If you live in the Naples area make this your home!

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I was visiting Naples on a business trip. I considered a few other schools to visit, but I didn’t receive a welcoming vibe from the other schools. I called and was invited to attend the class for that evening. I had a long day of meetings, and was running late so I called and let them know. They insisted that I still was welcome and encouraged me to still attend. Once I arrived, I was greeted at the door by coach Formica who immediately invited me onto the mat, and introduced me to an awesome training partner. TRAING WAS AMAZING!! The coach was thorough, my partner was considerate, I had a great time. After class, I had an opportunity to roll with coach Formica and Professor Roberto Torralbas. They were both tough skilled BJJ practitioners. Everyone at the school was welcoming. They told me continually, that they were my home away from home.

If you live in the Naples area make this your home! Visit this school before you commit to any other school in your region. Professor Torralbas and his wife are graduates of Cornell University, and have an after school program geared providing a value added academically enriching opportunity for youth.

Make sure you visit them before you decide on a BJJ school in the Naples area. You will love it!!!

Joshua E Stroud – Financial Advisor