“This business provides essential life skills that our school system has failed to teach,” Dr. Wendell Feliciano on Third Law Kids

Team Third Law Kids Programs Rave Review: Dr. Wendell Feliciano

From Dr. Wendell Feliciano, a Naples Dentist specializing in prosthodontics, who trains in Team Third Law’s adults program. His daughter Amy trains in Juniors and son Anthony in the Little Ninjas.

In today’s society few small businesses operate with the idea of offering the community a quality, honest service rather than the pursuit of profits. Team Third Law’s mission statement is to provide Martial Arts to all ages and backgrounds as a tool to improve the quality of lives of others through a strong team atmosphere. But in reality, this mission is an understatement when you look at what occurs every day in the academy that head instructor Roberto Torralbas has established. I strongly believe that this business provides essential life skills that our school system has failed to teach our children over the years. For the smaller group of kids (Tiny Ninjas ages 3-5) life skills such as discipline, focus, respect, manners, and much more are emphasized and explained logically on a daily basis. As the kids grow older and graduate into ages 6-10 (Little Ninjas) the conversations take a more serious approach and the emphasis on discipline, focus, family values, and respect increases. They begin to learn essential manners and values that even most adults would have to admit to have forgotten over time, and begin to discuss topics such as safety with the internet (i.e. Facebook) and the important of being productive in society, and even controversial topics that most teachers would avoid to save themselves the headaches of delicate detailed explanations. The interesting aspect is that Team Third Law takes the statement “Martial Arts to all ages” very seriously because they also have classes for Juniors (ages 11-13) and Teens (ages 14-17). In the Juniors and Teens programs, real life discussions about maturity, and consequences of actions are explained with a very straight forward approach and sincerity that causes these young adults to respect and love training week after week.

Another important aspect of Team Third Law’s mission is to providing a scientific approach to the education of all its students. Roberto Torralbas has researched books in child psychology and as a world-recognized international competitor in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu he has mastered how to developed athleticism from the young ages and progressively adapt it to all of the age groups discussed above. It is truly amazing to see how skinny and uncoordinated kids, who many times suffer from bully problems, are doing cartwheels and grappling better than many adult students in just a matter of months. It’s a complete program for any parent interested in giving their child a head start in life physically, intellectually, emotionally, and psychologically!

But it doesn’t stop there. The adult program offers energetic, well-organized classes for both men and women of all athletic backgrounds and has helped many people achieve benefits such as weight loss, self-confidence, energized lifestyle, and athleticism that many adults have given up on. Team Third Law has an incredible curriculum for basic classes and advanced classes that allow any beginner to really study the martial arts as if he was attending a school of higher education. The school is open 7 days a week, with classes for adults start at 6:00 am in the morning (Women Only Fitness Bootcamp, and Yoga) and continue all the way to 10:30 at night (Advanced Classes). It is then, at 10:30 p.m., that the coaches begin their training. Team Third Law has also produced countless local champion competitors and has a great squad of international competitors who represent the school at the highest level of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournaments all year round, conquering championship after championship.

I consider myself privileged that I found Team Third Law out of curiosity in my drive to the office and that one day I decided to stop by. Now, 6 months since I made the decision to check out a class, I am very proud to be a student and have my two children taking classes every week.