will teach your child never to use the techniques they learn in class unless they have to defend themselves, but you the techniques they learn could save their life if they ever face a situation where their health and safety is threatened.

I guarantee you there is not a single teacher in school who will work as hard as our staff to make sure your champion conquers life!

No Matter What… Never Let Anyone Tell You Your Child Is Not Cut Out For Athletics!

We will prove them wrong time after time after time….

Litlle BJJ and MMa Ninjas In Naples Florida After A Promotion

Happy Team Third Law Students After Their Belt Promotions

2-) Your Child Will Develop A True Skill Set

One beautiful aspect of our Little Ninjas program is that at this age your kids will develop amazing martial arts skills just like adults can due to our curriculum. Our curriculum is designed with a super important concept we call:

Progressive development means that while the end goal of a lesson might be a complicated body movement requiring, strength, balance, agility and coordination (for example, a cartwheel), the way to learn is actually in small steps moving toward the goal. Some kids will just try a cartwheel and do it perfectly on their first try. Others will struggle, and automatically assume they’ll never be able to do it. But we are here to show them that that isn’t true. Progressive development breaks the movement into small pieces so they can teach their bodies and minds one step at a time: Hands down one after another slow, on a line on the mat, then hop feet to the other side. Then, slowly, hop higher and higher and each time they’ll learn another detail, teaching their body the skill.

This idea of teaching through progressive development applies to all of the techniques and motor skill exercises we teach in the class.

Here are some of the martial arts styles your child will learn:

  • yellow-triangle Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  • yellow-triangle Muay Thai
  • yellow-triangle Wrestling
  • yellow-triangle Judo
  • yellow-triangle Boxing
Team Third Law BJJ, Naples Kids WInning Naga Tournaments and Their Swords

Our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Kids Happy with their won first place swords at a Naga Tournament!

Not All Of Our Kids Compete in BJJ

Not All Of Our Kids Compete in BJJ, And We Don’t Believe Its Necessary For Them To Grow Strong And Confident, But Those That Compete Because They Love It They Do It Under A Great Infrastructure, A Team Of Dedicated Coaches That Have Achieved Results as Athletes and Coaches At The Highest Level Of The Martial Art, And Most Importantly Under Coaches That Will Use Competition As A Tool To Teach Them Important Life Lessons And Not. (Warning: Many schools have the crazy notion that if their kids get medals they will get more students and use the kids as marketing sources.)

Little Ninja Competing in BJJ Torunament

We Will Teach Your Child To Compete In a Healthy Manner That Will Help Him Grow Confident.

In Our Martial Arts Program Your Child Will Develop Confidence!

In Our Martial Arts Program Your Child Will Develop Confidence In A Matter of Weeks.

3. No parent feels good when they kid becomes a victim of bullying

Lets face it bullying has become an epidemic. I wish bullying could be easily solved with a “just ignore the bully” approach, but that doesn’t always work in the majority of cases. The older the kids the more dangerous and destructive bullying can be to their lives. The sad part about bullying is that it is not always something that a child just experience in their younger years, but sometimes consciously, or subconsciously the detrimental effects of bullying carry on into adulthood.

Our Martial Arts program understands that bullying can be avoided by teaching our children to be assertive confident and always aware of their envirmoent.

In our program your kid will learn to

  • yellow-triangle Avoid bullies by always keeping good and assertive posture
  • yellow-triangle Learn to be focused and the importance of always being aware of their surroundings
  • yellow-triangle Learn how to pick friends
  • yellow-triangle Learn witty responses to deal with bullies with brains instead of muscle
  • yellow-triangle But if it gets ugly your child will be able to safely control his opponent through the beauty of a self defense system without having to throw a single punch and avoiding getting in trouble in school

In reality, our bully prevention program is plan B, most bullies pick up on kids who they feel they can take advantage of…they avoid confident, assertive, and athletics kids. This is why we focus on these benefits all the time as our plan A to overcome the risk of bullying. When you see you child developed into a young martial arts super star you will have very little to worry about.

Enjoy the following testimonial:


Roberto Torralbas

Third Law BJJ Kids : Jiu-Jitsu and Martial Arts for Kids in Naples, Florida

In our Little Ninjas program, our instructors focus more on the essential elements of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts. Our elementary-school children are taught a blend of Muay Thai kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling, and Judo. Hand-in-hand with their physical education, the children learn character and discipline so they know how and when to apply their newfound skills. Teamwork and respect for others are stressed.

The benefits of our Little Ninja’s program goes far beyond Martial Arts -You’ll see a new kind of discipline emerging . . . the kind that will positively affect all areas of his or her life. You’ll notice an increased respect for others, and most importantly, for herself!

Check Out What Families Are Saying About Our Martial Arts Program

“Previously a timid boy, he is now capable of exerting himself in other sports and activities, in very positive ways….”

Sadaty Naples Martial Arts Family

Mr. and Mrs. Sadaty Family when their kids started in our program.

“I am very happy that we have enrolled our six year old son, Adam, into the Head Start in Life Jiu Jitsu program. Initially, I was very reluctant, worried that my son would become bored, as was the case with a previous martial arts program. To my surprise, Adam’s commitment to the class has been quite the opposite. He has enjoyed all aspects of the program and always looks forward to each class. Adam is always eager to get into the car to head over to class, and will stop anything that he is doing in order to do so – video games not excluded. Most surprisingly, his enthusiasm for the program was obvious when he chose to give up other popular activities, such as the Boy Scouts when scheduling conflicts arose.

Most importantly for me, as a parent, is the obvious growth that has occurred during these short 3 months.

The physical skills that he has acquired have clearly translated into a new self confidence. Previously a timid boy, he is now capable of exerting himself in other sports and activities, in very positive ways.

Lastly, although many martial arts schools claim to place an equal emphasis on respect and personal growth to self defense, I believe that the program at Head Start in Life takes those goals to a far higher level. A full ten minutes at the beginning of each class is dedicated toward promoting growth in areas of academics and character, as well as other areas that are not always associated with martial arts training. As such, one is just as likely to observe teaching in geography, multiplication tables, and etiquette as one would jiu jitsu throws and pinning techniques.

In the end, I would recommend the program to all children.”

Mr. and Mrs. Sadaty 4 years later in 2012 also training BJJ with their kids who have grown strong and confident!

Mr. and Mrs. Sadaty also training BJJ with their kids who have grown strong and confident!

Robert Sadaty Concierge Doctor

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