Important Warning /Disclaimer: Most Mixed Martial Arts School Teachers Are Liars, Clueless, Not Very Good, Delirious, or Simply Delusional. Read to find out the truth about Mixed Martial Arts Academies.

Discover The Dangerous Pitfalls Most Mixed Martial Arts Newbies Experience When Starting Their Training.

Your success will depend on how well you do your research.

Dear Prospective Student, In this letter I TELL IT LIKE IT IS and because of it, many fake martial arts instructors out there will hate me for it, and they will hate me forever, very few legit instructors will love me, but you know what I DON’T CARE….I AM SICK AND TIRED OF HAVING PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS LIED TO, AND HAVING THEIR TIME WASTED. MY MISSION IS TO INFORM OF WHAT REAL MARTIAL ARTS IS ALL ABOUT AND HAVE AS MANY PEOPLE JUMP IN MY SUCCESS BOAT, and I won’t stop until these fake schools are exposed.

Don’t Fall for the Usual MMA Suspects

The Usual Suspects In MMA- Buyer Beware, Naples, FL

In MMA around. the World we always find the usual suspects. Lets study them so that we can learn

Suspect #1: Martial Atrs School, Karate School, Taekwondo School that it is now a MMA school due to the grown pupularity of the UFC, but they are really a belt factory trying to be cool with the new kids on the block even though their skills are lacking. Usually Known a McDojos. One day the sign reads Naples KungFu and Karate and the next day it reads Naples Mixed Martial Arts.

Suspect #2: The Big Promiser. This is the instructor that makes promises about getting you into the UFC and he has yet to develop any UFC fighters. Instead he throws young guys in the cage without health insurance or proper training like if ihe was playing the russian roulette.

Suspect # 3: Martial Arts as Fitness Franchises that hire anyone off the street to run a Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiujitsu, or Kickboxing program. This is a great approach for the franchise owner because if the program stinks – no problem – he can just fire the instructor and start from scratch. This is not-so-great for individuals looking for a solid consistent training environment. ALso the head instructor only cares about one thing ….HIS PAYCHECKS…he is not a fool…it is not his school…the owner is not even his martial arts teacher he is just an employeee of the Big Box Gym.

Suspect #4: A bunch of tough guys and street fighters renting a hole-in-the-wall with no real experience competing or training beginners. Be careful if you train or are considering training in a place like this – make sure you have health insurance and know your own limitations. Chances of getting injured are high, of learning quality technique are small. Before you know it you think you are the next UFC superstar as this gusy will sweet talk you about how great you are because they are delusional. You will be thrown in a cage without proper training and lose your first fight by K.O!

Suspect #5: The Tiny School with a guy that feels because he is Brazilian that Gracie Jiu jitsu or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is his birth right and that anyone not Brazilian can’t be possible better than him. This guys rarely can kick higher than 3 feet of the ground, are out of shape, and run very unprofessional academies, on top of that their credentials are questionable. I personally, Roberto Torralbas, have developed a list of credentials in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competing in the World for 10 years and are internationally recognized as a top competitor . Two times Panamerican Champion, 7 Times National Champion, and many times Silver and Bronze Medalist at the European Championsips and Panamerican Championships, ADDC World Pro Trial Bronze Medalist Twice, I have competed in the so famous”Brazil Tournaments” and gooten Bronze, and in other international tournaments in the US I have more gold medals that I can keep track of. . I have defeated two Gracies, and I have produced better competitors in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu that any other instructor in this town (3 Panamerican Champions, Many International Champions, 3 National Champions, World Championship Medalist, and a ton of Local Champions). Nevertheless I am not Brazilian lol so I must not be as good….I am the Cuban Guy. Don’t fall on the Brazilian Guy (who is teaching outdated Jiu-Jitsu) Fan Club. You are not the best because you say you are the best but because the numbers, results say that you are the best. I believe in results producing them and reproducing them year after year.

Suspect #6: The Teacher that has all the credentials but has not been able to pass it down to his students. I didn’t open our school to have guys praise me about how great I am. I did it to produce champions and thats what I have done. 2012 Usually in this teacher school is a group of guys that are tight with each other, call them self bros, and for an outsider NEWBIE to come in and expect to learn, well he will be fed to the wolves first as they need their egos inflated from time to time. You have to do some behind kissing too get their attention or their treat you like crap.

What Makes Us Different

  1. We will examine your goals carefully wether those are to compete or to be in shape, have fun, learn a new skill be in the UFC or a Local MMA Champion, or try it as a challenge, WE WILL BE HONEST WITH YOU ABOUT WHAT IT TAKES. Two many desperate schools will lie and say anything they can, like politicians , to get that new student in the gym. I want satisfied students with goals we can help accomplish, so that our relationship could be beneficial to both of us. If we feel we will be a good match I guarantee you we will help you achieve your goal.
  2. We will have a set of milestones for you to achieve your goals. Mixed Martial Arts as you may already know consist of: Standup Striking, Throws and Takedowns, And GroundFighting. The arts most popular and preffered by most UFC professional athletes are Muay Thai Kickboxing ( standup) , Wrestling/Judo( throws and takedowns), Brazilian Jiu Jitsu /Submission Grappling (groundfighting). You need the three of them to succeed. Your first milestone will be to proficiency in each of this arts. We will teach you strong fundamentals in each of this ares. Your second Milestone will be to start on the mastery of one discipline, this will be your ACE of Spades. Milestone number 3 below!
  3. Carefully Designed Sequence of Competitions. We will build you up and give you the experience and skills necessary to succeed at every level, from beginner to professional fighter. Unlike many other programs, we do not throw our guys into the meat grinder just for experience. We also are not content to have our competitors fighting in the back of nightclubs and other “bush league” events.
  4. A System that Works for Everyone! You do not need to to be a Division 1 wrestler or Golden Gloves champion to be successful here.

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Ingrid Bartucciocommnents on Third Law BJJ- Naples / Fort Myers / Bonita Springs, FL

“My name is Ingrid I was looking to get in shape.I got so much more than that.”

My name is Ingrid I was looking to get in shape.I got so much more than that. In just 2 weeks I could tell a difference in my endurance as well as strength just from Roberto’s conditioning routine. Also,I am learning incredible self defence. BJJ teaches you how to fight on the ground it only makes sense that a female would want to learn this. Also I have met a lot of nice people, and I am part of a awesome team. I cant say enough good things about Roberto, and how comfortable and welcomed He has made me feel.”

-Ingrid Bartuccio: Nurse Practitioner, Naples, FL

“First and foremost I want to commend you on the great program you have in Third Law. I went to your gym not knowing what to expect. Wow! It by far exceeded my expectations.”

-Abram Valdez:Customer Service Representative, Naples, FL

“Fantastic school, constantly evolving,constantly growing… setting the pace here for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Southwest Florida by FAR!.”

-Gary Waskovich:Regional Sales and Marketing Manager, Naples, FL

Rave Review

“I can’t even to begin to explain the results I have experienced with this man’s incredible class…”

Hey everyone, my name is Jullian Rives. As of today, May 31 of 2007, I am 16 years old and I have been taking Roberto’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class for about a month and a half, closing in on two. I can’t even to begin to explain the results I have experienced with this man’s incredible class. The results I have reaped from this class are not only physical, but mental as well. I believe any form of the arts are mentally enlightening and teach you many life lessons and respect for others. Through Roberto Torralbas’ class, I feel like I have become a better person, and a better martial artist as well. Roberto has been an amazing instructor and a wise figure for me to look up to during rough times in my life. He has made me and countless others feel like family when we come together to train. This man’s flawless technique, flow, and teaching ability has helped me grow so fast in BJJ and through his vigorous training alone, I have gained weight in muscle, starting the class at 155 pounds and right now currently being at 162 pounds. From the moment I met him and took his class, I knew I couldn’t go wrong, or find anyone better to learn from than Roberto Torralbas. Thank you for giving me hope.

Jullian Rives commnents on Third Law BJJ- Naples / Fort Myers / Bonita Springs, FL
Jullian Rives
High School Student

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu White Belt

NAGA White Belt Champion

NAGA No-Gi Beginner Champion

Rave Review

Cheyenne Fraser

High School Student

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu White Belt

Rave Review

“It gives you a really good sense of a healthy lifestyle; you find your self making better decisions…”

Jeb Barrows
High School Student

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu White Belt