#1 BJJ & Submission Grappling Competition Team In MD, DC &
VA Wants To Know…

Do You Wanna
In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?

You Wanna WIN

BJJ & Grappling Tournaments?

If you answered “YES” to those questions,
then pay close attention to what we’re about to share with
you… because you’re about to get UNDENIABLE
that Lloyd Irvin’s MMA & Grappling Academy
is the absolute BEST Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) academy for people
like you who have a thirst for competition – and more importantly,
have the desire to WIN in BJJ and grappling competitions.

On top of that, we’re about to share with you
the common problems that aspiring competitors have when they’re
looking for the best possible place to train in order to become
BJJ or submission grappling champions.

Here’s one of the major problems…

With so many MMA, BJJ and grappling schools popping
up all over the country, it’s hard to make an educated decision
when you don’t know exactly what to look for. The fact is
there are certain key factors and success principles you absolutely
must watch out for when searching for the best school to suit your
needs as a competitor and aspiring champion.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • If you’re going to compete, wouldn’t you
    like to be the absolute BEST competitor you could possibly
  • If you know you have it in you to become a champion,
    then wouldn’t you want to give yourself the best opportunity
    to become the best?
  • Wouldn’t you want to train with the best?
  • Wouldn’t you want to get involved with the most
    accomplished competition team in the MD, VA & DC area?

YES! Of course you would! That’s a “no-brainer.”
There’s not a “serious” person on this planet
who wouldn’t answer YES to every single one of those important

Picture this…

You want to compete. You don’t just wanna “go
out there and see what you can do,” you want to WIN. You’re
serious about training and you know you want to find the best possible
school that can suit your training needs.

Now here’s the big problem – the “BUT”

You may know some of what you WANT, but you might
not know everything you truly NEED to become a phenomenal competitor.

So, what we’re going to do for you is give you
a list of everything you NEED to give yourself the best opportunity
to become a champion in submission grappling or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

This way, you’ll have the precise information
you’ll need to make an educated and well-informed decision
on where you choose to pursue your competitive dreams.

We guarantee that before you even finish looking
over this page, you’ll know that when it comes to BJJ and
grappling instruction in the Washington DC Metro area, we are unquestionably
the best. Yes, we know that’s a bold statement but we’re
going to PROVE it to you with what our instructors, and more importantly,
our happily-involved students have accomplished in competition.

Meet our head instructor, Lloyd Irvin

On top of being a champion competitor, Lloyd is also
author and producer of several books and training programs geared
specifically toward grapplers who want to become the best at what
they do, like “The Grappling Game Plan” and “NHB
Strength Training” and many more.

Lloyd Irvin is known throughout the entire world
as an expert in strength and conditioning, mental preparation and
strategic game planning for combat sports and is also a member of
the “Grappling Hall Of Fame” for his outstanding accomplishments
as both a competitor and even more-so, a coach.

Lloyd Irvin Gets Inducted To The Grappling Hall Of Fame
Alongside UFC Fighting Legend Royce Gracie

Lloyd Irvin On The Championship Podium At The 2005 BJJ World


Here are some of Lloyd Irvin’s accomplishments
as a competitor:

  • 2008 No Gi World Champion
  • 2005 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World
  • 2004 North American
    Grappling Association Instructor of the Year
  • 2004 Grapplers Quest Instructor
    of the Year
  • 2002 United States Judo Federation
    International Coach of the Year
  • 2002 U.S. National Judo Champion
  • 2001 Maryland State Judo Champion
  • 2001 U.S. National Judo
  • 2000 Maryland State
    Judo Champion
  • 2000 Silver Medal World Championships
    BJJ Masters Rio, Brazil
  • Lloyd Irvin is the current
    G.A.M.E. Lt. Heavy Champion
  • Current U.S. Vale Tudo Lt.
    Heavyweight Champion
  • Lloyd is the first American
    to compete in the National Brazilian Team Championships in Rio
  • 1999 Maryland State Judo Champion
  • 1999 Silver Medalist – Campeonato
    Brasileiro De Equipes (National Brazilian Team Championships)
  • 1999 Combat Sombo National
    and Pan American Champion – 198lbs
  • 1999 Combat Sombo National
    and Pan American Outstanding Competitor
  • 1999 Combat Sombo National
    and Pan American (ASA) Team Captain/Coach
  • 1998 U.S. Combat Sombo National
    Champion – 198-220 lbs
  • 1997 Gracie Open Jiu-Jitsu
    Lt. Heavyweight Champion
  • 1996 Virginia Free Fighting
    Lt. Heavyweight Champion
  • 1996 Yamasaki-Dalla Jiu-Jitsu
    Tournament Champion
  • Soldiers of Submission – Team

The above list may be impressive, but in reality,
what Lloyd has done personally as a champion competitor doesn’t
have all that much to do with getting YOU good. After all, this
isn’t about Lloyd Irvin – this is about YOU and YOUR
competitive goals and dreams.

So everything said about Lloyd Irvin’s competitive
background, scratch it – because it’s more about what
our students have done and are doing now on a consistent
basis that will PROVE without a shadow of a doubt that we can turn
YOU into a champion grappling competitor.

This brings us to one of the key factors you should
look out for when searching for the best grappling and BJJ school
for people who want to compete.

When looking at schools, you need to ask this question:

“What Have Their Students Done In

Good question.

Here’s the bottom line: If a team has a reputation
of consistently producing champions at every BJJ belt level and
every grappling division, then it’s a safe bet that if you
join that team and follow the team’s system of success, you
too can become a champion.

As a team, we take great pride in what our students
have accomplished and what our current happily-involved students
are doing now in competitions across the world.

This brings us to our first “Team Lloyd Irvin
Case Study.”

Willie Leonard:
“From BJJ White Belt to BJJ
Blue Belt World Champion In Only 12 Months”

a list of Willie’s BJJ & submission grappling achievements
so far:

  • Grapplers Quest NJ 2007 No Gi
    Advanced Champion
  • Grapplers Quest NJ 2007 No Gi
    Absolute Champion
  • 2008 NAGA No Gi World Champion
  • 2008 NAGA Virginia Advanced
  • 2008 NAGA Virginia Blue Belt
    Division Runner-Up (competed as a white belt)
  • 2008 Arnold Classic No Gi Advanced
  • 2008 Grapplers Quest Las Vegas
    No Gi Advanced Runner-Up
  • 2008 Midwest Grappling Classic
  • NAGA NJ Blue Belt Champion (competed
    as a white belt)
  • NAGA NJ No Gi Runner-Up
  • Earned A Combined 9 Gold Medals
    And 1 Silver Medal At 3 Copa Nova Competitions
  • 2008 Mundials Blue Belt Ultra
    Heavyweight Champion
  • 2008 Mundials Blue Belt Absolute
    Division Runner-Up
  • ADCC Regionals No Gi Superheavyweight
  • ADCC Regionals No Gi Absolute
    Division Champion

Willie Gets Promoted To Blue Belt By Lloyd Irvin

Willie With Coach Lloyd Irvin After Winning BJJ World Championships

Willie With His Team Support At The BJJ World Championships


Why Team Lloyd Irvin Competitors Succeed

One of the reasons why our students succeed is because
they have quality training partners to workout
with every day and every practice.
This is yet another
“key factor” to look for in a quality competition academy.
It’s important to be around people with similar goals as you.
It’s vital for any competitor to train with others who take
their training just as seriously as you take yours.

Team Training Under The Watchful Eyes Of Our Dedicated, World-Champion
Instructors …

Another key factor that ties into having
awesome teammates by your side is having real SUPPORT.

For example, our teammates support each other at every practice,
every competition, every fight, and every tournament. They are there
to push you to higher levels, to cheer you on, to get you going
and be there for you through the rough patches you may have. After
all, this sport is tough – it isn’t for wimps, whiners
or excuse-makers. Our students feel great knowing they are heading
into battle with their team by their side, helping them, supporting

Team Lloyd Irvin Supports Their Teammates!

Along with the support, you’ll get the peace of
mind knowing that you’re training
with students who are DEDICATED to achieving their goals
not just some in and out wannabes who just show up on the mats here
and there so they can tell their friends they train. Our instructors
set themselves at a higher standard and they expect the same from
our students. In order to become a champion you must have desire,
you must have a strong will to win, and you must be dedicated. And
when you look at what we have done as a team, you can see clearly
just how dedicated we are to developing champions.

In fact, take a look at what we’ve done as a team at 2 of
the world’s biggest submission grappling tournaments, Grapplers
Quest and NAGA.

Our Results Speak For Themselves

Here’s what we’ve done as a team at the Grapplers
Quest tournaments…

Team Lloyd Irvin:
58-Time Grapplers Quest Team
Champions In 6 Years!

2009 Grapplers Quest U.S. National

06/23/2009 in Morristown, NJ
Overall Children’s Title
Overall No-Gi Championship Title

15th Grapplers Quest Las Vegas Championships
05/09/2009 in Las Vegas, NV

Overall Children’s Title

2009 Grapplers Quest Beast Of The

03/07/2009 in Wildwood, NJ
Overall Children’s and Teen’s Title
Overall No-Gi Championship Title
Overall Combined, BJJ & No-Gi Champions

14th Grapplers Quest Las Vegas Championships
12/06/2008 in Las Vegas, NV
Overall Children’s and Teen’s Title

2008 Grapplers Quest Southeast Championships
11/08/2008 in Kissimmee, FL
Overall Children’s and Teen’s Title

Grapplers Quest presents: 2008 Official
North American Grappling Championships

10/18/2008 in Wayne, NJ
Overall Children’s and Teen’s Title
Overall No-Gi Championship Title
Overall Combined, BJJ & No-Gi Champions

2008 Grapplers Quest U.S. Nationals
of Grappling

06/28/2008 in Morristown, NJ
Overall Children’s and Teen’s Title
Overall No-Gi Championship Title

5th Annual Copa Atlantica Brazilian
Jiu Jitsu Championships

06/28/2008 in Morristown, NJ

Overall BJJ Championship Title

13th Grapplers Quest Vegas Grappling
and BJJ Championships

05/03/2008 in Las Vegas, NV
Overall Children’s and Teen’s Title

12th Grapplers Quest West Grappling

12/01/2007 in Las Vegas, NV

Overall Children’s and Teen’s Title

2007 Copa Atlantica BJJ Championships
11/11/2007 in Maple Shade, NJ
Overall BJJ Championship Title

2007 Grapplers Quest Liberty Bell
No-Gi Challenge

11/10/2007 in Maple Shade, NJ

Overall Children’s and Teen’s Title
Overall No-Gi Championship Title

2007 Grapplers Quest North American

10/06/2007 in Jersey City, NJ
Overall Children’s and Teen’s Title
Overall No-Gi Championship Title

Overall BJJ Championship Title

2007 U.S. Nationals of Submission
Grappling presented by Grapplers Quest

04/14/2007 in Las Vegas, NV
Overall Children’s and Teen’s Title

2007 Grapplers Quest Beast of the
East 3

02/17/2007 in Wayne, NJ

Overall Children’s and Teen’s Title
Overall No-Gi Championship Title
Overall BJJ Championship Title

10th Grapplers Quest West and Team

12/09/2006 in Las Vegas, NV
Overall Children’s and Teen’s Title

2006 Grapplers Quest & Copa Atlantica

10/14/2006 in Clifton, NJ
Overall Children’s and Teen’s Title
Overall No-Gi Championship Title

2006 Official U.S. National Grappling

05/13/2006 in Bayonne, NJ
Overall Children’s and Teen’s Title
Overall No-Gi Championship Title
Overall BJJ Championship Title

9th Grapplers Quest West Championships
03/25/2006 in Las Vegas, NV

Overall Children’s and Teen’s Title

8th Grapplers Quest West Championships
11/12/2005 in Las Vegas, NV
Overall Children’s and Teen’s Title

Grapplers Quest Presents: The Official
North American Grappling Championships

09/10/2005 in Bayonne, NJ

Overall Children’s and Teen’s Title
Overall No-Gi Championship Title
Overall BJJ Championship Title

Copa Atlantica Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

07/10/2005 in King William, VA
Overall Children’s and Teen’s Title

Overall BJJ Championship Title

Grapplers Quest Southeast Submission
Grappling Championships

07/09/2005 in King William, VA
Overall Children’s and Teen’s Title
Overall No-Gi Championship Title

U.S. National Championships of Grappling

05/14/2005 in Jersey City, NJ
Overall Children’s and Teen’s Title
Overall No-Gi Championship Title
Overall BJJ Championship Title

Grapplers Quest Beast of the East
II Submission Grappling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Championships

02/26/2005 in Elizabeth, NJ

Overall Children’s and Teen’s Title
Overall No-Gi Championship Title
Overall BJJ Championship Title

North American Submission Grappling

09/25/2004 in Bayonne, NJ
Overall Children’s and Teen’s Title

Overall No-Gi Championship Title

The 2004 Copa Atlantica Brazilian
Jiu Jitsu Championships

07/18/2004 in Mechanicsville, VA
Overall BJJ Championship Title

Grapplers Quest Southeast Grappling

07/17/2004 in Mechanicsville , VA

Overall Children’s and Teen’s Title
Overall No-Gi Championship Title

2004 Grapplers Quest U.S. Nationals
05/22/2004 in Bayonne, NJ
Overall Children’s and Teen’s Title
Overall No-Gi Championship Title

Overall BJJ Championship Title

Grapplers Quest Beast Of The East
02/21/2004 in Bayonne, NJ
Overall Children’s and Teen’s Title
Overall No-Gi Championship Title

That’s not all. There’s more.

Even More

That We’re The Best Competition Team
In The Maryland, Virginia and DC Area

Here’s what we’ve done as a team
at the NAGA tournaments…

  • NAGA Battle at the Beach 2007
    Kids & Teens Champions
  • NAGA Battle at the Beach 2008
    Kids & Teens Champions
  • NAGA Battle at the Beach 2009
    Kids & Teens Champions
  • NAGA World Championship 2007
    Kids & Teens Champions
  • NAGA World Championship 2008
    Kids & Teens Champions
  • NAGA World Championship 2009
    Kids & Teens Champions
  • NAGA North American Grappling
    Championship 2005 Kids & Teens Champions
  • NAGA North American Grappling
    Championship 2006 Kids & Teens Champions
  • NAGA North American Grappling
    Championship 2007 Kids & Teens Champions
  • NAGA North American Grappling
    Championship 2008 Kids & Teens Champions
  • NAGA North American Grappling
    Championship 2008 Overall Adult Team Champions
  • NAGA Virginia Grappling Championship
    (April 2009) Kids & Teens Team Champions
  • NAGA Virginia Grappling Championship
    (April 2009) Overall Adult Team Champions
  • NAGA Virginia Grappling Championship
    (September 2009) Kids & Teens Team Champions
  • NAGA Virginia Grappling Championship
    (September 2009) Overall Adult Team Champions
  • NAGA Virginia Grappling Championship
    2009 Kids & Teens Team Champions
  • NAGA Virginia Grappling Championship
    2009 Overall Adult Team Champions

We could go on, and on, and ON. The list of team titles doesn’t
stop there … but we figure you get the point already.

Here’s what all these team victories have to do with YOU.


Our formula for success is simple.

Proven System
Quality Coaching
Great Teammates

Work Ethic & Attitude

We have a proven system (there’s simply no better proof
than our team RESULTS in competition).

We have quality coaching (not only are our coaches champion competitors,
they’re also champion instructors). We have great teammates
(our support system is second to none and all you need to do is
check out one competition team class to see the kind of quality
training partners you’ll have access to on a regular basis).
We work harder to transform our athletes into champions. Bottom

Let’s get into some more of Team Lloyd Irvin’s success
principles and why they’ve made us one of the top competition
teams in the nation and the #1 competition team in the Maryland,
Virginia and DC area.

Competition Success
Principle #1:
Work Ethic
& Attitude

Here at Lloyd Irvin’s Mixed Martial Arts Academy we take
pride in knowing we’re training harder – and smarter
– than any other team in the area. There are certain “secrets”
to our success, which you’ll learn about in this letter, but
it’s certainly no secret at all that the #1 reason why we’re
the best grappling competition team in Maryland, Virginia and DC
is because of our work ethic and our attitude.

Here’s why this benefits YOU. Not only do we push our students
past where they think they can go, our coaches do more than just
teach you. They train WITH you. We take a “hands on”
approach to training, meaning our coaches are on the mats with our
students training and making sure you are getting better at the
fastest rate possible.

Our thinking is that if our coaches are working harder than any
other coaching staff around, there’s no way possible for our
students to fail.

We’re the best because we hold ourselves to a higher standard.
The fact is this:

While most other teams are training to beat Team Lloyd Irvin,
we’re training to beat the best grapplers in the world.

Team Lloyd Irvin Athletes Win Matches And Bring Home The Hardware

Our Competitors Work Hard And Consistently Get Their Hands Raised
In Victory

Competitors Beware! Other Schools Will Flat Out
LIE To You!

Here’s another major PROBLEM that many aspiring competitors
will run into when checking out teams they might want to join: many
schools simply don’t have goals to be the absolute BEST in
the world. A lot of instructors and coaches actually hold their
competitors back by not “giving it to you straight”
or by babying you, telling you that it’s okay to train half-hearted
or not be as committed as you should be. They’ll make excuse
after excuse for themselves as coaches, they’ll give excuses
for their team not performing up to an acceptable level, and they’ll
make excuses for you as a competitor just to make you feel good.
Or if you wanna put it another way that’s not so “P.C.”
you could say they blow smoke up your ass so you won’t quit.

Not us. If you have the courage to step foot on our mats and you
want to really compete, then we’re gonna give it to you straight.
No BS.

Don’t Get Stuck On A Team With The Wrong Mindset!

Here’s another PROBLEM that the “real deal”
competitors get when figuring out which teams they want to join:
they’ll get involved with teams that accept just going out
there to compete or teams that will talk about getting medals. Unfortunately
many times aspiring champions run into coaches who tell them to
get a medal or that it’s great to just go out to a big tournament
and compete.

That’s SAD. Here’s why. By having that kind of mentality
and preaching that attitude and mentality to you, they are actually
holding you back. You’ll Never WIN That Way!

That’s a problem, but this common problem can be solved
by following our next competition success principle…

Competition Success
Principle #2:

Setting Yourself At A

Higher Standard Of Excellence

If you want to compete, you should want to WIN. If you don’t
want to WIN and if you’re really okay with losing, if you
accept losses graciously, then where’s the meaning? The coaches
and champions of Team Lloyd Irvin shoot for nothing less than gold
medals – nothing less than VICTORY. And yeah, sure, sometimes
people fall short. Nobody is absolutely perfect in a sport like
this. However, if you strive to be the absolute best, then most
likely you’re going to have a lot of success.

A perfect example of a student who had the goals of being the
absolute best he could possibly be, a student who had the courage
to go after what he wanted and work hard to overcome his faults
and weaknesses is a Team Lloyd Irvin grappler named Mike Fowler.

Let’s take a look at another “Team Lloyd Irvin Case

Mike Fowler:
“From BJJ White Belt To BJJ
Black Belt
National Champion In Only 4 Years”

Mike first came to the school, he was just a young, goofy
kid fresh out of high school. He started traveling all the
way from VA Beach to train, and after experiencing the level
of training at the school, he made the smart decision to move
here to Maryland so he could train at the school as much as
he could.

When he first got started, he wasn’t very good at all.
In fact, he’d get his butt kicked every day. But what
he lacked in talent he made up for with DESIRE. He wanted
so much to be a champion he met with his coach Lloyd Irvin
and came up with a plan and a system he needed to follow in
order to earn his BJJ black belt in record time like Lloyd
Irvin did – and more importantly, WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS

Mike was dedicated, focused, and disciplined enough to follow
Lloyd Irvin’s proven system that literally can take
a lesser athlete and transform him or her into a champion

Here’s more PROOF of how…

Lloyd Irvin Smashes The MYTH that
“You have to train with a Brazilian to compete and
at the highest level.”

A big ugly myth that runs rampant within the competitive
BJJ and grappling community is that you just can’t compete
and win at the highest levels unless your coach is Brazilian.
That couldn’t be further from the truth. Lloyd Irvin
has not only proven that kind of thinking wrong, he’s
totally taken that myth and shattered it to smithereens!

As you will see below, Team Lloyd Irvin’s own Mike
Fowler competes in the toughest BJJ and grappling tournaments
in the world and WINS.

Here’s a list of what Mike has accomplished throughout
his stellar BJJ & grappling career so far (and he ain’t
done yet!)…

The following tournaments and competitions are some of the
biggest and toughest in the world:

  • Asian Open Championship
    2007 Black Belt Middle weight – Champion
    2008 Black Belt Middle weight – 2nd Place
    2008 Black Belt Absolute – Champion
  • Rio Open International
    2009 Black Belt Middle weight – 3rd Place
  • USA vs. Brazil Championship
    2004 Purple Belt Lightweight – Champion
  • Pan American Jiu-Jitsu Championships

    2003 Blue Belt – Champion
    2006 Black Belt – 2nd Place

  • American National Jiu-Jitsu

    2003 Purple Belt Open Division – Champion

    2003 Purple Belt – Champion
    2005 Black Belt Medio – Champion

  • CBJJO Copa De Mundo
    2005 Brown Belt Medio – Bronze

Other Notable Tournaments & Competitions All The Way
From White Belt To Black Belt (and these aren’t even
all of his victories and championships):


  • 2006 Grapplers Quest
    – Black Belt – 3rd Place
  • 2005 American Nationals
    Black Belt – Champion


  • 2005 Copa Atlantica
    Brown Belt
    – Champion
  • 2005 Grapplers Quest
    Brown Belt
    – 2nd Place
  • 2005 Grapplers Quest
    USA Trials Welterweight
    – 3rd Place
  • 2005 Grapplers Quest
    Beast of the East 2
    Brown Belt – Champion
  • 2005 CSC 6 Grappling
    – Champion
  • 2005 Capital Classic
    Brown Belt 150+ – Champion
  • 2005 GQ Beast of the
    Brown Belt GI – Champion
  • 2005 Budweiser Cup Brown
    Belt Middleweight – Champion


  • 2004 Grapplers Quest
    World Series
    Purple Belt Lightweight – Champion
  • 2004 Grapplers Quest
    World Series
    Purple Belt Heavyweight – Champion
  • Georgia Open Lightweight
    – Champion
  • 2004 U.S. Open
    Purple Belt Light Heavyweight – Champion
  • 2004 VABJJF
    Purple Belt Lightweight – Champion
  • 2004 Copa Atlantica
    – Purple Belt Lightweight – Champion
  • 2004 Copa Atlantica
    – Purple Belt Open – 2nd Place
  • 2004 George Pendergrass
    Purple Belt Open – Champion
  • 2004 George Pendergrass
    Purple Belt Lightweight – Champion
  • 2004 Nashville Grappling
    No-Gi Advanced – 3rd Place
  • 2004 Nashville Grappling
    – Purple Belt Open – Champion
  • 2004 Nashville Grappling
    – Purple Belt Lightweight – Champion
  • Grapplers Quest National
    Advanced Featherweight – Champion
  • Grapplemania II
    Lightweight Pro Division – 3rd Place
  • 2004 NAGA No-Gi World
    Expert Division – Champion
  • 2004 NAGA Gi World Championships
    Purple Belt and Above – 3rd Place 2004
  • Grapplers Quest –
    Beast of the East
    – Lightweight Superfight
    Tournament – 2nd Place
  • 2004 Combat Sports Challenge
    – Champion
  • 2003 American International
    – Purple Belt Open – Champion
  • 2003 American International
    – Purple Belt Lightweight – Champion
  • 2003 Copa Atlantica
    – Purple Belt Lightweight – Champion
  • 2003 Copa Atlantica
    – Purple Belt Open – Champion
  • 2003 US Open
    – Purple Belt Lightweight – Champion
  • 2003 US Open
    Purple Belt Open – 2nd Place
  • 2003 Virginia Beach
    Jiu-Jitsu Championships
    – Purple Belt Lightweight
    – Champion
  • 2003 Grapplers Quest
    No-Gi World Championships
    Advanced Lightweight
    – Champion
  • 2003 Victory at Valley
    Forge Purple Belt Open
    – Champion
  • 2003 Victory at Valley
    Forge Purple Belt Lightweight
    – Champion
  • Battle of the Beach
    Purple Belt –
  • 2003 Battle of the Beach
    – 3rd Place

Blue Belt

  • 2003 Grapplers Quest
    Shootout Open Class
    – Champion
  • 2003 GQ Nationals No-Gi
    – Champion
  • 2003 NAGA Gi World Championships
    – Champion
  • 2003 NAGA No-Gi World
    – 3rd Place
  • 2002 NAGA Championships
    – 4th Place
  • 2002 NAGA Championships
    – Champion
  • 2002 Copa Atlantica
    Gi Championships
    – Champion
  • 2002 New England Grappling
    – 3rd Place
  • 2002 US Grappling Championships
    – 2nd Place

White Belt

  • 2001 NAGA NAGC
    – White
    Belt – 2nd Place
  • 2001 NAGA NAGC
    No-Gi – Champion
  • 2001 Fighters Garage
    – White Belt – Champion
  • 2001 King of the Ring
    – Winner
  • 2001 Danville Fall KickFest
    – Winner


Not only has Mike Fowler won some of the most
grueling and toughest tournaments anyone could compete in,
he’s bested some truly legendary grapplers in competition.

That fact is important to note because since Mike was able
to earn his BJJ black belt in such a short period of time,
many felt it was simply “too quick” and questioned
what he’d be able to do at the black belt level.

Well, in typical Team Lloyd Irvin fashion, Mike silenced
the “haters” and proved the naysayers dead wrong
when he won a National BJJ Championship in the black belt
division within a month of earning his BJJ black belt, quickly
establishing himself as one of the top American Brazilian
Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt competitors in the world!

Not only that, he went on to compete at the Abu Dhabi Submission
Wrestling Championships and defeated the legendary fighter
and grappler Renzo Gracie (the third Gracie Mike has beaten
in his short career so far) in a tight, hard-fought match.
It was an honor for Mike to be able to compete against one
of his idols and to come out victorious is remarkable.

Right after that match, Mike then tapped out 6-time BJJ World
Champion and 2-time Abu Dhabi Submission Wrestling World Champion
Saulo Ribeiro who is one of the most heavily-credentialed
BJJ and grappling competitors of all time! Mike was in big
trouble in the beginning of the match but stayed tough, weathered
the storm and was able to secure a footlock submission hold
to get the victory.


Mike hugs his coach after tapping out BJJ and grappling
legend Saulo Ribeiro
at the Abu Dhabi Championships

Mike Fowler is elated as he goes to get his hand raised
in victory

These wins are quite significant because they
are undisputable proof that Team Lloyd Irvin competitors
can WIN in the toughest of circumstances against the best
and toughest competitors in the world.

Here’s why this is so great and how
it benefits YOU as an aspiring competitor…

Right here on the training floor of our Camp
Springs, MD academy, Mike Fowler is coaching and training
our students everyday to help create more gold medal winners.
You’ll not only be coached by world champions, you
be training with world champions.

That’s right… while the other
schools in the area are trying to catch up to Team Lloyd
Irvin… Team Lloyd Irvin is training to beat the best
teams and competitors in the world! That’s just a

Other Competition Teams In The Area
Train To Beat Team Lloyd Irvin
– Team Lloyd Irvin Trains To Beat
The Best In The World!

And THAT is one of the biggest reasons why…

“People From All Over The World Travel Right
To Camp Springs, MD To Train At Our Academy”

Being the #1 school in the Maryland, Virginia and DC area has
its merits. It affords us the opportunity to provide our students
with the best possible coaching and tournament preparation in the
area, along with the best training facilities.

That’s why many of our students are more than willing to
drive over one hour, one way, to train at our academy. To them,
it’s more than worth the extra few minutes of travel time
to train with the best. For the serious competitor, one who wants
to WIN grappling matches against the toughest competition, it’s
an easy decision to travel just a little bit more to make it here.

Here’s one of our students who travels over an hour one
way consistently to train with Team Lloyd Irvin…


We understand some schools may be closer to you, and some of those
schools might even have students who compete… but if you’re
serious about winning, doesn’t it make sense to travel just
a little bit more to get the best training possible? If you’re
going to compete, wouldn’t you agree the smart decision would
be to prepare for competitions with the #1 competition team in the
MD, VA & DC area, even if you might have to drive a little more
to get there?


Let’s think about it… why would you want to take a
chance of losing in a competition because you didn’t do everything
in your power to get the best training possible? Anyone who’s
serious about competing in BJJ or grappling tournaments would be
willing to sacrifice maybe a little more and invest just a little
more time into getting world class training, right?

This brings us to our next competition success principle…

Competition Success
Principle #3:

Surrounding Yourself
With The Right People

If you want to have success on the mats, one thing you absolutely
must have is a quality support system. You have to surround yourself
with the right people who can help you get the job done. You absolutely
must have quality friends, mentors and coaches to follow.

Having said that, many aspiring grappling champions who never
really had the success they dreamed about have this in common:

Unsuccessful competitors didn’t surround themselves with
the right people.

If you surround yourself with mediocre people and are part of
a mediocre team… you will have the tendency to become mediocre.
If you surround yourself with unmotivated people and an unmotivated
team… you will have the tendency to be unmotivated.

Unfortunately, many people who really want to be champions make
a huge mistake and choose to train at academies that simply don’t
measure up. Many aspiring champions end up doing nothing because
they messed up and joined the wrong team and associated with the
wrong people.

Those people end up living the rest of their lives with regret
and sometimes even shame after finding out they could have made
maybe just one or two different decisions with regards to which
competition team they chose to join.

That’s a major problem and one that doesn’t sit well
with us here at Lloyd Irvin’s MMA, BJJ & Grappling Academy.
We hate seeing people lose matches because they’re not preparing
properly as a result of being on the wrong team.

It’s all goes back to this simple principle: If you want
success in grappling, surround yourself with successful motivated
grapplers and coaches who have a common goal to be the absolute
best at what they do.

You don’t have to make the same mistake so many other unlucky
folks make when trying to find the best BJJ and grappling competition

It’s your responsibility as an aspiring champion to associate
yourself with the right people. If you associate yourself with champions,
there’s a good chance you can become a champion yourself.
If you surround yourself with energetic, motivated and ambitious
people, you will naturally push each other to the top. If you don’t,
you won’t – plain and simple.

As a member of Team Lloyd Irvin you can rest assured you are surround
by the right people.

If you check out tournament footage of Team Lloyd Irvin members
in action, you’ll see how enthusiastic our team is and how
strongly we stand behind our competitors. You’ll get so much
support during both the preparation for the competitions and during
the competitions. You’ll never be without a coach and you’ll
always have people pushing you to new heights and helping you through
your challenges. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

When You Train With Team Lloyd Irvin, You’ll Be Training With
The Best!

We Have Many Black Belts Who Will Train With You And Coach You To
At National, International and Even World Tournaments!

Train With Lloyd Irvin and You’ll Be Training With Winners!


Having good friends, mentors and coaches is PRICELESS when you’re
a competitive combat athlete. It’s worth it to seek out the
right people to associate yourself with, because when you do find
the right people and the right team, it can make an enormous positive
impact on your life. The great news is that you can control who
you associate with and which competition team you decide to join.
So do it. If you live near the Maryland, Virginia or Washington
Metropolitan area, the smart choice is simple.

This brings us to our next “Team Lloyd Irvin Case Study.”

Nyjah Easton:
“Short And Skinny Little 114-Pound
‘Girly Girl’
Battles Adversity To Shock Her Friends And

Becomes Team Lloyd Irvin’s First World Champion”

Here’s a list
of Nyjah’s BJJ & submission grappling achievements
so far:

  • 2007 Mundial (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
    World Championships) Silver Medalist
  • 2007 Naga Gi (119 pounds and
    below) Champion
  • 2007 Naga No Gi (119 pounds
    and below) Champion
  • 2007 Grapplers Quest Liberty
    Bell No- Gi (114.9 pounds and below) Champion
  • 2007 Grapplers Quest North American
    Championships (114.9 pounds and below) Champion
  • 2007 Grapplers Quest Purple
    Belt (114 pounds and below) Champion
  • 2006 Brazilian Mundial (BJJ
    World Championships) Bronze Medalist
  • 2006 Abu Dhabi Trials Semi-Finalist
  • 2006 Girls Fight Too Award
  • 2006 WKA Super Fight Champion
  • 2006 Naga Women’s No Gi Open
    Weight Champion
  • 2006 Naga Women’s Gi (Purple
    Belt and Above) Champion (130 pounds and below)
  • 2006 Grapplers Quest Multiple
    Time Silver Medalist
  • 2006 WKA No Gi Champion (120
    pounds and below)
  • 2006 WKA Gi Champion (120 pounds
    and below)
  • 2005 Naga Winner for Women’s
    (124.5 pounds and below)
  • 2005 Naga Bronze Medalist
  • 2005 Naga Bronze Medalist (Gi)
  • 2005 Grapplers Quest Silver
    Medalist (No Gi)
  • 2005 Grapplers Quest Silver
    Medalist (Gi)
  • 2005 Naga Silver Medalist (Gi)
  • 2005 Naga Silver Medalist (No
  • 2004 Grapplers Quest Bronze Medalist
  • 2004 Grapplers Quest 4th Place
    (No Gi)
  • 2004 Naga Silver Medalist
  • 2004 Naga Bronze Medalist
  • 2004 Naga Teens Silver Medalist
    (No Gi)
  • 2004 Naga Teen Girls Gi Champion
  • 2004 Grapplers Quest Teens Bronze
  • 2004 Grapplers Quest Teens Bronze
    Medalist (No Gi)
  • 2004 Naga Champion Women’s Beginner
    (No Gi)
  • 2004 Naga Champion Women’s White

These championships are all a result
of hard work and being around the right people.


Competition Success
Principle #4:

Being Committed

If you wanna compete, and you wanna WIN, you gotta be committed.

You can’t be a “TALKER.” You gotta be a “DOER!”

Here’s what we mean by this…

Commitment is something that all champions have in common. Champion
competitors are 100% committed to their sport.

Here’s another major PROBLEM facing many people who want
to compete and win grappling tournaments. They’ll join a team
that does nothing but “talk” about winning championships
yet lacks any kind of true commitment to really doing what it takes
to get the job done on the mats. Countless grapplers join teams
because irresponsible coaches make promise after promise but never

With Team Lloyd Irvin, what you see is what you get. We don’t
need to promise you the world in order to get you to join our team.
All anyone has to do to see if we’re telling the truth is
to look at our team’s competition RESULTS. Our results speak
for themselves.

Winning Is Team Lloyd Irvin’s Business… And Business
Is Good!

Here’s something else you must do in order to be a winner
on the mats. You gotta surround yourself with people who are committed
to training YOU to be a champion. You have to be a part of a team
that’s committed to giving its members the best training possible.

Here’s how Team Lloyd Irvin is 100% committed to preparing
YOU to become their next success story.

We have dedicated classes that will improve your abilities in
specific areas, like takedowns (wrestling), submission holds (chokes,
arm locks, leg locks, etc.), scoring points (sweeps, passing, etc.)
and conditioning. We have advanced classes and classes for beginners

When you start taking classes at our academy and begin your preparation
to become a champion grappler, you’ll see how Lloyd Irvin
and the rest of your coaches are committed to getting you tougher,
getting you stronger, getting you better and getting your body and
mind hardened to be able to win grappling matches.

There are a lot of ways to win in grappling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu,
but as far as we’re concerned, there’s only one way
to prepare – and that’s with total commitment. That’s
the only way you’re gonna have consistency built into your
performance on the mat and that’s the only way you’re
gonna have consistency to get what you want to get.

This brings us to our next “Team Lloyd Irvin Case Study.”

Mike Easton:
“From White Belt Beginner
To BJJ Black Belt & Champion MMA Fighter”

When Mike Easton first met Lloyd Irvin, before he even set
foot in Lloyd’s academy, he told Lloyd he wanted to
be a fighter. He said one of his dreams was to be a professional
mixed martial arts fighter and become a world champion. He
also wanted to get a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and
win submission wrestling and BJJ tournaments as he progressed
through the ranks.

Lloyd said to Mike, “Most people are all
talk. Once you come into my academy and start training, we’ll
go from there. Don’t just talk about it, be about it!”

That’s when it started. Mike clearly
wasn’t “all talk” like most other “wannabe”
fighters or “wannabe” grapplers. He came with
a purpose, he had clearly-defined goals, and he was committed
to achieving them.

All Mike did was plug himself into Lloyd Irvin’s
proven system, stayed consistent with his training, listened
to his coaches, worked hard and he earned his success. He
didn’t just talk about what he was gonna do, he let
his ACTIONS do the talking. THAT is how he was able to become
a champion with Team Lloyd Irvin.

are some of Mike Easton’s competition accomplishments:

  • Professional Mixed Martial
    Arts Fighter
  • Currently Holds 5 Championship
    MMA Belts
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt
    Under Lloyd Irvin
  • 2007 BJJ World Championships
    Bronze Medalist (Brown Belt)
  • Multiple-Time Grapplers Quest
  • Multiple-Time NAGA (North American
    Grappling Association) Champion

you join Team Lloyd Irvin and start your training to become
a champion grappling and BJJ competitor, you’ll be able
to train alongside Mike Easton.

In fact, Mike is one of our assistant instructors
at the school. So not only will you be coached by a champion,
you’ll be able to train with a champion.

And it doesn’t just stop there –
we have champions and consistent gold medal winners training
hard every single day, morning and night, on the mats here
in Camp Springs, Maryland.


The training we do for competition isn’t easy. In fact, it
can be quite grueling at times… which brings us to our next
competition success principle.

Competition Success
Principle #5:

Having The Courage
To Challenge Yourself Every Day

Combat sports like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and submission grappling
are tough sports. Competing in one-on-one sports like grappling
and BJJ is definitely not for everybody (although it should be).
It takes people with tremendous courage to step out there on the
mat and impose their will on their opponents.

There’s no denying that competing in one-on-one combat sports
will be one of the most challenging things you will ever do in your
life. For some people, it can be downright scary… which brings
us to this big question…

Are You Scared Of The Challenge?

As a member of Team Lloyd Irvin, you will be challenged every
day. You can bet on that.

It ain’t gonna be a cake walk. If it was easy to be a champion
grappler, then everybody and their mother would be walking around
with a gold medal hanging from their neck.

It’s hard. It’s challenging. That’s the way it
is and that’s the way it should be.

What you’ll feel as soon as you step on the mats as a member
of Team Lloyd Irvin will be a great sense of pride knowing that
as a competitor, you’re on the right team and you’re
doing the right things in practice in order to become a champion.
When that happens, you’ll notice big changes in your life
off the mat as well in your body and your mind which translates
to an overall better quality of life for you and the people around

Now let’s try something.

Picture yourself at your first competition, winning your first
match as a member of Team Lloyd Irvin, getting your hand raised
in victory and hearing the roar of your teammates in your corner
and in the crowd. Think that’s gonna feel good? You bet it

As a member of Team Lloyd Irvin, the #1 competition team in the
DC Metro area, you’ll feel an enormous sense of accomplishment
simply knowing you had the courage to step on our mats and give
it a try. Not to mention the fact you’ll be part of a team
who’s 100% committed to producing winners.

So if you are serious about competing wouldn’t it make sense
to invest in a school that will provide you absolute best training
possible? Provide you with coaches that truly CARE about seeing
you not only win but DOMINATE your opponents? If you accept anything
less, you’re throwing your money away.

“Don’t Throw Your Cash In The Trash!”

Here’s another huge problem that many aspiring competitors
who just aren’t “in the know” run into.

The unfortunate people who haven’t done their homework to
find the right competition team to join oftentimes end up paying
for classes at inferior schools that don’t provide a serious
competitor what they need to win championships on a consistent basis.

They’ll pay to compete, but because they aren’t with
the right team, they get embarrassed, humiliated and leave the competition
feeling ashamed. That’s like throwing cash in the trash.

If you’re going to invest your time, money and energy into
becoming a real deal grappling competitor, why not you invest in
the best? If you live in the Maryland, Virginia and DC area then
the smart decision is right around the corner here at Lloyd Irvin’s
Mixed Martial Arts Academy in Camp Springs, Maryland.

If you want to compete in grappling or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournaments
and WIN, there’s no better place to train. Give us a call
right now so we can see if we’d be a good fit for each other.

Call 301-449-5425 right now and ask for Mike or Pere and they’ll
hook you up.


Now you have no excuses not to come and train with the #1 grappling
and BJJ competition in the Maryland, Virginia and DC area. Don’t
make the same mistake so many other uninformed people make when
trying to find a place to fulfill their competitive goals. If you
wanna be the best then you have to train with the BEST. Don’t
wait. The time is NOW. You can do this! All it takes to get started
is a simple phone call to set up a free consultation so we can go
over what your specific personal goals are and make sure we can
fulfill your needs. So let’s give it a try. Call us at 301-449-5425
and ask for Mike or Pere, they’ll be happy to help you.

See you soon!

Team Lloyd Irvin

Team Lloyd Irvin Welcomes YOU As Its Next Competitor And Future

What Students Say...

We absolutely love Team Third Law!
Danielle M.
Danielle M.
00:13 29 May 24
We were looking for a class for our 7 year old that was not only fun but would teach him skills such as respect and discipline. We are thoroughly... enjoying the facility, the way that class is taught, and the kind yet stern nature the coach teaches all the kids. Very impressed!read more
Alejandra E. C.
Alejandra E. C.
17:26 23 May 24
Very welcoming gym, lots of space, and small class sizes!
Jordi P.
Jordi P.
15:47 08 Feb 24
Started the program about two years ago, and before that i had no fighting experience. I was always interested in learning but, found myself always... fearing I would go in, and it be full of ego. However, I was pleasantly surprised upon entering how friendly everyone is and calm even with someone so new to the concept as I. That extends to the staff as well as the other students. They thrust you into sparring at the end of each class (not forced but highly encouraged) even if it is your first class. I wasn't expecting that, but it is what I'm there for, so I went with it. The experience was amazing. The people I sparred with, was all in good fun and very informative in terms of technique and skill. They didn't make it easy though. Wouldn't want them too either. It's a fight it is not supposed to be. But if you ever needed a break from punching each other in the face it was perfectly normal, and you just talk about life for a minute and go back to it. Such an incredible feeling to be on such good terms with people after trying to beat one another up. Jokes, compliments on good hits and combos. No ego in sight. Never in the year and some change did I have a bad experience there and wow what improvement I received to my health and confidence. It translated to all aspects of my life. A real game changer. I had to take a break for a time and canceled my subscription due to life, but when i found time one night around christmas I wanted to see my old sparring partners. I was welcomed with open arms and gloves. They took me in so that I could work with them again and man was I out of shape from taking that break. It really showed me how much it did for me. It was so bad I couldn't confidently spar at the end of the night, so I had to sit it out. I offered to pay for the one class, but they told me the one night was ok. Great people. Great Gym. Special shoutout to Master Roberto. At the time I went he was running the Kickboxing section which is what I mostly did. He was patient, firm, knowledgeable, and fun. My growth over that first year was phenomenal. Thank you, Master Roberto, if you see this. Also, shoutout to Coach Joe. My first ever class was with him in the Boxing class on a Saturday. He whopped me with only jabs I'm pretty sure! Shoutout to Coach Joey as well for filling Master Robertos shoes exceptionally. Always fostering such a positive environment.I am going to be starting again tonight. Wish me luck. Hope to see you there! don't be afraid. They will take good care of you!Sorry it took me so long to write this Master Roberto. Hope to see you soon!read more
Charles H.
Charles H.
23:25 06 Feb 24
I’m not sure how else to ask other than a review, but how much do muy Thai classes cost per month and how many classes are held per week and on what... days?read more
Joshua S.
Joshua S.
02:00 13 Jan 24
Team Third Law is amazing place for kids to learn skills and discipline.
Alyona C.
Alyona C.
02:38 29 Dec 23
Great environment!
Javier P.
Javier P.
17:36 10 Dec 23
The instructor last night was 10 out of 10 he was not only a good instructor but also very friendly and funny. Definitely wanting to come back when I... am in town again love the energy you guys have more
Noah F.
Noah F.
19:34 08 Dec 23
Both great atmosphere and great training/ coaches! You don't often find that combo in martial arts gyms.they've got BBJ (also the he add coach has a... black belt in BJJ and Judo) and Muay Thai. I forgot the name of the two main coaches, but they know what they're doing. I think they've had legit cage fights or more
John S.
John S.
17:05 29 Aug 23
If you're nervous about starting martial arts then I suggest training here. I went in for my first class and I've been here ever since. The... environment is great to work in and as long as you apply what you learn it's well worth the experience and money. I truly recommend third law to anyone new and experiencedread more
Jay “.
Jay “.
16:26 21 Jun 23
My daughter has gone to Team Third Law for 3 years. This past year we did the after school program. We’ve recommended this gym to everyone! The staff... is amazing; quick to respond, trustworthy with kids, encouraging, respectful, stern yet kind. Coach Joe has left such a positive impact on my daughter. He really made all the difference both at the after school program and at practice. My daughter learned a lot both mentally and physically here. It was just what we needed and I’m thankful for everything this facility has taught more
Neka R.
Neka R.
13:36 01 May 23
We have had a wonderful experience at this gym. The coaches are knowledgeable, and the kids are learning much more than just how to submit an... opponent. This gym teaches how to be a good person who is contributing and thriving in society. Worth every more
Jonathan R.
Jonathan R.
14:00 14 Feb 23
Absolutely love everything about TTLA. They pick up from school, have a routine and structure, yet let the kids have fun. The Jiu Jitsu program is... wonderful. My daughter loves more
18:02 09 Nov 22
I started training here as a beginner in the adults class about seven months ago, and knew right off it was a worthwhile investment of time and... money. My teachers are outstanding, providing a friendly and intellectually stimulating (and occasionally full-crazy) atmosphere. The classes are physically and mentally demanding, but I love it. If you enjoy the challenge of a rigorous workout, or a late-night theological debate, or fighting for your life, Third Law is for you. Give it a more
Eli H.
Eli H.
23:55 17 Oct 22
I did a drop-in class this week and it was amazing! Master Roberto is a phenomenal teacher and I am looking forward to training here again when I am... back in the area. Thank you!read more
Roger G.
Roger G.
13:28 15 Oct 22
Our son loves Team Third Law Academy. He has grown physically and mentally from BJJ. When he gets home from class, my wife and I hear him singing in... the shower. That’s how much he enjoys going, and that’s how good it is for him holistically.Master Roberto and Coach Joe are fantastic instructors who really care for their more
Scott D.
Scott D.
09:07 27 Sep 22
TTT is simply the best place to practice martial arts. They take you by the hand and make you feel part of a family that really exists. They always... push you up. I would come back as often as life allows. I can only thank Master Roberto, Master Katy, Joe and Joy. They are the best 💪💪💪💪💓💓💓💓read more
Dayrin M.
Dayrin M.
01:42 09 Sep 22
Third Law is the best! My sons attended for 5 years and learned self-discipline, strength, and confidence. Master Roberto, Coaches Katy and Joe are... so helpful and really care about what they more
melissa G.
melissa G.
00:49 08 Sep 22
We love Third Law!
Kayla M.
Kayla M.
15:40 03 Aug 22
Team Third Law is an amazing and very cohesive business, and Martial Arts' learning Center. All members of the staff are very well prepared and... attentive to all students. This place welcomes you from day 1 and its one of the few places left that have not taken God out of the institution. Family oriented and caring, clean, organized, flexible, attentive among other qualities set this place apart. High level competitors and masters from this institution have had great success. Highly more
Maddiel M.
Maddiel M.
20:14 14 Jun 22
Our daughter was in the after school program for 2 years. They are the best! She is a hard to handle kid but the coaches at Team Third Law did great... and we had no issues whatsoever for the entire time. Their summer camp is great and very entertaining for the kids. Unfortunately this year we couldn't attend because of a long trip to Europe but I highly recommend them! Thank you for your patience and dedication!read more
Petya C.
Petya C.
00:28 08 Jun 22
The staff at Team Third Law are incredibly respectful, professional, and knowledgeable about martial arts. The coaches take the time to work with... everyone regardless of skill level. They have also created a community where teammates support one another. I would highly recommend Team Third Law to anyone interested in martial more
Tyler S.
Tyler S.
12:36 26 May 22
Visiting Naples, I was excited to try a women's only class. I loved it so much a did several intro classes throughout the week. Coach Joe is a great... instructor and very professional. Coach Katy challenges you and understands how woman fight. Master Roberto is very knowledge and reminds you that this is a fun art. The three of them were simply amazing! If I lived in Naples I would be here everyday. I can't recommend the Third Law Academy more
Charmayne K.
Charmayne K.
18:51 08 Nov 21
My family’s experience at Team Third Law was really great! It’s ran so well, very organized and structured. Everyone is always so friendly and ready... to get down to business on the mats. For our first time at a Martial Arts school, Team Third Law has set the bar incredibly high!read more
Chelsea S.
Chelsea S.
01:35 11 Sep 21
My entire family has a membership to this gym. From 4 years old to 30 years old. The facility is top tier, the coaching staff are always friendly and... professional, the community and curriculum they’ve built inside those 4 walls is complete and competitive. From your first day to your last you will always receive the highest level of instruction and advice. This gym is single-handedly creating intelligent, responsible and capable athletes. The lessons you learn will affect you positively both inside and outside of the gym. I cannot say enough great things about this gym and how much it will be missed when I move. If you’re in the area and looking to learn train and grow as an athlete and an individual you’re doing yourself a disservice by not going to Third Law.Two thumbs up.10/105 more
Kasey S.
Kasey S.
18:08 07 Sep 21
Great facility and amazing staff. It’s a small family business and that’s how they treat my son just like family. Not only do they have an amazing... martials program but they also include imporance of life skills and habits. So happy we chose more
Angela C.
Angela C.
22:21 12 Jul 21
good school, thank you all
Tony S.
Tony S.
16:41 21 May 21
I was visiting Naples on a business trip. I considered a few other schools to visit, but I didn't receive a welcoming vibe from the other schools. I... called Team Third Law Academy and was invited to attend the class for that evening. I had a long day of meetings, and was running late so I called and let them know I wouldn't make it, I didn't want to disrupt their class, but they insisted that I was still welcome and that I come. Once I arrived, I was greeted at the door by coach Formica who immediately invited me onto the mat, and introduced me to an awesome training partner. The coach was thorough, my partner was considerate, I had a great time. After class, I had an opportunity to roll with coach Formica and Professor Roberto Torralbas. They were both tough skilled BJJ practitioners. Everyone at the school was welcoming. They told me continually, that they were my home away from home.If you live in the Naples are make this your home! Visit this school before you commit to any other school in your region. Professor Torralbas and his wife are graduates of Cornell University, and have an after school program geared providing a value added academically enriching opportunity for youth.Make sure you visit them before you decide on a BJJ school in the Naples area. You will love it!!!read more
Joshua S.
Joshua S.
14:24 30 Apr 21
I did two-a-days for a week and it was the best martial arts experience I've ever had. Master Roberto and Coach Joe are excellent, balancing theory... and practice with a high attention to detail. Very attentive to all students regardless of skill level. I fully expect to travel across the country many more times just to train more
Taylor S.
Taylor S.
14:30 25 Apr 21
This school is fantastic. So welcoming and kind. I only saw a week's worth of curriculum but that was excellent. The coaches are all very skilled and... great instructors. If you're looking to grapple in Naples, you've found the more
Patrick P.
Patrick P.
22:29 05 Apr 21
World class instruction. I travel from Portland Oregon to Naples to train under Roberto Torralbas and Joe Formica. The community is extremely... inviting and very ready to train hard. The school is always incredibly clean as well. Could not recommend more
Jordan S.
Jordan S.
22:46 04 Apr 21
Had a wonderful time training at Team Third Law Academy while visiting Naples. The coaches and other students were warm, friendly and welcoming. ... The teaching was excellent and showed a high depth of knowledge. I recommend the school highly!read more
Kritis D.
Kritis D.
21:31 15 Mar 21
Third Law is a wonderful small family business and a great part of the larger jiu-jitsu family. They have formed a very welcoming and highly... competent community of coaches and more
Kellyn R.
Kellyn R.
16:08 18 Jan 21
Team Third law is the best martial arts academy around. They do it all Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling, kickboxing etc. The kids after school program is... excellent as well. Highly more
AngelTowing C.
AngelTowing C.
19:23 09 Jan 21
Team Third Law has been nothing but a great experience for myself and my son. My son started when he was 4, and I am his 38 year old mom. We both... love that we are able to learn and experience the sport of BJJ together!!read more
Tanya P
Tanya P
19:31 05 Dec 20
I am a mother of 3 kids and I have been using their services for the past 3 years. All I have to say is that they have been phenomenal, they have... treated my kids as their own and have been extremely responsible with everything that they do and offer. The facility is extremely well kept and it’s honestly such a joy to see my kids burn off some energy and most importantly have the time of their life with so many of their friends that they have made because of the teams. I recommend them to everyone because I truly stand by what they are for and i wouldn’t be writing this review if I didn’t. Y lo mejor de todo es que hablan español 10/10!!read more
My husband and I signed up our very energetic but shy 6 year old sons. We needed aftercare for them but with constructive guidance and discipline... while learning a sport. We were pleasantly surprised when we went in for orientation to note that they do pickup from school and help with homework. The added perk is that they are available and open to you on early release days and days when schools are closed. As very busy working parents this Academy is a life saver. My younger son was extremely shy and would not initially participate in activities. Coach Joe was very encouraging and patient with him and now he loves his Martial Arts. Not only are our children safe but they are very happy and disciplined while learning lessons that will aid them not only with academics but with life in general. My very introverted sons are now more extroverted chatterboxes. I highly recommend Third Law Academy, Master Roberto, Coach Katy, Coach Joe and Ms. Mila are a Godsend for those of us without family support.Gillian and Miguelread more
01:55 26 Nov 20
Hands down the best BJJ & martial arts academy around. Master & Coaches r great with the students & children’s after school & summer camps. They r... 110% devoted & so passionate for everyone’s success in their class & in life. Love the life lessons that r taught, as well as the martial arts. Our child has been attending almost 5 years now! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!read more
Amy T.
Amy T.
21:43 25 Nov 20
Our son has thrived here. Outstanding coaches with a thirst for education and adherence to a code of honor. He started in the Ji-Jitsu class and... then went into the afterschool program and the summer program. He is a 1st grader reading at a 4th grade level and his math skills are off the chart. There is no better spent money that at Team Third Law. It could easily be called Third Law Family. Because that's the way you are more
Ron M.
Ron M.
13:45 16 Oct 20
just took my first ever BJJ class, excellent coaching and very welcoming environment. Be prepared for the work out of your life .will defiantly come... more
Josh M.
Josh M.
11:28 28 Sep 20
Super Friendly and Super Accommodating! Third Law is great about giving folks a chance to check it out and really get acquainted without pressure or... hefty fees. They even have a free 30 day trial! Big, spacious facility and great equipment, main work is BJJ and Muay Thai for adults, and they do a lot of great work for kids and with junior programs. You guys rock!read more
04:12 12 Jun 20
I started going to Team Third Law for martial arts training, and was welcomed by the students and staff. They have expansive facilities and are... thoroughly equipped to teach adults as much as they are willing to learn. As soon as my wife and I felt our son was ready, he too was enrolled, and if I thought the adult program was great, the kids programs are over the top. The level at which the instructors are able to engage the children is staggering. My wife and I are very impressed. Since then, I have also started to do strength training and my wife intends to enroll in martial arts as well. Couldn't recommend Team Third Law enough!read more
Adrian M.
Adrian M.
19:50 20 Apr 20
I can’t express enough how great team third law is. I have my son is the Academic program and Martial Arts program. The academic program has help my... son improved in school and my son love marital program. He always looks forwards coming here. I highly recommend this more
21:55 28 Oct 19
love this place! instructors really want you to learn techniques and why the moves are effective. great way to stay in shape and meet people with... similar interests as opposed to just going to a gymread more
Kimberly C.
Kimberly C.
20:46 27 Aug 19
I've been a member for about seven months now; and this is by and far the best 'gym' experience I have ever had.Master Roberto's method of teaching... and emphasis on technique and learning is an excellent basis to easily learn the basics of BJJ, Boxing, Muy Thai or any of the other sports that are trained.Coaches Katy and Joe truly do an excellent job of Customer Service. Assisting and supporting you through your journey in the Art of Combat Sports.Finally, the people are just as fantastic. This IS NOT an all out, stereotypical, gym. The environment is family-friendly, inviting, open, and everyone is focused on helping each other master the concepts being drilled.I happily and highly recommend this gym to anyone looking to more
Andrew T.
Andrew T.
12:24 21 May 19
Best jiu jitsu school I have trained at.
Santiago “Sam” B.
Santiago “Sam” B.
19:20 01 May 19
I visited for the first time a couple of nights ago, everyone was extremely nice and welcoming. The technique was very good and detail oriented. I'll... definitely be back and would recommend it to anyone who is thinking about trying Jiu-Jitsu or visiting an academy that welcomes visitors without more
Devin J.
Devin J.
13:26 12 Jan 19
I was in town for a couple of days and absolutely needed a place to train. Team Third Law opened their doors and as soon as warm ups started Coach... Joey made me feel like part of the family. I have trained all over the country and I can say that the techniques thought at Third Law is some of the best. I was very impressed by how well the coaches can break down the moves so that everyone at all levels of the sport can pick them up no problem. Next time i'm back in area i'll definitely be stopping more
Brandon F.
Brandon F.
21:41 17 Dec 18
This gym has a really great group of people. I felt very welcomed and was right at home. They have great instructors and a very superb gym. I will... definitely be returning every time I am here from more
Justin R.
Justin R.
03:52 20 Oct 18
Our children have been with Master Roberto, Coach Katy and Team Third Law for over 5 years now. Team Third Law is a great partner who reinforces... what we strive to teach at home. They not only help our kids stay strong physically but also mentally. I appreciate these professionals and completely trust them with our more
Mai H.
Mai H.
15:07 01 Oct 18
My son Cory has attended Third Law for 6 years now. Starting as a little ninja and is now on the kids competition team. He was in the after school... program. He went to summer camp many times. He has made many great friends and has been mentored by all of the awesome instructors! They are great people! Every facet of training in Jiu Jitsu and mentoring in life lessons has made a huge and positive impact on him. As a single mother I can’t stress how grateful i am for their presence and genuine interest in how my son grows and develops into manhood. Team Third Law absolutely rocks!!!!! M Cannanread more
Flappy The F.
Flappy The F.
19:15 30 Sep 18
Third Law should become your Jiu Jitsu home. The instruction is top-notch, the atmosphere is family (with everyone helping each other succeed.) You... will get in the best shape of your life and you will learn to do things that you never thought you more
Scott K.
Scott K.
18:29 28 Sep 18
A fantastic judo dojo! All of the instructors are high level, and very friendly. Great place for all ages to learn Martial arts and make friends in a... safe more
Sasaki J.
Sasaki J.
04:33 28 Sep 18
Such a great program for our kids and family. Would recommend to any parent interested in having their child maintain a healthy physical lifestyle.
William I.
William I.
23:45 27 Sep 18
Great place for beginners and advanced students. Instruction is simplified, but still includes great in depth details which is key in BJJ. Highly... suggest for anybody in the Naples, FL area to check it out when looking for a place to train, learn self-defense, or simply get into shape!read more
09:34 22 Aug 18
Thanks so much for making us feel welcome and putting on a great class! Will come back whenever we are in town 😎
Kimberly C.
Kimberly C.
08:13 17 Jul 18
As I'm from another country I really felt welcome. I was helped by Cathy and I got everything I needed to know so I could properly start. Didn't even... bring a Gi with me but it was no hassle whatsoever.The class was a good combination of well rounded people and some new guys. As I'm a white belt myself I didn't feel uncomfortable at any point. Lot of mutual respect between the students.Our coaches and professor demonstrated a lot of knowledge and were able to make us combine a lot of techniques. At the end we mastered a couple of new moves and practiced some varieties on them.Very nice group, amazing atmosphere and super nice facilities. Would definitely recommend it!read more
Martin H.
Martin H.
21:03 27 May 18
We are 4 months in and our son loves this place. They don't just teach Jiu Jitsu - the classes incorporate life lessons about respect, discipline,... family, etc. The staff and teachers are EXCELLENT - we highly more
Jason H.
Jason H.
16:41 17 May 18
Joining Team Third Law was the best decision I have made since moving to Naples. It is exactly what I was looking for in a martial arts school. On... top of having a great adults program, the kids programming is exceptional as well. If I had kids they would be in this program as soon as they were old enough. I refer friends to the kids program for their children. I would refer Team Third Law to anyone who's looking to compete, to someone just looking to learn some self defense skills. It has an element for everyone, without the intimidation factor that you find at other facilities. This is a warm, but hardworking environment .read more
Carly D.
Carly D.
13:16 09 Mar 18
Thanks so much for the awesome class and for letting me drop in while I’m in town. I had a great time here today. Very friendly and welcoming. I... greatly appreciate that. Looking forward to coming back soon!!read more
Alexander S.
Alexander S.
19:34 07 Mar 18
Love this place. They are great with kids, teach the basics of jujitsu while also instilling great values and life lessons.
Oscar N.
Oscar N.
21:53 06 Mar 18
I visited the gym while visiting Naples to book some private lessons with coach Joey. I was not only impressed with my training with coach Joey but... also with their group classes. I was welcomed as soon as I walked in the gym, the atmosphere was outstanding, felt like I have been training there for years; the way Master Roberto lays out the lesson plan and teaches is amazing. This is a family oriented gym and that I was why I also decided to bring my kids for privates which they loved! Well done Team Third Law, will be back as soon as I return to Naples!read more
fernando T.
fernando T.
18:31 04 Jan 18
My son and I were visiting from out of town over the holidays and needed a place for him to train since he's a varsity high school wrestler in... California. Katy and Joey were super friendly and very accommodating, letting us work out for a few days. The facilities were great - exactly what we needed as wrestlers to help us get in a good work out. Perfect temperature in the room where we trained, making for a nice soft mat, and they had plenty of other great amenities. Thanks guys!!read more
Max W.
Max W.
19:08 02 Jan 18
Very impressed by facility and coaching staff! Respectful and professional from staff to participants. No attitudes just a sincere focus on fun and... more
Jim G.
Jim G.
14:10 31 Dec 17
Great facility with even better instruction and training!
Nick D.
Nick D.
20:28 19 Dec 17
I was visiting town on business and looking for a place to train in the evenings. I called Third Law and they happily welcomed me. Students and staff... alike were very friendly and accommodating. The Third Law team treated me like one of their own, giving me pointers and showing me the nuance of technique that is so crucial to jiu jitsu. I was never ignored or treated like an outsider. The quality of instruction was top notch and I have come away a better BJJ player for my short time there!read more
Eric O.
Eric O.
18:32 15 Dec 17
This academy is amazing! I have trained all over the US and not only is this facility very professional and well kept, The Third Law academy exceeded... my expectations for hospitality and most importantly instruction. Prof. Roberto treated me like his own student even though I was a guest and showed some really cool techniques. Can't wait to come back next time I'm in town!read more
Kevin O
Kevin O
22:30 22 Nov 17
I've been to a few martial arts gyms back in Idaho and ego has always dominated. Here at third law, I sensed very little ego and the camaraderie was... refreshing. A true war clan, I"m becoming a student today. On that note, they make it very very easy to join and pay more
Johan Van' D.
Johan Van' D.
22:05 09 Nov 17
Third Law is an amazing BJJ school that not only allows for students of all ages to learn a martial art and receive physical education, but have also... combined the wonders of a martial arts dojo with an after school turtoring center. With large clean facilities, and great mentors and teachers, I would recommend Third Law to anyone beginner or advanced as the BJJ school of Naples, more
R S.
R S.
04:42 09 Nov 17
It's been an amazing experience training at Team Third Law. It's a very clean, friendly, welcoming atmosphere. The coaches are all great at breaking... down techniques in an understandable way. I'm proud to call this my BJJ more
Mario M.
Mario M.
23:01 08 Nov 17
11/3/17 Visiting Naples on vacation. I received recommendation to try Third Law BJJ. I found Friendly and inviting staff with detailed instruction.... Got some excellent rolls in. I would highly recommend this school for training. Larry B/ Purple beltread more
Franky Z
Franky Z
21:42 03 Nov 17
When you first walk in to Third Law Academy the atmosphere is amazing. The staff is very humble and go out of their way to insure you understand... everything that is taught. If you are looking for a gym in this area I would recomend this place. I hope to one day be in this area again so that I can train here more
Eric W.
Eric W.
13:38 01 Nov 17
I visited the gym when I was in town for work. I had an absolute blast! The instructor showed some great techniques and his method of instruction... was well received by the class. From the second we walked through the door, we were greeted and accepted as if we had been training there for years. I’m definitely hoping more trips to FL are in my future! I highly recommend this club!!!read more
john H.
john H.
21:10 31 Oct 17
I was in town for a few days and was able to drop in for a night. The school was large and well lit, with a lot of mat space. The instructor was... extremely welcoming as was the team, and I felt included in everything. I was having some trouble with the finer details of some of the technique, as my home gym uses a much different guard-passing system, and a brown belt helping with the class took the time come over and point out where I was going wrong. At the end of class I got to roll with a blue belt (same as me) and he was extremely tough with an awesome bottom half guard, which I could not pass to save my life. The instructors invited me back the next day, but I could not due to time constraints. Overall, I was very impressed, and had a great time training at third more
Devin R.
Devin R.
14:09 17 Aug 17
Great staff and coaching. It's a very friendly, non-intimidating environment. When you join, you can choose between all jiu-jitsu, all muay thai, or... both. I'd highly recommend them, love it there!read more
Christopher E.
Christopher E.
14:57 25 Jul 17
Third Law is a great place to train in Naples. I had the pleasure of visiting while on vacation. Coach Kathy started with the grand tour of this... sprawling facility with three separate mat areas. Roberto Torralbas teaches a very detailed beginners class followed by rolling and advanced (which could have gone to 1am and most often does). I had a blast rolling with both Coaches Joey and Joe. They pushed the pace to make sure I stayed on track for my upcoming Fight to Win match. I'll be back more
Kodiak F.
Kodiak F.
20:12 06 Jul 17
Best quality of instructors I have ever experienced!! I'd recommend this place a million times over!
Mark D.
Mark D.
02:37 30 May 17
So jealous of guys and gals that get to call this place home. I stopped in with my girlfriend while traveling to train BJJ and they couldn't possibly... have been more hospitable. The facility itself is very clean with tons of mat space but the most impressive part was the level of instruction from both Roberto and Joe. I have trained at a lot of different gyms while on the road and this is one I will make an effort to return to. Rolling with Roberto and Joe made me feel like a white belt again, in the best possible way. There is no better training this side of Florida, and so close to the beach too!read more
Luke F.
Luke F.
09:40 12 Apr 17
Boyfriend and I are travelling around the country, training BJJ whenever possible. This place is one of the best gyms we've been to. Incredibly warm... and welcoming, very professional attitude and culture, and a top notch blackbelt instructor who trains hard and is actively competing. Excellent teaching style - kind and a great sense of humor. No big egos more
Christina F.
Christina F.
14:58 09 Apr 17
I was visiting from out of town and stopped in for a roll. Let me tell you that this was one of the best run schools that I've ever attended. The... instructors were exceptional and the students were welcoming. I highly recommend Team Third Law Academy!!!read more
Matt S.
Matt S.
19:54 08 Apr 17
Was visiting the area from Minnesota and wanted to get some training in. I called and Katie invited me to stop in. No charge, just come by. I walked... in and literally every single person greeted me with a handshake or a pound. Joe the instructor was super friendly and was kind enough to grapple with me at the end of class. Really great experience and I hope to swing through next time I'm in the area. Great more
Dan G.
Dan G.
21:00 24 Mar 17
Every one at Team Third law is very friendly and helpful. Making it a fun place to train and get a great work out. they really break everything down... and make it easy for anyone to understand the more
noah L.
noah L.
11:25 12 Mar 17
Team Third Law is the best place in Naples to learn BJJ and Muay Thai. Master Roberto and the coaches are extremely knowledgable and committed to... delivering high quality instruction in a friendly environment for kids and more
Tarik M.
Tarik M.
02:39 12 Mar 17
I am very lucky to have found Team Third Law . The team there master Roberto ,coach Katie, and all the guys are more like family . Jiu Jitsu has... become my style of life and I wouldn't change it for anything in the world . It has changed my life for the better and has helped me grow as a person. #1 school in Florida .read more
Too the M.
Too the M.
02:13 12 Mar 17
I will never forget the day that Mario and I found out about team third law and we had our first orientation. I thought we were just going to watch a... video and just fill some papers . boy was I wrong ! From the very first day we were introduced to the mats and some starter techniques and of course I was freaking out. We always went to the gym and worked out before but this sport just seemed scary but we gave it a try . Let me tell you these are the friendliest down to earth people I have ever met and they made us feel just at home . If you have never done any sports before don't worry they will have patience with you because I know coach Katy and Master Roberto have had more than enough patience with me and you will never feel pressured or embarrassed . I can honestly say team third law blessed us and opened the door to many opportunities and great more
Diana C.
Diana C.
02:10 12 Mar 17
I was on vacation in the area and dropped in at Third Law for BJJ. Staff was extremely friendly and welcoming. Great facility with lots of mat space.... Class was well structured with a good warm up followed by technique, drilling and sparring at the more
Moe M.
Moe M.
21:50 10 Mar 17
Came in on a 6 week vacation looking for a workout. Had done just enough BJJ in the past to hurt myself. I met Coach Joe after looking at 3rd Law... website. He was friendly and kind at sign up. I'm an old man but in good shape. I was pleased to find there were other fogies in there. The workouts are great, Joe being my main Coach. The other students to a person are pleasant. After the hour long flow drills there is a half hr of grappling. I last about 10 minutes now compared to 1 minute 5 weeks ago. I've learned that BJJ is a marathon not a sprint. I plan to continue at 3rd Law as I transition from a Yankee part timer to a FLA resident. Master Roberto has a great program with excellent facilities and instructors including Joe, Joey and Katy. Old or young, male or female, rookie or expert, you can't go wrong with Team 3rd more
Pat S.
Pat S.
22:51 15 Feb 17
Great school, friendly and very inviting! They wouldn't even let me pay for some classes as I was in town visiting! I will definitely go there next... time I'm in townread more
aaron M.
aaron M.
21:35 02 Feb 17
I'm only visiting Naples for a few days, but I was able to go train today for the noon nogi class...Facility, staff, and students all get top... marks...If you're visiting Naples, make your vacation better with some good training/rolls with Team Third Law...and if you're a local wanting to make a positive change in your life this is the place to goread more
Patchez C.
Patchez C.
21:15 30 Jan 17
I was visiting Naples from Vancouver Canada and was hoping to find a place to train. Team Third Law was just the place. Their staff are extremely... welcoming and provided exactly what I was looking for. A great workout, superb facility, and first class instruction and students. Thanks for the visit!read more
David S.
David S.
20:28 01 Jan 17
Great place to learn and have fun.
Abigail H.
Abigail H.
02:23 29 Dec 16
Excellent Bjj academy, very technical skills professors, friendly staff and great team mates. Feels like home training here. Thank you professor... Roberto Torralbas and professor Joe Formica for having me on every trip to more
00:35 29 Dec 16