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"Third Law After School Academy"

For Parents of Grade-Schoolers in Naples, FL Who Want To Give Their Child A Head Start In Life!

Our After School Program Exercises Your Child’s Body AND Mind – With Academic Tutoring, Martial Arts Training And Lots Of Fun!

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A Tour Of Team Third Law Academy’s After School Program

Some of The Benefits of Enrolling Your Child in Our Program

  • yellow-triangle Gives Your Child The Edge He/She Deserves
  • yellow-triangle Helps Them To Read And Write (Grade Levels Ahead)
  • yellow-triangle Helps Them To Understand Math (Grade Levels Ahead)
  • yellow-triangle Provides Self-Defense Instruction from Naple’s Top Martial Arts School
  • yellow-triangle Exciting Games And Activities
  • yellow-triangle Weekend Tutoring
  • yellow-triangle Your Child Will Be Safe & Secure In The Care Of Our Professional Staff
  • yellow-triangle Homework Completed (With Daily Parents Reports)
  • yellow-triangle We Will Care For Your Child As If He/She Is Our Own

Meet Your Instructors

Who We Are...

Who Our Naples After School Program Is For

How Our After School Program Got Started...

A Typical Day In Our After School Program

Different Families Have Different Needs - That's Why We Offer 2 Types Of After School Programs For You To Choose From!

Our After School Programs Offer:Martial Arts+ Homework Help OptionAcademic Advancement Option
Safe Place for Kids After School
Organized & Structured Environment
Homework Completed & Checked Daily!
Outdoor Play, Sports, Building Games & Science Experiments
Social & Interactive Fun (NO SCREENTIME)
Focus, Discipline, Respect & Confidence
Enhanced Academic Focus & Work Ethic
Read & Write Grade Levels Ahead
Master Math Grade Levels Ahead
Amazing Academic Achievements
Advanced Placement, SAT & College Preparation by 2 Ivy League Grads
Self Defense & Anti-Bully Training with World Class Martial ArtistsMartial Arts Class 2x per week 1 HourOptional Add On
Physical Fitness & Athletic DevelopmentMartial Arts Class 2x per week 1 HourOptional Add On

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Here’s What You Can Expect when You Enroll Your Child in Team Third Law’s Martial Arts Academy After School Program

El-bus-on-school-buses-buses-and-clip-art-2 We’ll pick your child up from school and bring him/her directly to the academy after school program – so you NEVER need to worry about your child needing a ride!

We strive to custom design your child’s curriculum for his/her unique skills, abilities, aptitudes & interests… NO “cookie cutter curriculum” here.

These are 20 of the concepts, tools & LIFE-SKILLS your child will learn in our personalized after school curriculum:

  1. How to complete homework quickly, accurately & CORRECTLY
  2. How to set and achieve goals
  3. How to create a plan to accomplish anything
  4. How to work harder AND smarter
  5. How to deal with setbacks and persevere until a goal is achieved
  6. Once your goal is attained… how to set higher and better goals for consistent improvement and success
  7. How to improve focus and concentration by following our “Rules Of Concentration
  8. Radical increase in self esteem and confidence
  9. Discover the benefits and skills needed to have SELF-discipline in any situation
  10. How to use SELF-discipline to RADICALLY increase grades
  11. How to make sure any failure or loss is turned into a future success
  12. How to have the self confidence and self discipline to say “NO” to drugs, alcohol & other negative influences in life
  13. Stranger Danger training. How to spot and avoid dangerous situations. What to do if danger is unavoidable.
  14. Sportsmanship
  15. Honesty
  16. How to make friends who ONLY have a POSITIVE influence
  17. Significant increase in motor skills, coordination and athleticism
  18. How to become IMMUNE to peer pressure
  19. How to defend him/herself
  20. How to handle bullies

Life skills your child will use for the rest of his/her lifetime!


Watch These Excerpts of Our Various Classes and Activities

What Parents Are Saying…

She is doing so well and advancing this month alone beautifully! I was so pleased with her improvements with sight words alone on her report card, now at 3 from a 2!!

Adriana C. Kinn

He has improved to 3.5 which is 3rd grade level and at 92% above average...

Sabrina McCabe

Roberto and the school make my life as a parent 100 times easier.

David Dragonici

With your help, I have no doubt we will pull him through…

Keith Walton

I cannot thank you enough for all the extra help given to Max yesterday with his schoolwork

Corey Walton

Here, no video games, they’re more involved with hands on.

Bill Ivan

We are very lucky to have Third Law in our Community (truly one of the best kept secrets)!!!

Billy and Robin

Team Third Law's after school program is amazing.

Noah Langmade

Team Third Law Academy has a wonderful after school program for children.

Theresa Formica

We love Team third law after school program!

Vanessa Bueno

The staff is awesome, your kids will love this place!

Crystal Burling

The team at Third Law is a throw-back to the values of the past. Do yourself a favor and check it out!

Kelly Anderson

It has become our second home. I highly recommend you give it a try.

Robert Burd

Roberto, Katy and staff run one of the best programs here in Naples.

William Ivan

The staff is great and they provide an AWESOME environment for children.

Mack Beller

Katy and Roberto Torallbas - Owners, Team Third Law Martial Arts Academy in Naples, Florida.

“We’re committed to providing your child with a safe, fun and educational environment to go to after school!”

~ Coaches Katy and Roberto Torralbas

Owners, Team Third Law Martial Arts Academy in Naples, FL.

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